UrbanClap Marketing Strategy: Made Urbans to Clap!

UrbanClap Marketing Strategy


A few years ago, many women wished to get salon services at home by clicking a button, just like magic. And Voila, UrbanClap came into their lives, and now in a matter of few clicks, they are getting salon services at home.

The startup made the customers so fond of the services that it has over a 3 billion user base. All thanks to the marketing strategy of UrbanClap making people well aware and gaining all the attention of target customers.

As people are busier more than ever, going out to find the perfect service provider is a bit of a hectic task. UrbanClap is a perfect example of how a company should transform the lives of the customers and make it easier with their service.

UrbanClap’s journey that deserves all the Claps

UrbanClap got a kickstart in November 2014. The co-founders Varun Khaitan, Abhiraj Bhal, and Raghav Chandra had a brilliant idea to connect the consumers to the local services industry through a mobile app.

Furthermore, the idea was to steer up the unorganized local services industry and to connect the freelancing professionals to consumers who prefer saving their costs and want to avail the services from the comfort of their homes.

Currently, UrbanClap is present in 20 cities in India, and it has expanded into four international markets including, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

UrbanClap, known as Urban Company after rebranding, has expanded from salon services to grooming, repairs, spa, cleaning, and painting. It’s like a dream come true for people to sit at their homes and get all their work done.

The strong marketing strategy of Urban clap is attracting more customers to their online platform. Moreover, with their marketing efforts, the young company has managed to get a huge success. The customers can avail services through UrbanClap as simply as a clap.

So let’s know more about the marketing strategy of UrbanClap that is attracting millions of their online service marketplace.

Marketing Strategy of UrbanClap

Facebook ads

When an online service provider wants to bring more users to its platform, it should market on a digital platform that has the most number of users. Facebook is a social media platform that serves the purpose of UrbanClap

Moreover, Facebook has over 290 million users in India alone. It makes India the leading country in terms of Facebook audience size. So by running Facebook ads, UrbanClap is increasing its audience reach and creating awareness for its online platform.


Also, on Facebook, the brand runs targeted advertisements which makes their brand message reach the right customer by geographical, physiological, and behavioral segmentation.

Urban clap is also using another platform in its digital marketing strategy to attract customers. UrbanClap runs Google ads which are brief advertisements where the advertisers bid to display their brand ads to web users.

UrbanClap marketing strategy- Google ads

The benefit of running Google ads is that it gives a more targeted reach. Urban clap runs ads for both Google searches and non-search websites, videos, and mobile apps.

A customer might spot Google ads of UrbanClap after checking its website or just by searching it on google.
So it is one of their digital marketing strategy that works quite well for their brand.

Influencer Marketing

There’s a thing about services that when it comes as a suggestion to the customers they become more confident to choose one. Customers are much more skeptical before choosing a service because they want to have a good experience with the service.

So, without some good influence, the customers remain hesitant to try one. UrbanClap uses influencer marketing to make its brand more authentic and trustworthy.

Many influencers and celebrities on their social media platforms suggest their niche follower base to try UrbanClap by highlighting their professionals’ skills and service delivery. Many popular Television celebrities like Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan, and Shweta Tiwari promote the #salonspree by UrbanClap. Actors like Pratik Gandhi and Sharad Kelkar promote the Urban Company Man, a grooming service for men.

The value of a service increases ten times when it comes to a word-of-mouth suggestion.

SMS Marketing

Retaining customer is a must for any brand so that a customer never forget your brand and keep coming back to your platform. UrbanClap retains its customers with an SMS marketing strategy.


When customers sign up with UrbanClap, then they provide their mobile number for the signup process. Once the contact number is registered the phone number, it becomes a way to devise an SMS marketing strategy to keep the customer updated. UrbanClap sends various discounts, offers, and reminders to users through SMS to make them well aware of what the brand has in the box for them. A customer is more likely to book for a service when he/she is notified of some offer through SMS.

Search Engine Optimization

UrbanClap has a strong search engine optimization strategy. The company ranks for keywords like Urban Clap, Urban Clap Bangalore, Cleaning services, and various other keywords that bring free traffic to their website.


Of all the traffic that Urban Clap receives, 4.49%of traffic comes from online searches. UrbanClap focuses more on organic traffic and is giving little or no effort to paid advertisements.

Being an online service platform, their basic SEO has to be strong, and Urban Clap is well optimized to attract its target customers.

TV commercials

T.V commercials are the best way of pitching Indian audiences because we Indian love sitting in front of our idiot boxes. Urban Clap runs various television commercials featuring some popular Bollywood actors.

One of its ads features the Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon fo the salon services. The ad represents their brand as an inexpensive and convenient way of getting salon services at home.

Another ad by UrbanClap featuring Ayushman Khurrana displays how UrbanClap can help customers get their repairs done in no time and at a low cost.

The television ads by run UrbanClap highlight the features of their online service marketplace. They make a point that they can bring service providers to customers’ doorsteps in a clap (or a tap technically).

PR Strategy

Doing something that gets the people talking and spreading word of mouth defines a strong PR strategy of a brand. The marketing strategy of UrbanClap includes PR stunts that they perform to attract customers.

Once a customer had a sour experience by looking for an AC repair service from Urban Clap. The customer poetically wrote a criticism tweet.


The tweet went viral, but UrbanClap gave a perfect reply to this tweet, and that too with poetry. After a back and forth of some poetries, and finally, the customer posted poetry, thanking UrbanClap for dealing with the situation and repairing the AC. But who gets the brownie points for its Poetic PRs strategy, UrbanClap, of course.

Cleaning the city when municipal workers went on strike is another commendable job that UrbanClap did in its PR strategy.

One of its brilliant PR strategies was when they sent free goodies to random people anonymously. It included some catchy lines and was sent to three people. Receiving the free goodies, the people inquired with their friends, family, and colleagues and spread the word. Just after three days, UrbanClap sent them an email saying, “Hi, Remember us ‘New start-up in Mumbai,’ we’re UrbanClap.”
Word of mouth and PR on point!

Regional campaign

Urban Clap runs regional campaigns to pitch regional audiences. As n India-based company, it is essential to promote a brand to customers coming from different regions.

The brand creates ad films in regional language to give a personal feel in their ads. Gudi Padwa, a festival celebrated in Maharashtra, and the same festival is celebrated as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. UrbanClap posted a couple of ad films on its social media channels and other digital platforms wishing Happy Ugadi and Happy Gudi Pdwa to their regional customers.

Also, the brand created an ad on 15th April to celebrate Poila Boishak, which is the first day of Bengali Calder. Their ad sends good wishes and their brand message aptly in their regional campaigns.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Brand Partnerships and sponsorships make a brand stronger and increase its value. UrbanClap’s female user base is large in number as compared to male users. So, the brand made a strategic partnership and partnered with The Man Company to launch its premium grooming services for men. With this partnership, they aimed to pitch male customers.

The brand is also the sponsor of IPL 2020, the most popular sports event in India, and has a large audience base. The brand choices in sponsorships and partnerships are suitable for the kind of audiences it wants to reach.


The marketing strategy of UrbanClap suggests one thing, to show the best of its features in every marketing effort. A marketing campaign must make the customer wonder about the features of a brand and how it can help them in their lives.

Marketing your brand to the right audience and with the right message and highlighting the right features are three points that every brand’s marketing should make.
So next time you create a marketing strategy, make it worth getting claps just like UrbanClap.

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