Power of Social Media Hashtags

Power of social media Hashtags

Hashtags have become very common in the world of social media. But it is not as simple as it seems and has great importance in social media platforms. It is not merely a symbol similar to the tic-tac-toe game, but it gives a lot of meaning to the phrases used beside a # tag. Let’s study a brief outline from where the use of social media hashtags began and how it has become the most popular marketing tool.

History of Social Media Hashtags

History of Social Media Hashtags

A hash (#) denoted pound for many decades, but it took place over the internet for the first time in 1988. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is the network where the hashtag was used to group the messages, topics, or people. It was to make it easy to find the information.

The concept of a hashtag brought for the very first time on a social media platform was on Twitter in 2007. The name behind it is Chris Messina. He was a social technology expert. This idea was brought up by him because he was a user of IRC. He thought that the same practice should be adopted by Twitter to categorize posts. Today hashtag has become a whole new language of social media. Till 2009, the use of hashtag gained much popularity. It was even used by President Barrack Obama in his successful campaign #askobama. Finally, Twitter started hyperlinking hashtags from Tweets.
After Twitter, many platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, Google+, etc. are using hashtags.

Importance of Social Media Hashtags

Discover the posts

Social media hashtags categorize posts by putting all the information under a particular subject. To find any post or any information easily, put the hashtag with the phrase or word that relates to a topic using a hash, you can see a group of posts under the same. A hashtag makes any post discoverable by millions of people.

Greater exposure

Just by putting relevant hashtags under any post on social media, you can make it visible to a large population. The hashtags give any post a wide reach and a bigger audience.

Create awareness

Social Media Hashtags have gained more importance these days because it can create awareness regarding any topic or any campaign that is happening around the globe. A simple hashtag can spread across the world to give information about that very topic.
For the various social media platforms, the importance of hashtags is also different. This is because the hashtags are used differently in such platforms. The social media platforms and the importance of hashtags for them are:


Twitter is the best example for understanding the importance of social media hashtags

Twitter is the best example for understanding the importance of hashtags. Also, it was the first platform to adopt hashtags. The audience on Twitter uses hashtags to make the tweet visible in the relevant searches. It also displays its most trending hashtags in the explore tab.


Popular Hashtag on Instagram

On Instagram too, the hashtags are used to categorize the post. When a user add any hashtags in its post then it can be seen by people when they search for the same hashtags. Instagram hashtags are not only in posts but also in the stories and DMs. Recently the most trending hashtags on Instagram were #blackandwhitechallenge and #BlackLivesMatter.


On youTube as well, the use of hashtags is the same as any other platform. The people use hashtags in their videos so that the users can just click on the hashtag and see more similar videos of the same tag.


Use of social media Hashtags on LinkedIn

In LinkedIn as well, the hashtags are used in any post to increase its reach. There are many job postings on LinkedIn, and the job seekers can find relevant job posts under a particular hashtag. Some of the trending hashtags on LinkedIn are #Workfromhome #Networking #HomeOffice etc.


Hashtags on Social Media- pinterest

In Pinterest, hashtags help to identify the pins of a specific category or topic. The hashtag gives an identity to the pins. When a user clicks the hashtag, it displays all the pins under that hashtag. It makes the content noticeable. Most popular hashtags on Pinterest are #pinterestquotes #pinterestideas #pinteresttwin etc.

Rules for creating Social Media Hashtags

Simple and brief

Try to make your hashtag as easy as possible. Do not complicate it as it can create difficulty for the user and also ends using the wrong keyword. If the event or campaign name is long, then you can use an abbreviation of the event in the hashtag. For example, instead of using #IndianPremiereLeague2020, you can use #IPL2020 because it is brief and simple.

Create Unique hashtag

To make your hashtag authentic and, to make your posts reach the target, make your hashtags unique. Create a distinct hashtag for specific purposes that involves marketing campaigns or to spread awareness on an issue.


The hashtag you use or create should be relevant to your post or campaign. It makes your hashtag more impactful.

Promote Regularly

The task is not complete by just creating a hashtag. Use the hashtag in almost all of your posts. Also, promote your hashtag by asking your visitors or audience to use the hashtag in their post. It makes your posts reach a large audience.

Avoid Spam

Never go overboard by stuffing or creating too many hashtags. Spamming is not the right way to create hashtags.

Encourage your community

On any social media platform, encourage your community members to use the hashtags. It can give greater exposure to your issues or campaigns and build a stronger community.

Social Media Hashtags as a marketing tool

The marketers nowadays have moved ahead with their marketing tools by the passing time. The tools are also new today. So we are discussing here the hashtag and how it has become a tool for marketing. A hashtag can create brand awareness and be used to promote any product. Yes, by using a hashtag, many businesses are earning and gaining more customer base.

Social Media Hashtags can make any marketing campaign successful. On Twitter, 500 tweets get tweeted daily, and on Instagram, 100 million posts get uploaded in a day. So if the marketers use such platforms to promote their brand by creating hashtags, then it can give huge returns and create brand awareness.
There are many examples where companies took a hashtag to promote their brand.

Puma’s #PropahLady

 #PropahLady campaign by Nike- use of social media hashtags

Puma started a campaign where it celebrated the individuality of women. It also encouraged stand for themselves and live unapologetically. It created User Generated Content where lots of women posted their pictures wearing Nike sportswear and with the #PropahLady.

Oreo #ProudParent Campaign

Oreo initiated #Proudparent Campaign- use of social media hashtags

It is a campaign that just started in October 2020. The most recent and trending hashtag campaign of Oreo is the #ProudParent campaign. It is highlighting the parent-child relationship in the LGBTQ+ community.

Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins

Calvin Klein's Campaign using social media hashtags

In this campaign, the brand took advantage of User Generated Content. Also, the campaign was a huge success. In this campaign, many users on Instagram posted their pictures in Calvin Klein’s inner wears by hashtag #MyCalvins. In return, the brand did not offer any incentive, and still, it managed to create a lot of engagement.

Disney’s #ShareYourEars

Disney's #ShareYourEars Campaign- use of social media hashtags

This campaign went viral, and it gained many praises. Their aim was charity and also brand promotion. The company asked to share pictures on social media with Mickey Mouse ears using the hashtag #ShareYourEars. Also, with every post, Disney donated $5 for charity. Their aim was charity and brand promotion.

Nike’s #YouCantStopUs Campaign

Nike- You can't stop us Campaign- using social media hashtags

Nike always brings creative ideas when it comes to marketing campaigns. Nike’s recent hashtag campaign #YouCantStopUs is a big hit on social media. This campaign celebrates sport as a source of inspiration. Nike released this campaign because the NBA is back after a long interval.

Benefits of Social Media Hashtags

The power of hashtags is such that it can make any issue to reach out to people across the globe. Hashtags offer many benefits to users who are mainly businesses, influencers, content creators, social campaigners, etc. The benefits of hashtags are:

Creates brand awareness

There are many ways of creating brand awareness on social media, and the most reliable and effective way is by using hashtags. A hashtag has a wide reach. So, many people use it to create brand awareness, and it is the biggest advantage of it. A new brand can reach to many people with just a hashtag.

Boost Social Engagement

Social media is all about engaging the users and audience, and hashtags do the job. Hashtags can drive traffic on social media pages or posts. For example, on Instagram, you can also check the hashtags that are driving more engagement. So the platform is also making it easy for you to drive traffic.

Increases credibility

Creating a social media hashtag that is specific to your brand or industry type can build your authority. It happens when many posts are visible under the hashtag you make for your product. It makes your brand or product look more authentic and credible one among others. Also, if the number of posts of your brand is more than others, it becomes more authoritative.


A hashtag can also give you a competitive advantage over others who are your rivals in the same industry. If you use social media campaigns, then it can make your competitors wipe out from your way.

Create a Niche

By creating social media hashtags, you can build your niche by having a specific and limited audience. You can also target based on specific locations or regions by creating such local hashtags. It can engage more audience in your niche market.

Reach Target audience

One of the main benefits of social media hashtags is that you can target the right audience, which might be interested in your business already. For example, if a user searches for #skincare, then it means the user is interested in the specific industry. If your brand is visible under the hashtag, then it’s your chance to target them right.

Social media Hashtags Tracking

1. Keyhole

Keyhole is a real-time tracking tool. It strengthens any social media marketing campaign by tracking how many people use your hashtags in their posts. It also measures the metrics like reach, impressions, and engagement.

2. Hashtagify

Hashtagify is a tool that analyses the most trending hashtags. It also generates hashtags automatically by analysing the post and generate hashtags that are most relevant to it. It also helps in hashtag marketing, brand awareness, and increases reach.

3. Socialert

Socialert is a free tool that can measure social media hashtag performance for free. It allows users to enter the hashtag, and then it gives its report by analysing various social media platforms. It also analyses brand mentions and keywords.

4. RiteTag

RiteTag is a free hashtag tracking tool, but it also gives extra features to users who pay for a premium plan. It not only tracks the hashtag performance but also allows users to find hashtags that can create more engagement and reach. In addition, it has various features like give alerts for trending hashtags, real-time hashtag analytics, and creates group hashtags.

5. Twubs

Unlike all other hashtag tracking tools, this tool has a different feature. Twubs gives a platform to users to start any conversation or discussion around a specific hashtag. Also, users can discover popular hashtags and use them to increase their visibility online.


So after discussing the powers of social media hashtags, it is clear that it has a lot more significance than any other marketing tool. Social media users can indeed gain a lot many followers, reach, and awareness by using hashtags. So #StartHashtagging and give your social media account new heights.

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