Myntra Marketing Strategy: Their Success Mantra

Myntra Marketing Strategy: Their Success Mantra


There was a time when customers could get access to branded apparel only from showrooms and branded stores. But thanks to the eCommerce platform Myntra we get our favorite fashion brands delivered right at our doorsteps. Being called a hub of online fashion, Myntra is definitely adding a touch of style to our wardrobe and making shopping fun. Moreover, the credit of offering high-end brands as well as affordable fashion in the corners of the country goes to the marketing strategy of Myntra.

The reason why we are discussing the marketing strategy of Myntra is its 86% increase in customer base during its “End of Reason Sale” (EORS). Such humongous success calls for research on its marketing strategy that attracted over 7 lakh, new customers, on its platform during the EORS sale last year.

Shopping on Myntra was a stressbuster for many during the lockdown period last year. But what made them buy from Myntra was their strong promotional strategies that drew customers to their platform.

So, let us take a look at the strategies that Myntra is adopting to make millions of customers.

Launch of the Hub of Fashion: Myntra


The founders of Myntra were Mukesh Bansal, Vineet Saxena, and Ashutosh Lawania. In 2007, Myntra was launched as something different from what it is today. The focus of Myntra was to sell personalized gifts. Back then, it was a B2B business model. But in 2010, Myntra made a shift from personalizing gifts to online retailing of branded apparel.

Myntra made tie-ups with various famous brands and retailed the latest merchandise of these brands. Soon it Myntra started selling international and high-end brands and also entered the lifestyle section.

Today Myntra is selling over 500 Indian and international brands, from Nike, Adidas, Biba, Dressberry, Mango, Only, and so much more. Delivering across 9000 pin codes, Myntra is most favorite online shopping platform and loved by fashionistas.

Majestic Marketing Strategy of Myntra

Influencer Marketing

Myntra influences its customers to buy from them by collaborating with influencers. There are various content creators, celebrities, fashion bloggers, and bloggers on social media platforms. They create content for their niche audience and have a loyal audience base that follows what influencers suggest. The influencers create looks wearing the apparel from Myntra and promote the brand.

Myntra does not only collaborate with influencers with millions of followers base but also collaborates with micro-influencers having 10K to 50K followers on Instagram. On Myntra’s Instagram page, they share posts by such micro-influencers.

Myntra recently launched a digital reality show for influencers. The title of the show is “Myntra Fashion Superstar” to hunt for fashion influencers on its shopping platform. The show featured famous celebrity judges industry like Sushmita Sen and Manish Malhotra. It was a show that gained popularity because of its different theme to hunt for influencers. It gave a platform to influencers to present their style and create a fashion statement.

Affiliate marketing

Myntra Affiliate Program gives a “refer and earn” platform to affiliates. The bloggers can join the affiliate program and post reviews of Myntra products and services, and with referrals, They get paid by Myntra.

With this program, Myntra attracts on its shopping platform. Affiliates post on their website, write blogs, give product reviews and testimonials on their products, and the audience that view such reviews tend to purchase from Myntra. It is a win-win for affiliates and Myntra because affiliates can get a commission for their reviews, and Myntra attracts more customers.

Email marketing

If an email is attractive enough, then it can definitely make a sale. Myntra’s Email marketing strategy makes most customers click on the Call-to-action button.

Myntra's Email Marketing Strategy

The emails that they create are aesthetically appealing, and if that is the case, guess what wonders they would have done on their platform. To attract a user, an email has to focus both on the content and the layout, and that’s what makes Myntra’s email marketing strong.

Myntra uses its email marketing campaigns to make its existing customers buy from the platform. Also, Myntra notifies the customers about a sale, discount, or offers on specific brands. Also, Myntra creates fear of missing out (FOMO) with their email subject lines so that the customer makes an impulse purchase.


Where does Myntra get traffic on its platform?

Now, this is a strong one because 40.57% of the traffic that Myntra gets is from online searches. From the 40.57% of its search traffic, 80.02% comes from its search engine optimization strategy, and 19.98% of search traffic comes from paid advertisements.


It means Myntra literally rules the search engine by their strong paid marketing and optimization strategy. An online platform has to have strong SEO and SEM strategy to increase traffic on its website, and Myntra is setting an example here.

Advertisements: Online & Offline

When it comes to advertisements, Myntra does not leave out any channel to advertise their online shopping platform. Be it newspaper ads for an upcoming sale or a television commercial featuring popular celebrities, Myntra tries everything.

Myntra’s television commercials are dubbed in regional languages to pitch audiences from different regions. One of its ad campaigns titled “UnSkippable” was launched in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi. A brand running campaign in India has to make sure that its advertisements accessible to all the kind of audiences and language should not be a barrier in communicating the brand message.


Myntra also runs sponsored ads on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Google ads are also a part of their advertisement strategy.


For offline visibility, Myntra uses the conventional strategy of advertising on billboards. So it demonstrates they are advertising everywhere, be it offline or online.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Myntra ties up with other brands and events to get a wider reach to customers. Myntra is sponsoring India’s most loved crick event, Indian Premier League’s Chennai Superkings team. The brand logo is printed on the teams’ jersey, and the team players can be seen donning the jersey with the Myntra logo on it in various small adverts and posters.


Myntra Insider is the loyalty program that the brand runs on its shopping platform. The customers can become a loyal members when they become part of their program and make more purchases. On every purchase, they earn some points, and these points they can use to get offers from different brands.

Myntra through this program, partners with various OTT platforms, lifestyle brands, food and dining brands, and gaming brands. It’s a win-win for Myntra and its partners because Myntra gets loyal customers through this program, and the brand partners add new customers to their platform.
Lenskart, Flipkart, Zoomin, Fasoos, Oven Story, Zee5, and various other brands partner with Myntra with the Insider program.

Brand ambassador

Put your creative caps on and think of a witty caption for this image of Bhuvan Bam. If you succeed in making us…

Posted by Myntra on Sunday, 18 October 2020

The biggest online shopping platform needs an ambassador that the whole country loves. Bhuvan Bam is the digital brand ambassador of Myntra. Everyone knows who Bhuvan Bam is and is loved for what he does. Having him as their digital brand ambassador Myntra increases its digital and engages with tech-savvy, Millenials, and Gen-Z generation audience.

Myntra has recently signed Kiara Avani and Disha Patani, and Samantha Akkineni as its brand ambassadors.
Brand Ambassadors increase the value of a brand by ten times. Because they promote it, customers purchase it.

SMS Marketing

Myntra’s SMS marketing in two words is “Short and Sweet.” If you are sending an SMS, it has to short and still convey the point. Myntra’s SMS usually consist of short phrases like
“Saturdays are for relaxing and shopping.”
“It’s on the house! Buy 1, get 2 Free.”
“Oh no, Summer Sale ends at midnight.”

Myntra's SMS marketing

These phrases do the job right and lure customers on the shopping platform to make a purchase. An ideal SMS marketing strategy is what we should call it.

Engage Audience

Myntra is not only focussing its marketing strategy on selling its brand but it is also engaging audiences with its content. Myntra is engaging audiences with their blog website where they publish blogs related to fashion and lifestyle. Also, their latest who Myntra Fashion Superstar was a part of their strategy to engage customers.

Myntra Masterclass is another strategy of engaging the customers on their online shopping platform. Through this masterclass, Celebrity stylist gives fashion advise to customers. It consists of various episodes wherein each of the episodes the stylist come with some fashion tips for the audience. That’s how they turn their audience into customers.

Key Takeaways

There is a lot to learn from the marketing strategy of Myntra. Myntra is loved by the customers because it gives them access to the national and international brands right at the doorsteps. Their brand message depicts that fashion is for everyone.

The marketing strategy of Myntra is their mantra of success. Here are some key takeaways from Myntra’s marketing strategy:

  • Don’t just make customers, make loyal customers.
  • Attract customers by engaging them.
  • Try both offline and online marketing strategies.
  • Don’t showcase the products but the value you are offering.

Create your success mantra with your brand’s marketing strategy.

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