Music Marketing Strategy: The art of selling melodies

Music marketing Strategy


Music is indeed the best thing in the world. You will hardly find someone who doesn’t like music. Listening to music is the most common hobby and the best way of relaxing. Thanks to the musicians that create beautiful melodies for us. But how do these melodies reach listeners’ ears? Well, the way a product or service reaches its customers, music reaches its target listeners with a music marketing strategy.

You might be hearing this for the first time, but yes, music marketing is a concept that exists! You must have heard of promotions for films or series, but music is also something that requires promotions.

The music industry is evolving, and due to digitalization, people can access music anytime, anywhere. But the competition in the music industry is rising as there are many players in the music field, and what makes your music reach the ideal listeners is a strong promotional strategy.

In this article have made a list of marketing strategy for your melodies.

9 Music Marketing Strategies to promote your music

Tell your musical stories through a website

Yes, you read that right. Build a website for promoting your music/ album/ songs. Even though there are many other promising platforms for promoting music, but why do you need a website?

You need a website because it is the first and most important step in building your marketing strategy in the digital era. A music website can tell the story about your music to listeners.

You can create a website based on your music theme or genre. Also, you can post all the information about the existing albums, new releases, upcoming albums, music events or concerts, and so much more. In addition to this, you should follow proper branding guidelines in your website design to create an identity for your music.

The pop singer Lady Gaga’s album ‘Born This Wayis the perfect example of what a music website should look like.

Create buzz for your music

Buzz marketing is the best way to promote your music in the modern day. In the digital era, buzz spreads like wildfire, and that’s the reason it gives immense popularity to a brand. It gets the people talking about your music, and eventually, they listen to the songs or music.

Many popular singers create a buzz so that people listen to their songs. Posting on social media, dropping hints of upcoming alum, link-ups, controversies, the song, music, artist, or the video album, and many other ways can generate buzz for a song.

If the song is worth the buzz, it can become popular worldwide, crossing language barriers. Oppan Gangnam Style by PSY is an example of a song that became widely popular. The reason it got immense popularity was the amusing dance moves of Psy and the music, of course. The video this song was the first-ever to hit 1 billion views on youtube

Use social media optimally

You should not only exist on social media platforms but use all its features optimally to promote your music. Today social media can give popularity to a song that no other channel can give. You can promote your page by creating a page dedicated to the music album. Also, you post a glimpse of your music on stories, IGTV, and share cover photos.

The most trending way of promoting a song today is by creating Instagram reels or Youtube short videos. The recently released song ‘Lut Gaye’ featuring Emraan Hashmi achieved a milestone by becoming the first Indian song to have 2 Million+ reels on Instagram. Reeling is a fun way of promoting a song. You can promote your music on various short video platforms like Youtube Shorts, Tick Tock, Moj app, etc.

Release album/song on music streaming apps

Where would you find all the music loves? On a music streaming platform, of course. So you should shift your music marketing strategy from other channels to music streaming platforms. Today there are so many digital platforms that are solely dedicated to music and have millions of users.

Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Gaana, Wink, Amazon Music, Tidal are some popular music streaming platforms where you can upload your songs and make a million listeners. A music streaming platform is an ideal place to promote your music because here you find all the target audience (listeners).

Promote with Music podcasts

Podcasting is an emerging trend in marketing. You can start your podcast channel or get featured in podcasts. Either way, you will get listeners. The number of users of podcasting platforms is exceeding, and as more and more users are joining such platforms, it is making podcasting a great music marketing strategy.
You can record episodes and upload them on podcasting platforms. You can create different episodes on different genres or music themes.

Collaborate with Music Bloggers and influencers

If you are in a specif field, then it is likely that there are some communities created for that field. In the music industry, various communities on social media and other platforms are created where the singers or musicians can meet and share their mutual skills and interests.

You can collaborate with music bloggers and get featured in their music blogs. Music blogs usually have a large audience base, and getting featured can give you a wider reach. In addition to this, there are various pages and groups on social media platforms that share the creation of music artists. You can join such groups to share your musical creations.

Also, influencers have niche audiences and have a great potential of marketing music with their content. You can ask such influencers to promote your music and collaborate with them to create content for audiences. Being part of the music community is crucial to promote your music.

Host a music fest or event

The kind of events most audiences love to attend are music concerts or events. Many singers or bands perform in events and concerts to promote the release of their new album. Such events get a huge audience because the best thing for a music lover is to hear an artist performing live, not from a device.

Music festivals are also a great way of promoting your music. Each year many music festivals are held all over the world to celebrate music. Being a part of such music festivals can help you reach your target audiences.

Many popular bands perform at music festivals, and you can be a part of performers. Sunburn, Summerfest, Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Essence are some popular music festivals. You can book your band for music festivals and engage with live audiences.

Record and share music tutorials

Tutorials are a way of teaching the audiences something by creating videos. The makeup and cosmetic brands use makeup tutorials to give lessons on makeup skills. Similarly, musicians can create music tutorials for the audiences to teach the skills of singing, playing guitar, creating music, lyrics tec.

Many people aspire to create a career in the music industry, and you can offer a platform to learn the nitty-gritty of the music industry. Also, music tutorials can help you build audiences and attract more people to your little world of melodies.

Go live on digital platforms

To make the listeners connect to your music, you need to connect with your listeners. Connecting with your listeners in real-time is one of the best ways to get ideas to create new melodies for them and what they like the most.

You can go live from anywhere and anytime and connect with thousands of people. There are so many platforms to go live, like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tick Tock, and connect with live audiences. You can schedule live music sessions and perform on-demand for live listeners.

Create videos for Youtube

Youtube is the greatest platform for music marketing. The platform has over 2 billion users which makes it an ideal place to market your music. Most artists release their music videos on Youtube to gain a large number of viewers. Also, many albums and artists have gained millions of views on Youtube and created a milestone in their musical journey. Create a youtube channel and share your compositions on the video platform.

You can also create different playlists of your songs and with compelling videos, you can attract large audiences. Most artists release their music videos on Youtube to gain a large number of viewers.


You need music marketing strategy because it is the most amazing thing in the world. You have put in words, notes, tunes and created music that soothes and thrills the listeners. So much art needs marketing to reach those listeners.

The strategies we have discussed so far are the best way of promoting your music. So let your tunes create aloud success with music marketing strategy.

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