Meme Marketing: New Strategy for OTT Platforms!

Meme Marketing: New Strategy for OTT Platforms!


To start with this article, let’s look at this meme first:

Lay's using Meme Marketing Strategy

You might have laughed a bit, right? Maybe or maybe not but, it must’ve made you smile a bit. The meme here was not just to make you laugh but also, to make you aware of the brand. It showcases the importance of the main ingredient of Lay’s in a humorous way. The meme does not aim only to make you laugh but also to make the audience aware of Lays and its bestselling flavour variant.

Remember the last time you saw a hilarious meme and shared it with your friends. We are thankful for these memes that gave a touch of humour and made us smile a little more. On social media, you watch these memes every second. If you have any social media profiles, it is apparent that you have come across them. But is the goal of a meme to make you laugh or maybe there some other motives too?

How brands are promoting via the Meme Marketing Strategy?

Marketers today use a modernized way to promote their brand. They have to keep up with time and trends, and memes are a big part of youth culture which ultimately helps in promoting their brand. Not kidding, but marketers actually use memes for marketing. We all love memes and marketers can turn them into their awareness and promotional strategy. What can be a funnier and creative way of marketing that can promote and make you smile?

What exactly is a Meme? Is It ‘Me Me’ or ‘Meem’?

The very first time you saw or heard the word meme, you must be thinking about how to pronounce it. You must have tried pronouncing it ‘me me’ or ‘meem’ to try and see which sounds better. Well, many might have corrected you that it’s pronounced as ‘meem’ not ‘me me,’ which is right.

Memes are photos and videos with captions that have a humor element in them.
People share memes on social media platforms. Earlier social media platforms was a place to share images and videos, but now memes rule all over the social media platforms. Anything and everything can be a meme today.

How OTT platforms are utilizing the Meme Marketing Strategy?

On social media, many users are of the ‘we are here for memes only’ category. This made some of the marketers convert it into their marketing strategy for their OTT platforms.
The OTT platforms today realized that if they want the audience to stream their movies and series, they have to create appealing content on social media pages too. So, what can be more engaging than memes? The OTT platforms use memes strategically to draw viewers to their streaming platform. The memes act as a bait for the audience to watch the shows or movies they promote.

Meme Marketing Strategy

For instance, if you see memes on any famous movie, and it creates an urge to watch it, you’ll log in to the streaming platforms. Here the platform benefits by getting a viewer. If the meme makes the viewer become a member of its streaming platform, then the meme marketing strategy works. That’s how the meme marketing strategy works for an OTT platform. How great is that to get content after content to be entertained to the fullest!
So this way, the marketers provide double content and double entertainment for its audience.

Let us look at examples of some OTT platforms that are using meme as a part of their promotional strategy


Netflix using Meme Marketing Strategy

Netflix is one of the streaming platform that creates hilarious memes on its movies and series. It keeps engaging the audience with its streaming platform by creating memes. Netflix posts videos and images regularly that make the audience laugh. It promotes the latest releases and also the existing movies and series.
The Netflix original movie BirdBox was a big hit as its meme marketing strategy.

Amazon prime

Prime Video using Meme Marketing Strategy

After Netflix, if a streaming platform is doing well with meme marketing, is Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime has a wide range of content, and it also creates suitable memes to promote it. Creating buzz and excitement for a new release with perfect memes is the way amazon prime promotes.

Disney Plus Hotstar

Disney+Hotstar using Meme Marketing Strategy

Another biggie that knows how to utilize a meme marketing strategy is Disney Plus Hotstar.

Hotstar using Meme Marketing Strategy

Rules for creating a meme, really?

Rules for making meme

Audience Check

When your audience is on earth, don’t make memes for aliens. Duh!! Well, we went too far with the statement, but actually, an audience check is essential while creating memes. For instance, sharing a meme on marriage when most of your audience is teenagers and youngsters makes your meme a waste of effort. The memes must be for a particular audience that gets the meme because it targets them.

Use hashtags

Don’t underestimate the power of social media hashtags because it plays a crucial role in giving a wide reach to your memes. If you want a larger audience for your memes, then you should start hashtagging. Hashtags are the best way of spreading your memes like fire. Use multiple hashtags in your memes that relate to the topic or subject of your meme. You can also opt for the brand name that you’re marketing in hashtags.

You need to be Funny

Meme has to be funny

If your meme isn’t hilarious and not makes your audience type LOL, it’s not a meme. Memes are meant to create humour and sarcasm. If you are not able to make the audience laugh, then your meme marketing strategy is a waste. So the golden rule for memes is to create fun, humour, and sarcasm.

Keep it short

While creating a meme, remember that you don’t want your audience to take a few seconds to see a meme and laugh. The rule is to keep it short and funny. Jokes are meant to be short sentences. Your audience does not have a full day to read memes. The people have busy lives, and they want to spare a few minutes to relax. So, keeping that in mind, create short and easy memes with bold letters in order to save your audience time.

Avoid being the ‘ I don’t get it ‘ meme.

Look at the meme given below. Did you get it? I guess most of us didn’t.

If your target audience didn’t understand the meme, your point won’t be successfully put across. Creating out of context memes would make it hard for the audience to relate to it. Sometimes it might take a moment to get the meme, but if it takes way too long, then the essence of the joke dies.


If the situation and the meme do not relate, then the meme is nothing but just a picture with a caption with no meaning. Suppose you create a meme, and it states a funny situation that no one relates with because the audience hasn’t experienced it. How can you expect the audience to laugh at it?


Watching memes is fun, and mostly we ignore advertisements and other promotions, but memes, no, we just can’t ignore them. The platforms, representing their personas in memes, make us aware of their platforms where we can see more of such characters. The other marketing practices are not enjoyed as much as meme marketing because it’s more fun, and it makes the marketers and audience both happy. So next time you spot a marketing meme, remember this article and laugh a bit more.

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