Marketing Strategy of Tinder Creating Stories of Love and Success

Marketing Strategy of Tinder Creating Stories of Love and Success


Finding true love was difficult before 2012. No one imagined that they could find love online? But after the launch of Tinder in September 2012, everyone got a chance to find their perfect match. It was the birth of Tinder, an online dating platform. But what made people use the online dating platform was the marketing strategy of Tinder.

Tinder app has become the synonym of online dating. The online dating platform is available in 40 different languages and spread across 190 countries. In 2020 there were over 66 Million Tinder users, which consist of 6.7 million paying subscribers.
Tinder has made 60 billion matches since its launch, and this number is rising every day. On 29 May 2020, Tinder set a record of 3 Billion swipes.

Also, during the lockdown, when going out for a date was not an option, Tinder came to the rescue. Tinder’s swiping increased by 39% in the initial coronavirus period, and these swipes were made by Gen Z users.

All these statistics define two things, how Tinder creates love stories and its success story.

But what is the reason for such a tremendous success.

Well, to find the answer let us discuss the marketing strategy of Tinder.

Marketing Strategy of Tinder

Meme Marketing

Every brand is a Memer until Tinder walks in. Tinder understands that its target users are youth, and the best way to reach them is through memes. Thus, meme marketing is one of the marketing strategies of tinder.
Tinder uses this strategy on its social media handles across all the platforms.

When Binod was the subject of almost every meme circulating on social media, Tinder did not miss the chance of using this steaming topic. Tinder shared a meme using #Baenod love story. The brand perfectly used the meme to describe the funny love story of Binod and where he found his match Binodini.

So staying updated with meme topics is the way Tinder drafts their meme marketing strategy.

Conversational Marketing

No one does the talking like Tinder. The online dating platform is quite well at online chatting with other brands. Tinder gets chatty with the audience and other brands and comes up with the wittiest replies.

On World Emoji Day, Tinder asked users to share their fun tinder date stories and got some amazing replies from big brands.

Tinder’s conversational marketing tops the charts because it not only converses well but also promotes itself.

Once Twitter tweeted “Agreed” on its official account and tinder came up with an apt reply to the tweet which was “Me when my crush says anything.” Witty enough, right.

Moment marketing

We believe in living in the moment but Tinder believes in marketing at the moment. It comes up with promotional tactics according to the ongoing events and festivals. Tinder is an online dating platform, so how can it miss promoting itself on Valentine’s day. Tinder tweeted that there are 25 days left in Valentine’s so that all the singles could buckle up to find their perfect match on Tinder.

Also, recently the widely popular sitcom Friends reunion was telecasted, and Tinder created some gigs using the popular dialogues from the show.

So that’s how Tinder connects with the audience at the moment to promote their platform.

Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla Marketing uses some unconventional marketing strategies to approach the customers. It is a marketing tactic that Tinder uses to create word of mouth.

Tinder Guerilla Marketing Strategy

In one of its guerilla campaigns, Tinder left an enormous matchbox in n open space where it was visible to most people. Most people didn’t realize what it depicted until they found out Tinder’s logo.

But why a matchstick? Well, because “it’s a match.

It is the perfect execution of a guerilla campaign.

Buzz Marketing

Tinder, with its marketing strategies, gets the people talking and creates a buzz for their brand. Buzz marketing is a strategy that most brands use to generate word of mouth for their brand.

In 2015, the Atlanta Hawks hosted the first “Swipe Right Night,” a couple started dating by swiping right. After a year, they met again at the Swipe Right Night, and the Hawks CEO offered to pay for their wedding if they were to get married by any chance. And guess what they decided to marry in 2018, and Hawks CEO kept the promise. Also, another event worthy of the buzz was that Tinder paid for the couple’s honeymoon.

Tinder got much word of mouth, and it also encouraged the users to join Tinder and swipe right.


While the release of Deadpool, one thing that was giving all the buzz to Tinder was Deadpool’s tinder profile. Yes, the crime fighter’s tinder profile was the buzz creator, and all its fans loved the profile. If a famous movie character has a Tinder profile, why would fans miss the chance of creating one?

That’s what buzz marketing does for any brand.

Event and Web Series

You must’ve heard many couple’s love stories where they first met at a party or an event. So, how can Tinder miss promoting their dating platform at events?

Tinder hosts events and gets sponsorships from famous events to promote their online dating platform. Tinder hosted an event on Female Empowerment in India by teaming up with She the People T.V. Through this event women from different walks of life joined to discuss topics such as love, female agency, technology, and other stuff.

Tinder launched its Festival Mode app in Australia with a sponsorship deal with a local music festival Splendour in the Grass.

Influencers and Ambassadors

Influencers and ambassadors are the people who promote a brand but in different ways.
They promote a brand on their social media pages by creating content for the brand, and ambassadors promote the brand by spreading their word and speaking in favor of the brand.

Tinder India’s social media pages include videos created by various influencers where they speak bout different Tinder profiles, bio, and other fun stuff. Ahsaas Channa, Tanmay Bhatt, and Kareema Barry are some well-known content creators/actors that promote Tinder. Also, Ananya Pandey is an Indian celebrity who promotes Tinder on social media.

So we are done with the influencers and clarity ambassadors, but tinder also has campus representatives who promote the online dating platform in different colleges and universities. Tinder knows well how to promote with people.

Partnerships with Other Brands

Advertising for your own brand is fine, but sometimes promoting other brands can do wonders for your brand. Tinder does the same by promoting other brands through their tie-ups and partnerships.

Tinder generated over 700 Tinder Matches by offering a free Domino’s Pizza. In, this campaign Tinder gave a free pizza and discounts to users who swiped right. It’s a win-win for both Tinder and Dominos.


Tinder also partnered with Cornetto and promoted the ice cream brand.

Another partnership of Tinder is with paIN Gaming, where it sponsored games like Free Fire, Counter Strive, Clash Royale, etc. So they made love a game.


So it’s a wrap with the marketing strategy of Tinder.

This marketing strategy will give you two key takeaways, first finding your match (just kidding), and the other important one is creating a marketing strategy to connect with your target audience.

Tinder’s target users are of the 18-25 age group. This age group consists of Millenials and Gen Z generation users who love social media, memes, hanging out, and everything fun. All these fun factors are a part of Tinder’s promotional strategies. So create a strategy for your ideal customers and increase your customer base.

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