Marketing strategy of Miniso: which didn’t let it stay Mini

Marketing Strategy of Miniso

You must’ve heard before that you get what you pay for, but Miniso is the brand that gives you a lot better than what you pay for. The Japanese-based design brand is well known for its attractive products. But it’s not just their products that are appealing, but the marketing strategy of Miniso also does its part in attracting customers to their products.

Founded by Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu, in August 2009, Miniso has a vast collection of products, including digital accessories, fashion accessories, skin care products, home &kitchenware, and cosmetics.

Many brands sell products similar to Miniso’s, but what makes Miniso globally famous is the design of their products and their marketing strategy to reach customers in different markets. Miniso has over 3,500 stores in 79 countries, so it is clear that the brand is appealing in global eyes.

Minios’s mission is to help today’s youth discover affordable little joys. So let’s read the marketing strategy of Miniso that makes the brand reach youths worldwide.

Appealing Marketing Strategy of Miniso

In-Store Experience

You are surely going to visit a Miniso Store if you cross by it because of its aesthetic appeals. Miniso is a Japanese designer brand, which makes it obvious that its interior is appealing enough to offer a great in-store experience to customers. A customer might just get starry eyes in a Miniso store because it is just too pretty to handle.

Moreover, the experience of the customer with the brand from the time they enter the store is exceptional and makes their products sell.

The presentation of the product can impact its sales, and Miniso takes the presentation seriously. Also, Miniso stores are known for their interior designs that offer the best shopping experience to the customers who visit the store. If marketing is the art of selling things, then Miniso is a true artist.

Influencer Marketing

If you search for Miniso Product Haul on youtube, you are surely getting results of various popular influencers showing off the cute Miniso products. Influencer marketing is one of their prominent strategy to promote their products online. You might spot some of the reshares of influencers and micro influencers content on Miniso’s social media pages.

The in-store visits of influencers into Miniso Stores in India increased after the launch of their Marvel products. The more influencers visit the stores, the more content they create to promote the products and the more customers they attract. That’s how their influencer marketing works

Word of mouth

What makes you speak about a brand with others is its affordable price, great features, or good quality. Guess what, Miniso has it all, great looks, appealing product designs, and low price.

Word of mouth is a marketing strategy of Miniso, and it is also their achievement that people discuss their brand with others. It is the best gifting solution, and you just can’t resist asking someone, “Hey, where did you get this from,” if you spot someone with a Miniso product.

That’s how they gain their customer base. Their products are worth the talk and buzz, and it makes them sell.

Psychological Marketing

There is a concept in marketing which is customer psychology. Knowing what customers think, and perceiving how they would act is also a marketing strategy. In psychological marketing, the marketer anticipates the buyer behavior by psychological study of consumer behaviors and sell their products.
Miniso is well known for its affordable pricing. For most of the customers, price is a decision driver during the purchase.


Purchase a product at ₹100, naah! Purchasing the same product at ₹99, hell yeah!

That’s how psychological marketing works, and most of you would’ve been tricked with this pricing.

Miniso’s pricing usually goes like ₹99, ₹199, and ₹299, and they don’t round off the price because this pricing scheme makes their products sell.


To collaborate means to become stronger for a brand. Collaborations give brand reach to a whole different customer base of another brand. Miniso collaborates with other brands to expand its brand reach.

Once a Marvel Fan, forever a Marvel fan, so why not collaborate with Marvel and turn these loyal fans into loyal customers. It must be the strategy of Miniso for collaborating with Marvel Studios to launch a range of Marvel-themed Miniso products. From soft toys to nail paints, everything with Marvel Logo or characters. Guess how thrilled Marvel fans would be seeing those products.

Miniso partnered with Givaudan Fragrance Company and launched their perfume range, and guess what, this collaboration made them sell 300,000 bottles a month.

In addition to this, Miniso has made some promising collaborations with widely popular brands like Hello Kitty, The Pink Panther, and KAKAO FRIENDS TO market its brand.

Event Marketing

A great event gives great results. Miniso understands this well and increases its brand awareness to a large audience with event marketing. Miniso’s ‘Fun Run’ event in Indonesia was one of its marketing campaigns that gave brilliant results. Over 2500 people attended the running campaign.

Miniso event marketing strategy

Another campaign by Miniso was a Fan Festival event with the theme “LOVE LIFE, LOVE MINISO”. The aim of this event was to integrate the Indonesian market and local culture.


The events Miniso hosts are thoughtful and hence give them great returns.

Floor marketing

We have discussed how Minio offers a great in-store experience to customers. But how does Miniso actually lure customers to visit their store?

Miniso Floor marketing strategy
MINISO, a Japan-based designer brand, was co-founded by Japanese designer Mr. Miyake Junya and Chinese young entrepreneur Mr. Ye Guofu in Tokyo, Japan, with the former serving as chief designer. MINISO is the promoter of global “intelligent consumer products”.

Floor marketing is what they do to bring customers into their stores. Most Miniso stores are in shopping complexes and malls, and there are many floors and stores in such places. Miniso makes sure the customer visits their store by placing some banners or other attractive items with branding on different floors to gain customers’ attention.
So one thing is sure, Miniso wants all the attention when it comes to marketing.

Celebrity Endorsements

No matter how well your other marketing strategies work, but celebrity endorsement can drastically impact your sales and uplift your brand value.

Miniso does not miss this strategy to promote its brand. Instead of having a single brand ambassador, Miniso collaborates with celebrities by running various campaigns. It goes like different campaigns with different celebrities. Miniso collaborated with LuHan (鹿晗, a C-POP idol) to held their Miniso 2017 Sports Season.

The brand offered limited edition free products like towels, jump ropes, and other sports items in gift boxes. LuHan fans got thrilled to get limited edition LuHan imprinted Miniso’s products. What Miniso got from this collaboration was Luhan fans turning into Miniso’s customers.

Contests and Giveaways

Who does not want to participate in a contest when the prize is Miniso’s products. Nobody, of course. Miniso is known for its contests and giveaways, where they make the customers take part in any of their planned competitions on social media or in their stores. Contests are one of the best kind of marketing because they are fun and brings a spirit to compete in customers.

Giveaways are also a great way of increasing brand awareness. Miniso runs various giveaways where they ask the participants to take their friends and make them part of the giveaways. By doing this, Miniso increases its follower base, create brand awareness and increase their sales.


The goal of any marketing strategy is to attract customers to a brand. The marketing strategy of Miniso does its job perfectly and attracts the customer to their fancy and fun products.

The key takeaway from Miniso’s marketing strategy is to create a marketing strategy that attracts the customer to the point they experience the product.

You should not focus on making sales, but your products should be good enough that customers just cannot resist but buy them again and again to get the whole shopping experience another time. Create your brand’s appealing marketing strategy and grab the attention of a global audience like Miniso.

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