How Dunzo Marketing Strategy is delivering success

How Dunzo Marketing Strategy is delivering success

In the current pandemic situation, when we fear to go outside, one thing that we all need is a delivery service. Food and other amenities are getting delivered at our doorsteps.

But what if you forgot an important document at home?

Who is going to deliver it?

Dunzo comes to the rescue in such a situation.

It is a delivery and transportation service platform that has come up with a twist in delivery services. It targets its unique customers who tend to forget things (Just kidding). With an online application, you can just get anything at your doorstep.
Forgot your spectacles, books, laptop, or whatsoever? A delivery agent will deliver anything you want without you having to rush and get it.

Founded in 2014, Dunzo is a hit in the market as more and more people are getting aware of it. The credit of this increased brand awareness goes to the marketing strategy of dunzo.

So, let us take a study of how the marketing strategy of Dunzo is delivering success to their business.

Dunzo’s ride of success

Founded in 2014 by Kabeer Biswas, Dunzo began its journey as a WhatsApp service where it would charge $6 per order. After its app launch, Dunzo started offering its delivery and transportation service through the app.

Dunzo is commercializing on the opportunity of the rise of internet usage in India. Dunzo is attracting customers with its speedy delivery and the diversity of items it delivers. The firm has raised $140 million till now, and it is aiming to tap investors for another $150 million in 2021. The company is also expanding its services few more cities in 2021. Dunzo plans to build a presence in 20 urban areas by the year 2023. Moreover, they plan to offer a speedy delivery in just 15 minutes and deliver a range of 2000 items.

During the Pandemic, Dunzo reached a milestone as its annual sales doubled due to a rise in demand for delivery services. The delivery startup is also expecting to become a $1 Billion revenue business in the coming two years.

All the expansion and doubling of revenues are resulting from their strong marketing strategy and the value they are offering. Let us move further and look at their marketing strategy that will soon make them a $1 billion revenue business.

Marketing Strategy of Dunzo

The marketing strategy of Dunzo should be called “creativity at its best.” Here are the creative marketing strategies that Dunzo utilizes to promote its brand.

Bollywood References

One thing that Millenials and Gen-Z generation love is Bollywood. Dunzo commercializes on this love for Bollywood and creates its marketing strategy.

The brand uses various dialogue phrases and references to attract its filmy audience. This way, they add a fun element to their marketing strategy. Also, one thing that you can understand with this strategy is how the brand relates itself with something that the targets are already aware of.

So, that’s how it becomes easier for customers to connect with the marketing messages. In one of its campaigns, Dunzo is advising its customers not to take the risk during a pandemic and wear a mask with the reference of the famous and most loved Bollywood movie character ‘Baburao’ from the hit movie ‘Hera Pheri.’ The brand in the advert is saying “Bilkul Riks nahi lene ka ,” in Baburao style.

Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is a strategy where any brand designs its marketing messages or ads by taking advantage of the current events or happenings.

Dunzo does it well with moment marketing. The brand picks up the right topic, which the customers know well about, and design a marketing message.

The brand is responsive and makes advertising and marketing collaterals based on recent events. Moreover, Dunzo not only takes events around the nation but around the globe to create its marketing campaigns.

Dunzo, in response to the second wave of the coronavirus, reminded people to put on their masks by giving the example of their “Be like Mask Melon” advert.
In this be like Mask Melon post, Dunzo spread the message in a comic style and gave us reasons why we should wear our masks. It was their Moment marketing with Mask Melon.

Comic Series

A brand should not just chant its brand name in the marketing campaigns to attract the audience, but it should offer some value that catches customer’s attention. Moreover, the marketers should engage the audience with consumable content. Dunzo knows well how to engage its target audience.

The delivery brand has come up with a unique way to entertain and engage the audience with a comic series called “Dunya ki Duniya.” The comic series revolves around the character Dunya and the issues she deals with in her everyday life.

That is a fun way to drag the audience’s attention to your brand.

Meme Marketing

Where there is a meme, there is a way to sell a brand. Memes are what the Millenials love. As the brand utilizes social media platforms to promote itself, meme marketing is a strategy it chooses to entertain the target audience.

Danzo quickly adapts the trending topics and creates memes out of them. The brand also did not miss on the recent Bernie Sanders meme to engage its social media community. Not just the meme is great, but they play around with the captions as well, making them more fun as their caption states, “We’re here to fulfill all your Bernie-ing desires.”

Dunzo understands its Indian customer base and creates memes based on their behavior and traits. For instance, in this meme, Dunzo has clearly stated the differences in US and Indian types of customers in a witty manner.

Hyper Local Communications

Hyperlocal communication means involving local staff and designing marketing communication playful and personal for local audiences. It means pitching niche customers in their by connecting them in their local style. It makes connections with customers at a deeper level.

Dunzo pitches its customers by hyperlocal communication. As the brand also deals in delivering local or hyperlocal supplies, it communicates the same way with the customer.

This strategy requires them to do thorough research on the customers living in different cities, the local languages, their purchasing style, and habits. For example, in this advert for a local supermarket, Dunzo used the local language to communicate with customers.

Twitter campaigns

Marketing should not be a one-way communication but is two-way communication between your brand and the customers. Dunzo keeps this two-way communication flowing using the social media platform Twitter. Also, it is the place where the customers can tweet Dunzo for whatever queries or issues they have and get a response from Dunzo.


In a lockdown, Duzo received more questions and queries related to deliveries. Dunzo is making the most of Twitter to make a stronger connection with customers.

Hashtag campaigns

Dunzo plays right with social media hashtags and creates some brilliant campaigns with them. In one of its recent posts, the brand used the famous #DontRushChallenge and made a brilliant post from it. The brand in this post is asking customers to stay home as their deliveries are choreographed to perfection.

Dunzo made the audience reminisce the 90s ads with the #90sRedum campaign, where it gave tribute to some of the iconic commercials by recreating them with brad integration with a twist of the taglines in Dunzo style. Moreover, the recent campaign that Dunzo is running is the #PartnerWithSign by creating the famous ‘Dude with Sign’ meme.

Hashtags are known for creating brand awareness and giving the brand a wider reach, which is why Dunzo is a well-known brand.


Collaborations work wonders for any brand to increase its brand value and credibility. Dunzo does not miss any opportunity to market its product. Moreover, Dunzo makes partnerships with various brands for different purposes.

Dunzo partnered with LazyPaym, which online payment app as their payment partner, and also LazyPay offers a cashback if payment to Dunzo made on the app. Also, the brand collaborated with Britania to deliver food essential to customers at their doorsteps.

Another partnership of Dunzo is with online food and grocery store Bigbasket. The customers can use Dunzo and order online from the Big Basket. Dunzo collaborating with Bigbasket as a delivery partner and make their products available to customers.

Not just the big brands, the brand also collaborates with local grocery stores and brands to target their niche customers.


There is one key takeaway from the marketing strategy of Dunzo that every brand out there should take note of, Be creative.

Whatever the brand is doing in its marketing campaigns, it is unique, attractive, and born out of some fresh ideas.

If you want to attract the audience and turn them into customers, your marketing strategy is to have that X factor. It is, of course, the reason why we are analyzing Dunzo’s marketing strategies.

So be creative and create a marketing strategy for pitching your target customers.

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