Guerrilla Marketing: Let Your Marketing Campaign Roar

Guerrilla Marketing


Today, marketers design marketing campaigns not only to sell their brand but also to surprise the customers. The surprise element in their marketing strategies ultimately promotes the brand. Guerrilla Marketing is the strategy that can promote as well as offer exceptional experiences to customers.

Before diving deeper into the topic of discussion, look at this ad by McDonald’s.

McDonald's Guerrilla Marketing example

McDonald’s transformed the pedestrian crossway into their famous Macfries. The brand placed their product where no eye can miss the marketing. It is a brand promotion in the most creative form. Also, it is the most classic example to explain this strategy.

Now let us understand the exact meaning of Guerrilla Marketing.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

It is a novel marketing strategy where marketers include a surprise factor in their marketing campaigns. Marketers make unconventional interactions with the audience for their marketing.

Marketers use unusual marketing tactics to get maximum reach and that too in an inexpensive way. Moreover, the idea of guerrilla marketing is to elicit emotion by promoting the brand to the customer at a personal level.

The marketers initiate Guerrilla marketing at places where it can get the attention of a wider population. The examples are public places like streets, shopping malls, public parks, events, etc.

The core of this marketing strategy is creativity, imagination, and innovation. These three elements result in an exceptional marketing campaign called guerrilla marketing.

Vijay Sales - Guerrilla marketing

This advertisement by Vijay Sales explains Guerrilla marketing the best.

That is how you create a creative advertisement on a small budget.

Features of Guerrilla Marketing


Guerrilla marketing is a strategy that creates something unique. In this strategy, marketers create something distinctive that no brand has done before. It makes every guerrilla marketing campaign different. If a marketer creates something similar to another brand, then it will not work.

Authenticity is indeed the essence of Guerrilla marketing.


This feature is undoubtedly a benefit for most marketers. Guerrilla marketing strategy is an inexpensive strategy. It does not involve various resources like in traditional marketing strategies. Also, this marketing strategy is minimalistic and involves less cost and resources to create a spectacular campaign.


This marketing strategy is the most targeted approach because it initiates at specific areas where the prospects can experience it.  It targets its audience at the right time and the right place.

Mixed Communication

In this marketing strategy, marketers use different media to communicate with the audience. But, the role of marketers is to implement the campaign, and the rest of the communication is done by the audience. In this, the marketing message spreads through word of mouth, publicity, social media, etc.

Types of Guerrilla marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a strategy used by marketers to create or start conversations about their brand. The marketers start these conversations by creating speculations about their brand or product. The marketer designs marketing campaigns in a manner that generates a strong emotion from the audience. As well as that these strong emotions create an urge in the customer to talk about the brand.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient marketing means to create brand awareness without displaying the brand but engaging the audience by creating an environment related to the brand. One famous example of this strategy is the snake bus by Copenhagen Zoo. The zoological garden Copenhagen Zoo created a bus marketing campaign. The bus looks like a big snake is holding it. Well obviously, no eye can miss this bus moving on a road.

Copenhagen Zoo Guerrilla Marketing

Brand awareness on point!

Ambush Marketing

Ambush marketing is a strategy where marketers advertise their brand without any sponsorship or exhibition. They involve their brand in the event and showcase it without paying to do so.

Basically, ambush marketing means marketing campaigns for any brand at an event where the brand is not affiliated with the event.

In the 2006 World cup, Nike came up with a successful Ambush Marketing Campaign. They created a social networking website for the world’s soccer fans as a part of its “Joga Bonito” marketing campaign.


Astroturfing means to create a buzz about the brand by paying someone to do so. The marketers pay, influencers or content creators to speak good about their brand. It is somewhat similar to influencer marketing. But the difference in astroturfing is that the audience does not know if the person praising the brand is paid to do so.

In simple words, this marketing involves paid reviews and endorsements.

Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing is a strategy where the marketers expose their brand to the audience without them being aware of it. This strategy involves the placement of brands in a way that the audience does not realize that the marketer is promoting a brand. Moreover, stealth marketing is mostly done in movies, music videos, and social media posts.

Coca-cola is without a doubt does best in its marketing campaigns. Coca-cola masters guerrilla marketing and also utilize every type of it. In this example of stealth marketing strategy, the brand is used in many scenes of The Stranger Things series.

Wild Postings

Wild postings are stickers, graffiti, and posters on walls or streets in high traffic areas. Companies can do wild postings with or without permission. Furthermore, these are visible at heavy traffic areas or crowded places where it is visible to a large number of audiences.

Anando Milk ad on Mumbai's buildings- Guerrilla Marketing

In India, the most famous Wild posting is the Anando Milk ad on Mumbai’s buildings. It presents a child moving the building due to his power that comes from the dairy product. This is creativity at its best without a doubt.

Some Brilliant Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Coca Cola

Coca Cola does exceptionally well when it comes to guerrilla marketing. In one of their campaigns, the company used vending machines to unite the people of India and Pakistan. The name of the vending machine is the “Happiness Machine.”  Moreover, these vending machines were installed in India and Pakistan at specific places. People could see each other from the machine’s screen. In addition to this, people could touch the screen interface to trace peace gestures and smiley faces.


This is the latest example of stealth marketing. It is the latest hit song by the weekend. In the “Blinding Lights” music video, the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is visible in many glimpses. Also, no eye can miss the sight of a Mercedes in this spectacular music video and talk about it.

example of stealth marketing


Nike does not leave a chance to do Ambush Marketing. The brand created an unforgettable Ambush marketing in the 1996 Olympics.

The brand lined the streets of Atlanta with Olympic themed advertisements. Also, they created a memorable moment when Michael Johnson raced in his gold medals and gold Nike shoes.

Ambush Marketing

Weight Watchers

This brilliant example is by Weight Watchers. It showcases how the model in a flyer gets slimmer with every tear. This is indeed the best way to use a flyer to showcase its brand feature.

Weight Watchers flyers


Snapdeal gave competition to Flipkart in the wittiest way with its Guerrilla marketing strategy. In their response to Flipkart’s #AcchaKiya campaign, Snapdeal came up with #YahanSeKhreedo right under the Flipkart’s banner ad.

Snapdeal #YahanSeKhreedo campaign


Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet during SuperBowl 2013 is an example of viral marketing. Due to its wittiness, this tweet became popular and went viral.

guerrilla marketing by Oreo


Marketers should try their hand in Guerrilla marketing if they want to create an impact on the audience. Traditional marketing tactics work only at a certain level. A customer is likely to be exposed to advertisements a thousand times a day. But the customer will hardly remember a few.

If marketers opt for guerrilla marketing, they can deliver a memorable brand encounter to customers. That’s the essence of Guerrilla marketing.

Tell which brand strategy enticed you the most?

Also, tell us when you experienced this marketing strategy.

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