Event Marketing: Brand Promotion by Offering Exceptional Experiences

Event Marketing Strategies


To start with Event Marketing lets recall the best event hosted in 2020.

In the current time, when conducting huge events is no longer an option, Apple launched their latest products virtually. Apple always stands out when it comes to hosting launch events. In October 2020, Apple launched its HomePod Mini, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 Pro in the most outstanding way. The whole event was live-streamed on their website and Youtube for the global audience.

Have a look at the event’s highlights.

Aftermath of this event resulted in iPhones 12 sales being higher than any other Apple launch since last three years

Even the pandemic could not stop the company’s creative side to come out. Despite the circumstances they held an exceptional launch event and stimulated uprising profits in their business.

But, why Apple went out of its way yet again to throw such a magnificent event? It is because Apple realizes the significance of event marketing for its brand.

Event marketing is not just another promotional marketing strategy that offers the same old benefits of high sales and high profit but it is one of the most impactful marketing strategy.

But you must be thinking, how? To know that, stay onboard!

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a strategy where marketers provide extraordinary experiences to audiences to promote their brand. It is an in-person interaction of a large group of prospects with a brand or product.

The marketers organize live events and invite large audiences to get their real-time engagement. In such events they promote their brand in a themed exhibit or display. It is a strategy where marketers expose their brand to a large audience. The goal is to increase awareness and pitch sales.

Event marketing is a way of making your brand alive. It is like an exhibition of your brand in the best possible way that catches all eyes.

Does Event Marketing work?

Hosting an event to promote a brand seems like a good idea. But does it even work? The answer to this question depends upon the event.

Successful events generate leads.

Event marketing is all about giving a brand encounter to the audience that they never forget. A successful event can instantly increase sales and build a relationship with customers.

So if your event is successful only then, you can pitch sales and create a better connection with your customers. Only a happy and satisfied attendee can be your customer.

A disaster event can never sell!

Imagine you attend a party that is a whole wreck. From food to music, everything just sucks!

Will you have a good experience? Definitely not.

So if your experience in the event was not good, what image would you have for party host and planners? It would certainly not be a good one.

Similarly, a crudely managed event with performers showing up late, poor arrangements, and other blunders can never show the brand in a good light. 

Conclusion-Event failure equals to brand failure.

Benefits of Event Marketing

Reach Target customers

Event marketing can help marketers reach their target audience. Every event has a specific audience. That audience is the target customer of brands.

A classic example of this is Baracardi Music Festival.

The brand’s target audience is the youth. The brand understands how much the youth is fond of music and groove. The brand organizes a music festival every year, and this helps them reach their target audience.

Brand Retention

Event marketing can make the brand unforgettable. The audience can never forget a brand when it hosts an exceptional event.

Lakme Fashion Week is the most appropriate example of event marketing that makes the brand unforgettable. Lakme and Fashion week is something that we cannot call separately.

The Lakme Fashion week is running for many years. It is organized to connect buyers and consumers to the beauty and fashion industry. The aim of this event is to generate demand for the growth of this industry at the same time marketing their brand.

Building relationships

Event marketing can help a brand build relationships and connect with audiences from a long-term growth perspective. With event marketing, you set a stage to meet your prospects. Also, you create new connections for your business.

Facebook’s IQ Live is an example of an event that helped Facebook to foster a valuable relationship with marketing agencies.

In the event, Facebook used real-life simulations to explain their consumer behavior insights to marketing agencies. This event aims to construct a bridge between Facebook and marketing agencies. Through this event, Facebook targeted mid-level staffers and used this event as a part of their long term game.

Sales increase

Here comes the most prominent one, the sales increase benefit. Talking about a marketing strategy and not mentioning its impact on sales is not possible. Event marketing can do wonders when it comes to pitching sales.

Dunkin’ Donut’s virtual event sets a classic example of a sales pitch benefit of event marketing. On Valentine’s Day, the brand used Facebook live video to devise their event marketing strategy.

In the live video, they prepared a gigantic donuts-themed wedding cake.

Results? 43000 viewers and a rapid increase in their sales post the live event.

Strategies for Event marketing

If you want to promote your brand with event marketing, you need to promote your event first. How will your brand achieve its goals if people don’t show up at your event?
So for a successful event, you need to create hype. These are some strategies that can attract the audience towards your event.

Event Websites

Event websites are the most popularly used by brands to promote their events. An event website tells the whole brand story and what the event is about.

An event website can increase registrations for the event in many ways. On websites, marketers can display the key highlights of their events. Furthermore, attractive visuals and compelling Call to action buttons to make the viewer hit that register button.

Early bird discount

People love discounts!

Even if customers don’t need it, they get it if it’s for a discount. So, marketers sell their event tickets at discounts. But with the rule first-come, first-serve.

Early bird discount is a tactic to create excitement among the audience. This rebate is for attendees who purchase the event tickets before a specific period. The idea behind this strategy is to build up interest among the audience and increase ticket sales.

Special guest appearance

If an event showcases the presence of a special guest, then it can attract more audiences. The special guest can be any celebrity, politician, or sportsperson who has a fanbase among the public.  The popularity of the guest can impact the event positively.

Press release

One thing that can make your event a hit even before it starts is media coverage. A press release is a tactic that gives huge media coverage to any event. It can create traffic on your event website and instantly boost ticket sales. 

Email Marketing

Your brand might have a huge customer base, but not all the customers attend your virtual event. Email marketing can be a way of inviting your customers to appear in your live events. If you send one email to an individual, it is obvious the person will bring two or three more to the event. Email marketing can never miss the mark in promoting anything.

Social Media Campaigns

Any brand maintains a presence on social media today. Brands can not only promote their brands but also their events on social media. 

There are multiple ways of promoting events on social media.

  • Hashtag campaign for events to spread awareness for their event. 
  • Creating event pages on social media where all the information, highlights, images, and videos related to the event can be uploaded. 
  • Engage the audience virtually with live stream features of social media platforms.

There are multiple ways of promoting events on social media.

Final Thoughts

Every move a brand makes is for some purpose. The marketers realize the significance of making an impact on the audience. As far as we have discussed, it can be concluded that event marketing is indeed an impactful strategy.

This strategy is a win-win situation for both the audience and marketers. The customer might forget a 2-minute advertisement, but the memory of an exceptional experience never fades away. That is the core of Event marketing

Have you been part of any event that was aimed at marketing?

If yes, tell us how it influenced your buying decision?

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