Durex Marketing Strategy

The durable marketing strategy of Durex

Marketing a product is a challenging task, and when the product is taboo, it becomes even more challenging. But that’s not the case with the condom brand Durex because it has mastered the art of marketing condoms.

In India, any conversation related to sex is considered taboo, so it becomes a major challenge to market a condom brand in such areas. But, in India, there is a huge potential for condom brands. India is the second most populated country in the world, which explains the need for a condom brand to advertise and create awareness. Most of the time, people cringe while watching a condom advertisement, but Durex knows the right way to advertise and promote itself.

Founded in 1915 by La Jackson, Durex has revolutionized the marketing of condoms. In 1970, Durex became Worlld’s first condom brand to advertise in various countries. Moreover, the word Durex is the abbreviation for Durability, Reliability, and Excellence. As the brand name suggests, it is durable and reliable for customers, and it gains excellence from its marketing tactics.

Durex has never missed a chance to amaze audiences with its breakthrough advertisements and marketing campaigns.
Let us understand how the marketing strategy of Durex plays smartly engage audiences with their brand.

The Durable Marketing Strategy of Durex

The marketing strategy of Durex comprises of some of unconventional marketing communication tactics and campaigns. The following strategies justifies the excellence of the brand.

Humor Content

Creating humor content is altogether a different marketing strategy of Durex. In each of their advertisement, they try to incorporate wittiness and make an impression on the customers. Moreover, in most of the social media posts of Durex, there is something comical, and they make sure to use the wink emoji cause the jokes they make are sexually suggestive.

The “party ho rhi h” meme is getting viral in India, and Durex did not miss the chance to use it for marketing their brand.

The brand used a condom advert with the caption, “Party nhi ho rhi hai. kyuki yeh hmari protection ho rhi hai.”
Perfectly depicting their product feature in comic style, that’s how Durex markets.
Almost every ad Durex creates is some or the other way humorous. The humor they create is apt and does cross the line of being funny and vulgar. Durex learned from its past mistakes of not going too overboard with humor.

One of its SuperBowl ads faced heat from the audience as it depicted dark humor, which viewers did not entertain. The reason behind it was they were making a point, “use a condom, you whore, or you could give birth to the next mass murderer.” It didn’t work well and was banned for obvious reasons.

Bold campaigns

Being bold is what it takes to promote a condom brand at such a great level. But, Durex goes far and beyond when it comes to marketing.

Durex is not only promoting their condom brand protection feature but also how it offers pleasure.

Being the world’s leading sexual well-being brand, Durex advertises its products by breaking the stigmas and talking about underrepresented subjects.

The brand has created some advertisements around anal sex, which is a topic that no one talks about and breaks the stigmas around it. It also created an advertisement using the most hated word, ‘Moist,’ in their adverts.

In addition to this, Durex is creating advertisements to normalize using lubricants during sex. Also, it is destigmatizing female sexual discomfort with its lubricant range advertisements.
All of this states that the marketing strategy of Durex is the synonym for Bold.

Moment marketing

People believe in ‘living in the moment,’ and Durex believes in ‘marketing in the moment.’
We are stating the remarkable moment marketing of Durex. The condom brand uses the current events going around worldwide and creates promotional campaigns or adverts from the.
As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has hit the world, and vaccination is going on worldwide, and Durex used this in their advertisement.

Recently the government stated that the vaccination process for all 18 or above age groups to start from May 1. Durex made an advertisement for that on its social media platforms and what it says is “Being 18 + never felt so good.” The injection in the image subliminally depicts a condom, and the brand perfectly adds up their brand message of ‘stay protected’ in the caption.

Two messages, one advertisement, that’s how you crat an ad.

Another ad Durex released on Halloween is a perfect depiction of moment marketing. The brand has smartly placed a condom in the advert without making it obvious. You would’ve never seen condom shaped moon before.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing for a condom brand works well when it is presented or endorsed by some influential personalities. Durex uses an influencer marketing strategy to promote its brand.

Durex collaborates with various content creators, fashion influencers, and celebrities for promotions on its social media platforms.

Its latest launch, DurexInvisible, is being promoted by various digital creators and T.V personalities under the #DurexInvisible.

Actors and television personalities like Radhika Apte, Kalki Koechlin, Varun Sood, Vikrant Massey, and Bani J are actively promoting Durex Invisible range on social media platforms. Also, digital creators like Dolly Singh, Nick (Beyounick), and Leeza Mangadas are using their style to promote the campaign Durex #ForgetCondoms campaign.

Buzz marketing

If a brand manages to start conversations about their brand, it means their buzz marketing campaign is a success. Durex has generated enough buzz by taking the opportunity of Earth Hour to commercialize its brand.

Earth hour is an event launched by the NGO WWF, which takes place every year. In this event, on the last Saturday of March, all the lights are turned off for 1 hour from 8:30 to 9:30 pm local time. Durex smartly converted this into a campaign called “Love Hour.”
Durex released various adverts o celebrate Earth hour in a different way, which is obviously known to the brand users.

Durex buzz marketing strategy

When in 2012 there were predictions that the world might end on December 21, the brand again did something marvelous. Durex started promotions by asking the customers to make the end special by using Durex. Well, that’s smart and witty!

Content marketing

Creating content is an art. The marketing strategy of Durex states that you don’t need to yell “SEX” to sell a condom brand. The right content marketing strategy can sell a brand by attracting customers to the brand.. The content strategy of something that makes Durex the leading condom brand.

Coming, coming, coming!!! Until then fasten your trouser belts! #RexWithRanveer

Posted by Durex on Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Look at this subtle ad by Durex where it says, “Great things are often revealed gradually”, with a peeling banana image and the customers know exactly what it is depicting.

Another great aspect of the content strategy of Durex is minimalism. The brand mostly uses a simple blue background, with minimal visuals and text and yet it coveys its brand communication. That’s what is content marketing all about, effective engaging, and compelling.

Controversial Marketing

Durex has also created many controversies with its marketing strategies that went overboard. In one of its ads released in China was over-explicit and it created debates online.

In the banned advertisement, the brand used erotic words to describe the use of the Durex vibrator. Even though it faced a lot of heat, the brand managed to get greater publicity.

Another banned advertisement by Durex was too seductive for the Indian audiences. It was ultimately banned. But, such ads are searched by the audiences as they are curious about such matters. The result was again greater publicity for the brand. Controversies create curiosity and sell a brand ultimately.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is a marketing strategy where the brand uses surprise elements or unconventional interactions to promote a brand. It is a tactic that works like wonders.

Check out this ad for a Durex condom with ribs and knows. In this ad, the brand has done a clever job, and its marketing team deserves an applaud for drawing the condom shape at the right spot to advertise its codon features.

durex guerrilla marketing strategy
durex guerrilla marketing strategy

Another smart guerilla ad by Durex is where it has written “hold on” on a stair railing with the brand logo. Right place, right time, and the right message.



Excellent is the right word to state the marketing strategy o Durex. No other sexual wellness brand is designing such creative ad campaigns when it comes to marketing.

Durex understands that its target customers are people aged between 18 to 24, and the best way to target them is creativity. That’s what makes Durex the leading condom brand. The brand is selling condoms with the best ads and marketing campaigns. So, attract your target customers with breakthrough marketing campaigns and be a market leader like Durex.

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