Dominos Marketing Strategy: Delivering Success in Time

Dominos Marketing Strategy: Delivering Success in Time


Did someone say pizza? Well, yes, this article is about pizza. If you are craving for a pizza already, then think of the top 3 brands from where you would prefer to order pizza. We are pretty sure that most of you guys would include Dominos in your list.

Dominos is the leading pizza franchise in the US that delivers pizza with a smile on customers’ faces in less than 30 minutes. It is not only their pizzas’ authentic taste that makes it sell worldwide but also the marketing strategy of Dominos.

Dominos is the most loved fast-food chain globally. The fast-food chain sells over 3 million pizzas a day. It is operating in 17,800 stores in 90 countries worldwide comprising, 6,391 stores in the U.S., 1,346 stores in India, and the rest of the countries. In addition to this, half of the sale of Dominos comes from outside the U.S. All these global facts are shouting success of Dominos.

So what is there in the marketing strategy of Dominos that makes it the favorite of customers?

Let us move further and find out, but first, let us read a brief history of Dominos!

Domino’s Journey

Two brothers named James and Tom Monaghan began the journey of Dominos. Initially, they bought a small Michigan Pizzeria that was named Dominick’s. After running it for several years, James decided to sell his share and part his way to buy a second-hand car and left Tom to manage the business. In 1965, Tom, after departing with his brother, purchased two more pizzerias and revitalized the brand changing its name to Domino’s Pizza.

The logo of Dominos originally had three dots that depicted three stores that they ran in 1965. The plan was to add a dot in the logo every time there was a new store added to their pizzeria chain. But as the business expanded enormously, the idea faded cause obviously, the logo would have thousands of dots by now.

In 1983, Domino’s was ready to serve pizza to global customers and opened its first global branch in Winnipeg. And today, it’s serving pizza lovers in 90 countries worldwide to pizza. That’s how Domino’s made us love pizza.

Dominos Marketing Strategy


A Domino’s advertisement can instantly make you crave for a pizza. When it comes to advertising, Domino’s create such pleasing advertisements that even looking at the ads can make pizza lovers drool. That’s one reason for their high sales. Domino’s runs ads both online and offline, to reach its target customers of the age group 18-44 years.

Online/Digital Ads

Dominos runs Facebook ads and google to target audiences based on a specific age group and location. If there is a Domino’s outlet in a city, Domino’s runs its sponsored Facebook ads for targetting the people living there. Also, Dominos run their google ads on searches, websites, online games to attract customers on their online platform and order from them. In addition to this, Domino’s runs sponsored ads on Youtube on different videos and posts video advertisements on their youtube channel.

Offline Ads

Domino’s advertisements are created by keeping in mind the viewers and their mindset. As people in India watch television with their family together, Domino’s often brings a touch of togetherness, emotions, and happiness in their ads. There are relations, emotions, and sentiments in every ad. That’s how Dominos connect well with the audience.

Domino’s also runs advertisements on billboards so that a customer surely visits a Dominos store after watching a billboard ad.

Email and SMS Marketing

Emails and SMSs are not only used for notifying the customer about any order but, they can also be used for marketing. Email and SMS marketing is a great way of remarketing and attract customers.

Email Marketing Strategy used by Dominos

Remarketing is a concept which does not receive much attention. Is once a customer forever a customer? Well no. The customer can switch to another brand anytime they like or with a lack of communication. That’s when SMS and Email marketing comes to the rescue and builds a stronger communication between the brand and customers. Dominos keeps the customer updated on any new recipe, offers, or discount with SMS and Emails.

SMS Marketing Strategy used by Dominos

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the most trending marketing strategy that most brands are using nowadays. If you got an influencer promoting your brand, then you’re going a long way. How can Dominos miss something that’s trending?

Influencer marketing is also a part of the marketing strategy of dominos. Dominos collabs with various popular Indian influencers to make their audience crave domino’s pizza. Ankush Bahuguna, Dolly Singh, Saloni Gaur (Salonayyy) are famous influencers that promote Dominos while having bites of their delicious pizza. Also, the brand keeps up with micro-influencers and reposts their posts having Dominoes.

Buzz Marketing

Creating buzz means getting the people talking about a brand. Dominos creates buzz with its impactful and creative buzz marketing strategy. In addition to this, the brand uses unconventional tactics to connect with the audience or just does something out of the box to generate word of mouth.
When the brand introduced 10 new pizza flavors comprising 5 vegetarians and 5 nonvegetarians, it created a lot of buzz on social media.

One of its best marketing strategies was when the Steady Pizza guerilla marketing when its domino’s delivery guys delivered pizza in a transparent box so that people can see how it is kept stead inside the box. As most people complain that the food gets ruined when delivered, Domino’s clearly stated that’s not in their case cause their pizza is visibly steady.

Social media hashtag campaigns

Using hashtags in social media posts is good, but running your own social media hashtag campaign is great. Dominos runs various hashtag campaigns to get a wider reach and eventually increase their sale. Moreover, it is a different marketing strategy of Dominos, which makes their brand connect with the audience through hashtags.

In December 2020, Dominos ran #2020KeDostofTheYear to celebrate the people who made 2020 better.


The brand also ran the #AllNewEverydayValue hashtag for their new offer contest.
In one of its hashtag campaigns titled #PaveForPizza, Dominos went out on roads to pave potholes in each of 50 states. The brand was praised for this campaign and also attracted customers’ attention.

Event Marketing

What can be the way of increasing brand presence and pitching a large audience?

Event marketing is the strategy that increases a brand’s presence. Domino’s associates itself with the finest events with sponsorships to reach out to a large audience at a time.


Domino’s has partnerened with Liga de Videojuegos Profesional, known as LVP as its official pizza sponsor. The brand with this partnership got recognition during the broadcast of LVP’s various competitions like League of Legends, Clash Royale, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Domino’s has also been one of the sponsors of the team Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL). It is the most famous cricket tournament in India, and being a sponsor of a team in it is a great deal.

dominos-and-Euroleague-Basketball-partnership- event marketing

Dominos has also partnered with Euroleague Basketball to increase its brand presence.

Meme Marketing

It’s good to laugh over a meme while having a pizza. Its even better when the memer is Dominos pizza. Yes, Domino’s is also making its audience laugh while offering the most delicious pizzas.

Meme marketing is not as easy as it sounds because the brand has to make sense with their meem so the audience can laugh and share the meme. The essence of a meme is that it is supposed to be shared with friends, and the more they share, the more audience the brand targets.

Moreover, Dominos shares memes on its social media platforms to connect with the Millenials and GenZ generation, which loves likes and even talk memes nowadays.


A brand alone is strong, but when it joins with another brand, it becomes stronger. Partnerships are a great way of making a brand stronger and marketing as well.

Domino’s partnered with ITC to sell essential items to the people during the lockdown in 2020. The brand created a ‘Domino’s Essentials’ section on its app and delivered the essential items like wheat flour, pulses and spices amid lockdown.

The brand is a partner of PepsiCo and sells beverages like Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7Up, Lipton Ice Tea across all of its restaurants in India.


Running a global brand is not easy. Different regions have different customers, and pitching those customers requires a robust marketing strategy. Domino’s has mastered the art of selling by leaving nothing and trying out all the strategies to reach their customers and get them inside their pizza stores.

The reason Dominos has a wide range of marketing tactics is that its audience is also wide. One strategy work for some audience, and one works for another. Meme marketing would work better on Gen Z generation customers than television commercials because this generation spends more time on social media.

Attract customers with the right kind of strategy which you think will work best.

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