Can Product Packaging be a Marketing Tool for a Brand?

Product Packaging as a Marketing Tool


Look at the product packaging below.

Nestle product packaging of Corn Flakes

Which one do you find more flattering?
Would you buy the right one over the left one?

Well, most of you will probably choose the left one. The reason is obvious customer behavior. Any customer prefers something that is eye catchy and what stands out from the rest.
Have you ever bought something over another just for the sake of its attractive packaging? That is how packaging plays the role of marketing.

In product packaging, “the book is judged by its cover.”
We have always known that packaging from a different aspect. But in this article, we will give you a different perspective of the packaging of the product.

Product Packaging as a part of the Branding mix

In marketing, we have studied the different elements of branding. The packaging is part of the branding of any product. The reason why a product requires packaging is to design an exterior part of the product. The outer covering of the product creates the first impression on the customers.
The packaging is a crucial part of product designing. A marketer gives in a lot of effort in designing the packaging of a product. Can you imagine a shop owner selling soap without any outer cover or packet? No right. No one is going to buy a product without its packaging.


The ulterior motive of the product package is to protect the inside item. Some goods are of perishable nature and require quality packaging. Even if the product is not perishable, it requires exterior protection that does not harm the main product.
Many products change due to temperature and moisture, so to avoid the decline of product quality, the packaging is essential. Also, the package keeps the goods safe from breaking or dust.
A product packaging is like an item of clothing for styling any product.


Packaging can differentiate one product from another. It also gives a unique identity to a product. You can easily recognize a coca-cola by seeing its packaging with the red label. What If Pepsi and cola come with the same packaging without any information? How will you know the difference before purchasing and tasting it?
That’s why packaging includes labels and information to create distinction.

Transportation and storage

The goods go through many levels before reaching is the customer’s hand. It is kept in warehouses, transported, and kept on shelves. A packaging ensures smooth transportation of the product without any drop in its value and safety. Transporter stores goods at various places and in different places in bulk and boxes during the transit. Packaging helps the product to survive in various conditions and environments.


How would a marketer tell the customer about the product? The packaging is a way of providing information like basic features and some additional details. The package includes details like MRP, expiry and manufacturing date, weight, contents, etc. Information plays a significant role in packaging. The customer trusts a packaging with details of the item on it. Whenever a customer buys something, it is apparent to check all these details.


The convenience function of any package is to offer usability of the product. Recall the products you use in daily life and their packaging. Toothpaste is packed in a tube, cooking oil in containers, and cookies in a box or wrapper. Would it be convenient for you to use toothpaste from a plastic wrapper? No, because the tube s the packing that lets a customer use the product conveniently.

Packaging as a Marketing Tool

We have come across all the basic functions and features of packaging. But marketers can use their product packaging as a marketing tool or strategy. Yes, it is a strategy that can increase sales by promoting your brand. Let us discuss how
The packaging reflects the brand. Do you think it is a good idea to sell a product in a plain box? How will the customer know the brand then?

The packaging reflects the brand

The packaging reflects the brand and tells the customer what the product is that they’re going to buy. Every brand has a different branding element. It has a color scheme, logo, tagline, mascot, etc. The marketer can print these elements on the packaging so that the customer can recognize the brand. Packaging allows the brand to speak even before the product.

Packaging adds value to the sale.

When a customer buys something, it is not just the product that the seller offers. The customer gets a whole experience of purchasing a product, and it is incomplete without good packaging. Suppose a brand sells something of good quality and value, with mediocre packing. The product, in a way, loses its value due to packaging. That’s how packaging impacts the sale.

Premium packaging boost sales

The brands often introduce new premium packaging for their home product. Why go out of the way and create new packs. The reason is packaging impacts sales, and this is a way of promoting their product. Cadbury dairy milk introduces a new pack during Valentine’s to increase the sales of their product. That is how significant is packaging for the marketing of the product.

Satisfied customers

Many brands spend a good amount of money and effort on their packaging. The packaging is something that can make the customer pay more without even seeing the actual product. Today many brands offer scented packs for their products. Why put scent in packs when it ultimately ends up in a dustbin. The reason is to satisfy the customer to convert them into recurring ones.

Makes a Product stand out

There are so many companies that sell the same kind of products. Product packaging makes them different when they lie on a store’s shelf. The marketers try to create attractive packaging and draw the decision of the customers. Marketers design product packaging to make them look better and stand out from the rest. Customers usually buy a product that looks different and attractive, and that’s how the packaging strategy works.

Examples of brands that used product packaging as a marketing tool

Carolina Herrera

Product packaging Carolina Herrera Deign

What to say about the packaging of Carolina Herrera Good Girl Eau de Parfum; it’s chic and classic. The perfume comes in a stiletto-shaped bottle. It catches the eye of every woman that sees it. Imagine this lying with other perfumes in a store. It is probably the best example of packaging as a marketing tool.

Pizza Hut Pizza Box

A playable DJ pizza box. It sounds weird, but it is an exceptional example of marketing with packaging. Pizza Hut came up with this brilliant strategy created by printed electronics expert Novalia.
The standard pizza box came with touch-sensitive decks, a mixer, and some other functional buttons. Also, the battery-powered box could connect with any computer smartphone via Bluetooth. It was compatible with DJ software like Serato DJ.

Trident Gum pack

Trident Innovative product Design

What could be better than a product packaging that tells about the product? The Trident gum is for teeth whitening. Look at the packaging, it white gum placed in a way that looks like a smiling mouth. It reflects how the gum can make your teeth white.


Nike Air shoes product Packaging

Nike comes up with creative marketing campaigns for the products they launch. To highlight the feature of Nike Air shoes, they were packed in the air cushion. Benefit made visible with the packaging of the product.

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty Lipstick Packaging

Huda beauty a cosmetic brand launched by Iraqi-American businesswoman Huda Kattan. The luxury brand masters packaging of its product in the most attractive way. Huda beauty’s lip products come in lip-shaped packaging. In various other beauty brands, its packaging makes the brand stand out.

Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Packaging

Mountain dew gave their brand a visual identity with their packaging. The product comes in a neon green bottle with a handgrip design and kinetic graphic elements.
The brand updated its packaging to reflect its energy and refreshing attitude. It kept the design the same for its drinkers everywhere to create a global identification.

Mc Donald’s

Mc Donalds packing innovation for a cyclist is an example of packaging as a marketing tool. In this special McBike package for cyclists, the brand created a packaging that allows them to hang the pack on the handlebars of their bicycles and take it away. It is a perfect example of the convenience offered by packaging.


A customer perceives any product with its packaging. If their first impression is not admirable, then how will they buy the product?
That’s the reason why marketers realize the importance of packaging in marketing.
Brand packaging is all about the presentation of your product. If the presentation is engaging, then the customers will like it and purchase it. It is like a trailer for the product the company offers.
So, brands should not underestimate the power of packaging in marketing.

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