Byju’s Marketing Strategy: How it Educates Millions

Byju's Marketing Strategy: How it Educates Millions

Byju’s is the ed-tech decacorn (unicorns valued at $ 10 Billion or above) valued at $ 11.1 billion. It is educating millions of students on its online portal. But the question arises that what attracts 80 million students and 5.5 million annual paid subscribers to these e-learning platforms.

The answer lies in Byju’s marketing strategy, which is minimal yet powerful.

Byju’s is a platform for students to study and for teachers to educate. Moreover, it is making the students’ time on phones and computers worthwhile by educating them. Also, in the pandemic, Byju’s has been a saviour for millions of students who were unable to visit the schools due to the coronavirus. In March and April of 2020, over 13.5 million users joined Byju’s to learn and educate themselves.

What attracts users the most lies in its marketing strategy how it pitches the target customers.In this article, we will unveil the outstanding marketing strategy of Byju’s and understand how it educates millions.

Birth of Byju’s Learning Platform

Byju’s was developed by Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd and its founder were Byju Raveendran. Byju Raveendran had an interest in maths and science, which led him to pursue an engineering degree.

Byju's Marketing Strategy- Byju's Founder

The realization of his tutor abilities hit him when he was tutoring his friend for the master’s entrance exam. He took the exam just for fun but scored 100 percentile in the first and second attempts.

Soon, Byju’s friends wanted him to tutor them, and then the two students turned to 40 and then over 1000 students. Byju realized that many college graduates struggle to form a foundation in maths and science subjects because of lacking understanding of core logic. He wanted to revolutionalize the education sector because, in schooling, all the focus lies on good grades and not actual learning.

Byju Raveendran once said, “I was a teacher by choice and an entrepreneur by chance.”

That’s how Byju’s learning app came into existence and now offering actual learning to students.

Learning the Marketing Strategy of Byju’s

Brand ambassador

One of the most powerful marketing strategies of Byju’s is the brand ambassadors wh are associated with the brand. It is undeniable that having a brand ambassador attaches a face to the brand. Byju’s ambassador is the most loved actor not just in India but worldwide. Shah Rukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Byju’s justifies the user base of the tech brand.

Another brand ambassador for Byju’s is the favourite of every child. Disney is another brand ambassador of Byju’s. It is the most popular and loved company that is entertaining children for years. Associating it with a learning platform brings together entertainment and education.
These two big names are enough to make any brand sell.

Byju has recently acquired brick-and-mortar test prep leader Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL). From this strategic merger, Byjus aims to provide a hybrid of online and offline learning for students.

Soon Byju’s is going to partner with WhiteHatJr to offer courses in local languages to different geographies.

Regional campaigns

When a brand runs marketing campaigns in India, it has to pay attention to the different regions and languages the people speak. This way, they can target customers from different regions in their regional languages.

Byjus made a perfect ad film to pitch to regional customers in the regional language (Kannada).

To top it all, the brand featured the Telugu movie star, Mahesh Babu. In two of its ad campaign, Byjus showcases how online learning is increasing preference among students nowadays.

Collaborations and Sponsorships

When a brand collaborates with other brands or sponsors events, then it can pitch different customer bases of the brand we partner with. Byju’s app promotes itself with such collaborations and sponsorships.

Byju is the sponsor of the Indian Cricket Team in the ICC world cup. The ICC world cup has a large audience base, and being a sponsor in the event gives Byju increased brand exposure.

Here’s to a pitch-perfect partnership – as BYJU’S becomes the global partner of the ICC – International Cricket Council…

Posted by BYJU’S on Sunday, 7 February 2021

Byju is also a partner of News18 Network in a national campaign. The campaign is about recognizing and inspiring young geniuses from different fields in the country. This campaign is a weekly episodic show that aired on TV from January to march in 2021.

The brand also sponsors the HistoryTV18 show OMG! Yeh Mera India, which showcases the Indian talents. Other than this, the brand collaborates with Osmo to offer a better learning experience to children.

Video marketing campaigns

If a brand creates a video marketing campaign, then it should be an impactful one. But what does it takes to create an impactful video marketing campaign.

Byju’s pitched the customers with an ad campaign by associating the brand with India’s favourite sport, cricket. Byjus, in their ad campaign Titled ‘Keep Learning,’ features the Indian cricket players donning the new jersey Byju’s name imprinted in front. The ad features Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan, and the players sharing their learnings.

Another remarkable video marketing campaign was the ad titled by Byjus stated that children do not use technology just for entertainment, but they can learn from it. The ad showcases how the children use various gadgets like mobile and computers to learn from Byju’s learning platform. The ad was surely a success and left a great impact on audiences.

Bridging the gap between Gen Z and millennial

The marketing strategy of Byju’s is bridging the gap between the Gen Z and Millenials generation as they are the target users of Byju’s. To pitch to the Gen Z generation, Byjus has come up with an early learning app and offering them a great experience. The brand is offering immersive content like interactive videos, Disney stories, fun educational games.

Byjus offers a great experience to Gen Z generation users to create a strong brand image in their eyes.

Byjus targets grown-up students who are aspiring to crack competitive or entrance exams as well. By offering them a way of reaching their dream to crack the exams, Byjus pitches the young generation.
Byju’s also targeted the parents by making them believe how the gadgets their children stick to these days can be a learning platform for them. It is also making the parent-children relationship better.
So in different ways, Byju’s is bridging the gap between different generations.

All is well, but there are exceptions

Search Engine Optimization

It is not necessary that every strategy that a brand adopts work in its favour. Search engine optimization is the strategy that didn’t work pretty well for Byjus comparing with other marketing strategies.

The brands use SEO to bring traffic to their website and generate sales lead. But, for Byjus, it did not work as other ed techs like Toppr and Vedantu. The SEO basic strategy of other ed techs was much better than Byju’s, and that’s the reason it could not generate enough leads from SEO.

Digital ads

Apart from SEO, another strategy that did not work well for Byju’s is digital advertising like Google ads and Facebook ads. The Facebook ads of Byjus generated leads, but the leads were of no use. The Facebook ads of Byju’s target students who are interested in their platform. But the students are not frequent buyers. The frequent buyers of the app were the parents, which were not much interested in the app.

Google ads did not work for Byju’s because of a lack of buying intent of students it did not generate conversions.


Now that you have learned the marketing strategy of Byju’s, it’s time to build yours. We can learn from Byju’s that not every marketing strategy a brand adopts can work wonders for them. The brand needs to find the perfect strategy by analyzing competitors’ strategies and performing market research.

If one strategy doest work for your brand, the other might counterpart by doing wonders. Just like the case of Byjus, their SEO and digital ads didn’t work, but other strategies are taking the ed-tech brand to heights.

So, build a strategy that works best for your brand.

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