Buzz Marketing: Sparking up conversations for a brand!

Buzz Marketing: Sparking up conversations for a brand!


Can you force someone to start a conversation?

No, right?

Conversations flow naturally. You cannot force someone to talk about a certain thing. To start conversations, people need a topic or a subject that makes them eager to speak about.

That is exactly what marketers are doing these days. They give us a topic that sparks up a conversation. This ultimately helps them in marketing their brands. This strategy used here is called buzz marketing.

Buzz is a modern term given to people chatting with one another.

Lets us first understand the exact meaning of it.

Buzz means a low continuous murmuring or humming sound made by insects. But here, the buzz is made by humans, not insects.

So without wasting your time on insects, let’s hit the main topic of discussion, Buzz Marketing.

What is Buzz Marketing exactly?

Buzz marketing is a strategy that marketers use to create speculations about their brand or products. The marketers design their advertising and promotional message that generates a strong emotion in the audience and triggers them to talk about it. If the people start talking about the brand, then voila! The strategy worked.

Think of a real-life example that you have experienced. You might have come across some funny advertising that made you laugh out loud. You must have then shared it with your friends and giggled about it.

But one thing that you didn’t realize is that you just promoted the product by talking about it with others. This whole situation made you promote a product, and you didn’t even know. That is buzz marketing for you.

The marketing message should influence the audience’s reactions. It should make them laugh, it should make them excited and fascinated, or maybe even a bit scared. It could be anything to make them chatter about the brand leads to buzz marketing.

How does Buzz Marketing work?

The buzz marketing strategy works in three ways.

Word of mouth

Yes, it is the same old way of how marketing works. Word of mouth is something that marketers are creating for a long time. In buzz marketing, the marketers create marketing campaigns so impactful and exciting that people naturally become their brand advocates and show their support with enthusiasm. Word of mouth occurs naturally if the product or brand is worthy of it.

The core of buzz marketing lies in generating word of mouth. The marketers try to create an effect that the customers show their interest in business products in their dialogues.

Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon

The term might look tricky, but there’s a simple meaning to it. You must have heard of viral marketing. When something goes viral, you see it on every social media platform and other digital channels. If you see something everywhere, you believe that this information going viral is of some importance.

That’s what marketers do; show their brand/product, on every platform. Ultimately it makes you say, “I know about this brand; it’s everywhere.”

Be a part of “I know it.”

We are part of a digital era where any information spreads within seconds. So missing out on any news can be psychologically stressful for anyone. No one wants to be left unaware of any piece of information. This urge in audiences to know anything and everything makes it easy for marketers to spread the buzz.

People talk more when they know more, and that’s how buzz marketing works.

Different types of buzz that marketers create


When a customer experience something remarkable, he is likely going to share it and create a buzz.

Marketers can create a buzz by providing something remarkable to the audience.

For example, Starbucks provides its customers personalized experience by offering them beverages in cups, illustrating their names with a smiling face. Not just that, Starbucks also gives free wifi, a pleasant atmosphere, and many other services to give customers a remarkable experience.

Starbucks Cup personalization method - Buzz Marketing

This experience can form a base for starting buzz as the customers can share their experiences with others and promote it while doing that.


A hilarious buzz is created when marketers put some humor in their marketing campaigns. People love sharing funny stories, memes, and videos, and other such content across social media.

Marketers with their hilarious campaigns can create buzz for their brand.

For example, look at this advertisement for BUDWEISER.

The ad is so hilarious that even today, people share it on social media. The advert got such a tremendous following after its release that many other commercials, movies, and TV shows including, Friends and The office, referenced it. This ad created a buzz that people still recognize as the most hilarious campaign of all time.


Taboo is something that people don’t generally speak about publicly. The conversations on such topics are mostly private. But marketers can create a buzz with taboo subjects and create controversial marketing campaigns.

In buzz marketing, the subjects that come under taboo are condom advertisements and female hygiene products.  Although people don’t converse about it openly, such topics create can create colossal buzz.

For example, look at this advertisement for the toilet spray PooPourri. It has smartly presented a problem that people never speak. This advert gave a voice to this taboo topic.


An outrageous buzz can be something bold and surprising that shocks the audience. Marketers sometimes take a bold step that can start discussions about the brand.

Coca-cola used this marketing strategy when they released their obesity commercial and asked people not to drink their beverages. They also showcased how their product can cause serious health problems. The company was all over the social media and news channels when they released this advertisement. How outrageous is that?

Another outrageous example was Burger King when it asked its customers to buy from KFC, McDonald’s, and other food chains. Burger King UK arm tweeted a statement titled ‘Order from McDonald’s’. They took the step to support the working staff in the pandemic.

Burger King UK arm tweeted a statement titled 'Order from McDonald's. Buzz Marketing

It was a bold initiative taken by the company, but it also created enough buzz for their brand.


Brands create a buzz by keeping or revealing their secrets. Marketers know the human nature of how they want to know all the hidden facts.

Brands act secretive when they hide facts like secret ingredients in food, new products, or new designs before launching them.

It impels the audience to know what they will reveal, and hence they make predictions, and ultimately the brand gets buzz.

Apple uses this strategy before unveiling its new iPhone models. The company first drops hints with their advertisements that create buzz for their new launches. Even before the model launches, it gets enough promotion with buzz marketing.


Buzz marketing is a strategy that gives the audience an active part in the promotion of any brand or product.

It is not always the marketers who come in the front foot to promote their products by talking about their brand everywhere. In buzz marketing, the public plays an active role in promoting the brand.

The benefit that marketers get is that they don’t have to spend much on their marketing campaigns because the audience is already aware and are talking about their brand.

Next time you discuss a brand among your peers, remember that you are promoting it by buzz marketing.

Tell us in comment section if you were part of any buzz related to a product?

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