Best Ads of 2020 so far

Best Ads of 2020


2020 was one heck of a year. It wrecked many businesses and left a gruesome impact on them. But what one thing that the pandemic couldn’t affect was the creativity and innovation in advertising. The marketers managed to give us the best ads of 2020 despite the Covid Crisis.

When and why would you call an advertisement the best ad or just awesome?

An ad with a wow factor that makes you emotional, happy, excited, or laugh is indeed the best.

Let us look at some of the best ads of 2020 that left the audience awestruck.

Best Ads of 2020

Tesco “No naughty list”

With this brilliant advertisement, Tesco provides reassurance that even the notorious can treat themselves this festive season. The advertisement aired on 14 November 2020. Tesco delivers the message that:
“No matter how dodgy that home haircut was- you’re not on the naughty list. After this year, you’re definitely not on the naughty list, so embrace the festive treats,”

In the ad, people made confessions of being naughty and worrying that it might put them up on the naughty list. Moreover the hilarious part is that even Santa makes a confession. But Tesco gets rid of Santa Claus’s naughty list and asks people to take a break after a tough year.

Burger King, “moldy whopper.”

As we know that the audience loves drama, the advertisement of moldy Whopper of Burger King did it well. It is among the best ad because of its simplistic yet dramatic representation of its anti preservative pledge.

In the ad, the Burger King shows how the burger changes over a month. Through this brilliant ad, Burger King is proudly advertising its rotting burger to make the point that they don’t use artificial ingredients.

Mountain dew “As Good as the Original”

What makes an advertisement classic?
The answer is to recreate it with a classic horror movie scene!
In this Mountain Dew Zero advertisement, a scene from the Blockbuster movie ‘The Shining’ is recreated humorously. And it shines, making it to the list of the best ad. The ad stood out amid a saccharine Super Bowl Night. This ad is indeed an outstanding ad.
Watch it yourself!

Doritos “The Cool Ranch”

Doritos brought charm to Super Bowl with “The Cool Ranch” advertisement. The ad features a dance-off between county rap crossover starring Lil Nas X and the very popular and beloved actor Sam Alliot. Moreover, the ad was presented by Doritos and agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners to thank its parent company PepsiCo.

Amazon “Before Alexa”

No doubt this is among the list of best ads because for two reasons. One is its wittiness, and second, it features Ellen DeGeneres.
If you wonder how life would have been as Alexa, then the ad answers the question in the most funny way.
Amazon presented in the Super Bowl ad that what people do before Alexa came into existence. The ad gives a history lesson where people with the names Alexine, Alessa, and Alicia, are asked to do everything, comparing it to modern-day voice assistant Alexa.

Apple “Working from Home”

2020 has transformed work from office into work from home culture. There are many challenges of working from home, and not as easy as it sounds. So, Apple came up with an ad to showcase work from home with an amusing 7-minute video.

The ad depicts how one has to deal with awkward background conversations and interruptions while videoconferencing. Furthermore, it showcases how working at home leads to embarrassing situations during video conferencing.

Football Association of Iceland

The Football Association of Iceland presented its new identity launch with a brilliant advertisement. In the ad, they capture 1000 years of national history and mythology for their new logo redesign. The logo represents the four defenders of the Icelandic people: the giant, the bull, the dragon, and the eagle. The four icons combine to form a single one. It is an advertisement that gained praise for its brilliant storytelling and visuals.

Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us.”

Discussing the best ads and not mentioning Nike is just not possible. Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us” is a big hit on social media. The ad features split-screen stitching together footage of White, Black, Asian, and Muslim Athletes to give the message of unity in diversity and social justice.
It gained views more than 11 million times on YouTube and 20 million times on Twitter within two days of its launch. Now you know why it’s one of the best ad of 2020.’s “Match made in Hell”

Want to find out the perfect match for 2020? It’s the devil and 2020 itself.

The ad ran for It features Ryan Ronalds, the co-founder transformed into Satan.
Satan finds his match on a dating app guess what’s the name of his match? Well, it’s a girl named “2020.” What an irony!

Mumbai Police “The Punishing Signal”

Mumbai Police knows well how to handle the crazy car honkers at traffic lights. In Mumbai, even when the traffic light is red, the drivers keep honking. It causes too much noise pollution. Mumbai Police came up with a brilliant idea and presented it in an advertisement and named it “The Punishing Signal.”

They placed sound censors that extend the signal time when it detects too much noise. So, if you honk more, you wait for long. No doubt it’s among the best ads of 2020.

Wrapping Up

The advertisers can refer to these brilliant ads to create a brilliant advertisement for their brands. Any brand is remembered for a longer time if it creates such an innovative advertisement.

The reason these ads belong in the best ads list is for their outstanding representation of their brand.

Ads tell the story of a brand, and advertisers are the storytellers. The brand story should entice, engage, and impact the viewers to transform them into customers. These ads prove that a brand goes a long way if presented well in ads.

Tell us in the comments below which ad is your personal favorite?

Also, share some other splendid ads which we have not mentioned in our list.

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