Today marketing strategies have become so advanced that it allows the brands to connect with customers in a highly personalized manner.

Did amazon tell you via email that some product is waiting in the cart, or did Netflix made a top picks list especially for you?

Well, such messages /emails are automated and a marketing strategy that leads you to purchase. And you thought brands send a personalized message to millions of customers. So, all the special treatment comes from automation and a strategy called drip marketing. (feel so special now?)

What exactly is Drip marketing?

Let’s take an example where you signup for an eCommerce website. After that, you receive a welcome email from the eCommerce website. You browse some products and leave the website.

After 3-4 days, you receive another email from the eCommerce website with a catalog of their range of products. You again log in and browse, add products to the cart and yet again end up buying nothing.

Now until you make the purchase, these emails will keep on coming after a specific time. Also, the emails become more personalized based on your activity on the shopping website.

The messages you receive are automated and sent to you on triggers (browsing, no activity for a period, adding product in the cart, etc.)

The breaking down of marketing communication(emails/SMS/social media posts) in series or drips is drip marketing. In such campaigns, automated and pre-written marketing messages are sent to prospects on a schedule based on trigger events.

How ‘Drip’ word was derived?

The idea of the word drip marketing comes from the drip irrigation method in farming and agriculture. In drip irrigation, the water drips slowly to the roots of the plants. Similarly, in drip marketing, the marketing messages are sent periodically to lead the customer to buy the product.

Features of Drip Marketing

1. Highly Personalized

The messages that customers receive under this strategy are highly personalized. Would you like to hear “Hi customer” or “Hi (your name)?” The messages are personalized, and that’s what makes you hit that button. Also, the messages include the product category that you’ve been browsing and similar styles or items that you’ve purchased before.

2. Pre-drafted Messages

It’s a harsh truth for customers that the messages they receive are pre-drafts. The marketers do not create them on trigger activity but they share pre-drafted formats .

3. Automated and Scheduled

As we have already read in the introductory part that drip marketing messages are automated. The messages are triggered by different actions of the customers. The triggers can be no activity for 3-4 days, adding product in the cart, subscribing to the blog, not opening the email, not using the app for over 1 month, etc.

4. Based on customer behavior

The drip strategy analyzes every move a customer makes on the website, to send them messages. For example, while shopping on Myntra, if you add a product to the cart and do not purchase it, then you will receive messages like “The item in your cart is waiting,” or “finish your purchase” to make you buy the product.

5. Relativity to the customer

If you want shoes and the drip marketing messages you receive are for bags, would you care to buy them? Probably not. So this is a feature of drip messages that should be relevant to the customer’s preferences and choices.

Elements of Drip Marketing

1. Trigger

The trigger can be any activity of the lead or any event that automates the message. For example, the entry of lead/customer in the drip workflow, customer’s activity on the app or website, etc., are the trigger events.


2. Conditions

Whatever message that marketer sends depends upon some conditions. For example, the message will be a call for purchase if the customer does not buy anything, and if the customer makes the purchase, then the next message would be a promotion for similar items that the customer might like.

elements of drip-marketing-conditions

So numerous conditions cause the actions. If the customer does not check the email, then it is also a condition, and the next message will depend on this condition.

3. Action

elements of drip marketing actions

Actions, basically are the emails, SMSs, or social media messages that customer receives. These actions are the result of the triggers and conditions. So the email/ messages/ phone calls customers get are the actions in drip marketing strategy.

How to run a Drip Marketing campaign

To kickstart your drip marketing campaign, you need software or tool. The process of setting the campaign is not complex as automation handles the hard part. But, you need to undertake several steps to start your campaign.

A. Identify Targets

The first and foremost task to run a drip marketing campaign is finding identifying your target customers. Three things you must know about your targets are

  • Who are they (like obviously)
  • What they want (Your products maybe)
  • Their behavior pattern (how will they buy or what will make them buy)

After getting the answer to these questions, you need to segment your customers on the basis of their triggers, and for that, there are two ways of segmentation:

  • Action trigger– In this, you will group them on the basis of their behavior and interaction with your business. 
  • Demographic trigger– In this, you have to track the customer behavior and lead them towards conversion. It mainly depends on their purchase activity.

B. Draft your Marketing Message

Remember that you should send the right message with the right information and at the right time. You have to prepare a message that would attract them to your platform for purchase. It is rightly said that content is the king. So make sure you give the relevant information in the message you draft. The content should be of high quality, appealing, and relevant to buyer behavior.

C. Create the workflow for the campaign

Do not rush to hit send button because it’s time to prepare a workflow. So at this point, you have to map out the campaign. You have to plan your drip marketing campaign by preparing this checklist:

  • The number of emails to send in the campaign.
  • Schedule for sending the emails.
  • Order of sending the emails.
  • Keep the emails in sync with the triggers.
  • Identify the factors based on which you will measure results.

D. Launch it by pressing SEND

So what are you waiting for? Just hit the send button and launch the campaign. Start sending emails to customers, and monitor your campaign.

E. Monitor the results and modify if required

It is pivotal to monitor the results of the campaign. The best part about it is you can monitor at an initial phase that the campaign is going. You can make adjustments or modify your campaign.

Drip Marketing Examples

1. Amazon

When it comes to running drip marketing campaigns, Amazon is the winner. It connects with customers like their personal shopping attendants. From the cart, abandonment posts to lure customers with their favorite products they know how to nail drip campaigns.

2. Myntra

Myntra won’t let you stay away for too long and eventually make you buy the product with their drip marketing SMSs and emails. It shares brief SMSs announcing their offers and discounts that hit the spot. An email Flashing “Sale is life” in the email subject will make the customer rushing to their app.

3. Uber

You won’t miss the ride if you get drip emails from Uber. Uber is quite consistent with its drip emails and attracts the leads with attractive offers, rebates, and discounts on rides.

4. Nursery Live

NurseryLive is an eCommerce platform for all gardening lovers. It knows what the customer needs exactly, i.e., a garden, and share emails till they fill their garden with cute little plants they sell. They surely put your name in the email template because they know your name on it will grab your attention.

Are Drip Marketing and Email Marketing the Same?

No, drip marketing and email marketing are not the same. Drip marketing is a whole different strategy as it includes SMS, Facebook messages, and other social media messages. But email marketing is a part of drip marketing. The bottom line is if you automate email marketing and send emails in a series after specific intervals, voila, you get drip marketing.

Drip Marketing Tools

Here are some tools that you can use to run a drip campaign.

1. AWeber

AWeber email marketing tool is the option for those marketers who are looking for an affordable tool for drip campaigns. You can use the tool to create a time-based drip email sequence by adding emails, tie delays and apply tags. However, some of the features are available in the upgrade version underpaid plan, but to start, it’s the right option for you.

2. Flodesk

Flodesk is another tool for running drip campaigns. The best feature of this tool is the simple yet intuitive design that will help you in creating the campaign seamlessly. With minimal effort, you can send attractive emails to customers. It has four self-explanatory menus, which are Emails, Workflows, Forms, and AUdience. In the workflow option, you can start your drip email campaign.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot is a tool that offers advanced options to run an email marketing campaign. It offers highly personalized features that let you change your website content for specific customers. It means every customer sees different content on your website. Hubspot combines social media shares, website content, and blog post content through automated workflows.

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a free tool that comes with great features and easy-to-use navigation. It is a tool that offers features like sending one-off emails, sell digital products within the app, use opt-in forms, and much more. It is also available in a paid version where you can get your hands on advanced features like drip functionality.

Drip Marketing Funnel

The drip marketing funnel is a systematic process of how leads move through the marketing funnel. In a marketing funnel, there are four major steps:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action
Drip Marketing Funnel

In the attention phase, the marketer catches the attention of the lead. The interest phase is when the prospect show interest in the offering of the marketer. In desire, the customer wants to buy the product, and inaction, the customer buys the product.

The steps that exists in drip marketing funnel are:
Suspect> Prospect > Lead> Qualified lead > Proposal> Close

The customers are in the attention phase when they are suspects and prospects. In the next step, they convert into leads when they show interest in the product. After their interest builds into a desire to buy the product, they become qualified leads. Finally, they take action and propose to buy. The customer hit the buy button and complete the purchase.

And that’s how the drip funnel closes.


1. Get quality leads

The success of marketing does not lie in the leads it creates but the quality of leads. In drip strategy, all you get is quality leads because they have an interest in whatever you are offering.

2. Increase engagement

One of its features says that it is a personalized strategy for pitching customers. When you connect with customers on a personal level, then they tend to engage more with your brand.

3. Save time and efforts

The drip messaging works in automation. Since there is no manual intervention, it saves a lot of time and effort for marketers.

4. Delights Customers

When you are running a drip campaign, you are sending the right message at the right time. The customer’s goal is to get the ideal product that he/she is looking for, and you help them in their buying process. Also, in drip marketing, you show them what they need exactly. That’s what delights them, and happy customers are the victory of a marketing campaign.

DM through SMSs

Drip SMS campaign is similar to drip email campaigns. In an SMS campaign, the marketer sends SMSs before any event like a discount, offer, or sale. It is obvious that once the user signs up with a mobile number, only then marketer runs an SMS campaign. Also, the messages are already written in a template form. The automated SMSs are sent to the customers in a specific period.


Drip marketing strategy is the go-to option for any business because it ensures high-quality leads and high ROI. Create tailor-made marketing communication to target customers. Attract, engage and sell with drip marketing.

You must’ve heard before that you get what you pay for, but Miniso is the brand that gives you a lot better than what you pay for. The Japanese-based design brand is well known for its attractive products. But it’s not just their products that are appealing, but the marketing strategy of Miniso also does its part in attracting customers to their products.

Founded by Chinese entrepreneur Ye Guofu, in August 2009, Miniso has a vast collection of products, including digital accessories, fashion accessories, skin care products, home &kitchenware, and cosmetics.

Many brands sell products similar to Miniso’s, but what makes Miniso globally famous is the design of their products and their marketing strategy to reach customers in different markets. Miniso has over 3,500 stores in 79 countries, so it is clear that the brand is appealing in global eyes.

Minios’s mission is to help today’s youth discover affordable little joys. So let’s read the marketing strategy of Miniso that makes the brand reach youths worldwide.

Appealing Marketing Strategy of Miniso

In-Store Experience

You are surely going to visit a Miniso Store if you cross by it because of its aesthetic appeals. Miniso is a Japanese designer brand, which makes it obvious that its interior is appealing enough to offer a great in-store experience to customers. A customer might just get starry eyes in a Miniso store because it is just too pretty to handle.

Moreover, the experience of the customer with the brand from the time they enter the store is exceptional and makes their products sell.

The presentation of the product can impact its sales, and Miniso takes the presentation seriously. Also, Miniso stores are known for their interior designs that offer the best shopping experience to the customers who visit the store. If marketing is the art of selling things, then Miniso is a true artist.

Influencer Marketing

If you search for Miniso Product Haul on youtube, you are surely getting results of various popular influencers showing off the cute Miniso products. Influencer marketing is one of their prominent strategy to promote their products online. You might spot some of the reshares of influencers and micro influencers content on Miniso’s social media pages.

The in-store visits of influencers into Miniso Stores in India increased after the launch of their Marvel products. The more influencers visit the stores, the more content they create to promote the products and the more customers they attract. That’s how their influencer marketing works

Word of mouth

What makes you speak about a brand with others is its affordable price, great features, or good quality. Guess what, Miniso has it all, great looks, appealing product designs, and low price.

Word of mouth is a marketing strategy of Miniso, and it is also their achievement that people discuss their brand with others. It is the best gifting solution, and you just can’t resist asking someone, “Hey, where did you get this from,” if you spot someone with a Miniso product.

That’s how they gain their customer base. Their products are worth the talk and buzz, and it makes them sell.

Psychological Marketing

There is a concept in marketing which is customer psychology. Knowing what customers think, and perceiving how they would act is also a marketing strategy. In psychological marketing, the marketer anticipates the buyer behavior by psychological study of consumer behaviors and sell their products.
Miniso is well known for its affordable pricing. For most of the customers, price is a decision driver during the purchase.


Purchase a product at ₹100, naah! Purchasing the same product at ₹99, hell yeah!

That’s how psychological marketing works, and most of you would’ve been tricked with this pricing.

Miniso’s pricing usually goes like ₹99, ₹199, and ₹299, and they don’t round off the price because this pricing scheme makes their products sell.


To collaborate means to become stronger for a brand. Collaborations give brand reach to a whole different customer base of another brand. Miniso collaborates with other brands to expand its brand reach.

Once a Marvel Fan, forever a Marvel fan, so why not collaborate with Marvel and turn these loyal fans into loyal customers. It must be the strategy of Miniso for collaborating with Marvel Studios to launch a range of Marvel-themed Miniso products. From soft toys to nail paints, everything with Marvel Logo or characters. Guess how thrilled Marvel fans would be seeing those products.

Miniso partnered with Givaudan Fragrance Company and launched their perfume range, and guess what, this collaboration made them sell 300,000 bottles a month.

In addition to this, Miniso has made some promising collaborations with widely popular brands like Hello Kitty, The Pink Panther, and KAKAO FRIENDS TO market its brand.

Event Marketing

A great event gives great results. Miniso understands this well and increases its brand awareness to a large audience with event marketing. Miniso’s ‘Fun Run’ event in Indonesia was one of its marketing campaigns that gave brilliant results. Over 2500 people attended the running campaign.

Miniso event marketing strategy

Another campaign by Miniso was a Fan Festival event with the theme “LOVE LIFE, LOVE MINISO”. The aim of this event was to integrate the Indonesian market and local culture.


The events Miniso hosts are thoughtful and hence give them great returns.

Floor marketing

We have discussed how Minio offers a great in-store experience to customers. But how does Miniso actually lure customers to visit their store?

Miniso Floor marketing strategy
MINISO, a Japan-based designer brand, was co-founded by Japanese designer Mr. Miyake Junya and Chinese young entrepreneur Mr. Ye Guofu in Tokyo, Japan, with the former serving as chief designer. MINISO is the promoter of global “intelligent consumer products”.

Floor marketing is what they do to bring customers into their stores. Most Miniso stores are in shopping complexes and malls, and there are many floors and stores in such places. Miniso makes sure the customer visits their store by placing some banners or other attractive items with branding on different floors to gain customers’ attention.
So one thing is sure, Miniso wants all the attention when it comes to marketing.

Celebrity Endorsements

No matter how well your other marketing strategies work, but celebrity endorsement can drastically impact your sales and uplift your brand value.

Miniso does not miss this strategy to promote its brand. Instead of having a single brand ambassador, Miniso collaborates with celebrities by running various campaigns. It goes like different campaigns with different celebrities. Miniso collaborated with LuHan (鹿晗, a C-POP idol) to held their Miniso 2017 Sports Season.

The brand offered limited edition free products like towels, jump ropes, and other sports items in gift boxes. LuHan fans got thrilled to get limited edition LuHan imprinted Miniso’s products. What Miniso got from this collaboration was Luhan fans turning into Miniso’s customers.

Contests and Giveaways

Who does not want to participate in a contest when the prize is Miniso’s products. Nobody, of course. Miniso is known for its contests and giveaways, where they make the customers take part in any of their planned competitions on social media or in their stores. Contests are one of the best kind of marketing because they are fun and brings a spirit to compete in customers.

Giveaways are also a great way of increasing brand awareness. Miniso runs various giveaways where they ask the participants to take their friends and make them part of the giveaways. By doing this, Miniso increases its follower base, create brand awareness and increase their sales.


The goal of any marketing strategy is to attract customers to a brand. The marketing strategy of Miniso does its job perfectly and attracts the customer to their fancy and fun products.

The key takeaway from Miniso’s marketing strategy is to create a marketing strategy that attracts the customer to the point they experience the product.

You should not focus on making sales, but your products should be good enough that customers just cannot resist but buy them again and again to get the whole shopping experience another time. Create your brand’s appealing marketing strategy and grab the attention of a global audience like Miniso.


A few years ago, many women wished to get salon services at home by clicking a button, just like magic. And Voila, UrbanClap came into their lives, and now in a matter of few clicks, they are getting salon services at home.

The startup made the customers so fond of the services that it has over a 3 billion user base. All thanks to the marketing strategy of UrbanClap making people well aware and gaining all the attention of target customers.

As people are busier more than ever, going out to find the perfect service provider is a bit of a hectic task. UrbanClap is a perfect example of how a company should transform the lives of the customers and make it easier with their service.

UrbanClap’s journey that deserves all the Claps

UrbanClap got a kickstart in November 2014. The co-founders Varun Khaitan, Abhiraj Bhal, and Raghav Chandra had a brilliant idea to connect the consumers to the local services industry through a mobile app.

Furthermore, the idea was to steer up the unorganized local services industry and to connect the freelancing professionals to consumers who prefer saving their costs and want to avail the services from the comfort of their homes.

Currently, UrbanClap is present in 20 cities in India, and it has expanded into four international markets including, Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi.

UrbanClap, known as Urban Company after rebranding, has expanded from salon services to grooming, repairs, spa, cleaning, and painting. It’s like a dream come true for people to sit at their homes and get all their work done.

The strong marketing strategy of Urban clap is attracting more customers to their online platform. Moreover, with their marketing efforts, the young company has managed to get a huge success. The customers can avail services through UrbanClap as simply as a clap.

So let’s know more about the marketing strategy of UrbanClap that is attracting millions of their online service marketplace.

Marketing Strategy of UrbanClap

Facebook ads

When an online service provider wants to bring more users to its platform, it should market on a digital platform that has the most number of users. Facebook is a social media platform that serves the purpose of UrbanClap

Moreover, Facebook has over 290 million users in India alone. It makes India the leading country in terms of Facebook audience size. So by running Facebook ads, UrbanClap is increasing its audience reach and creating awareness for its online platform.


Also, on Facebook, the brand runs targeted advertisements which makes their brand message reach the right customer by geographical, physiological, and behavioral segmentation.

Google Ads

Urban clap is also using another platform in its digital marketing strategy to attract customers. UrbanClap runs Google ads which are brief advertisements where the advertisers bid to display their brand ads to web users.

UrbanClap marketing strategy- Google ads

The benefit of running Google ads is that it gives a more targeted reach. Urban clap runs ads for both Google searches and non-search websites, videos, and mobile apps.

A customer might spot Google ads of UrbanClap after checking its website or just by searching it on google.
So it is one of their digital marketing strategy that works quite well for their brand.

Influencer Marketing

There’s a thing about services that when it comes as a suggestion to the customers they become more confident to choose one. Customers are much more skeptical before choosing a service because they want to have a good experience with the service.

So, without some good influence, the customers remain hesitant to try one. UrbanClap uses influencer marketing to make its brand more authentic and trustworthy.

Many influencers and celebrities on their social media platforms suggest their niche follower base to try UrbanClap by highlighting their professionals’ skills and service delivery. Many popular Television celebrities like Gauhar Khan, Hina Khan, and Shweta Tiwari promote the #salonspree by UrbanClap. Actors like Pratik Gandhi and Sharad Kelkar promote the Urban Company Man, a grooming service for men.

The value of a service increases ten times when it comes to a word-of-mouth suggestion.

SMS Marketing

Retaining customer is a must for any brand so that a customer never forget your brand and keep coming back to your platform. UrbanClap retains its customers with an SMS marketing strategy.


When customers sign up with UrbanClap, then they provide their mobile number for the signup process. Once the contact number is registered the phone number, it becomes a way to devise an SMS marketing strategy to keep the customer updated. UrbanClap sends various discounts, offers, and reminders to users through SMS to make them well aware of what the brand has in the box for them. A customer is more likely to book for a service when he/she is notified of some offer through SMS.

Search Engine Optimization

UrbanClap has a strong search engine optimization strategy. The company ranks for keywords like Urban Clap, Urban Clap Bangalore, Cleaning services, and various other keywords that bring free traffic to their website.


Of all the traffic that Urban Clap receives, 4.49%of traffic comes from online searches. UrbanClap focuses more on organic traffic and is giving little or no effort to paid advertisements.

Being an online service platform, their basic SEO has to be strong, and Urban Clap is well optimized to attract its target customers.

TV commercials

T.V commercials are the best way of pitching Indian audiences because we Indian love sitting in front of our idiot boxes. Urban Clap runs various television commercials featuring some popular Bollywood actors.

One of its ads features the Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon fo the salon services. The ad represents their brand as an inexpensive and convenient way of getting salon services at home.

Another ad by UrbanClap featuring Ayushman Khurrana displays how UrbanClap can help customers get their repairs done in no time and at a low cost.

The television ads by run UrbanClap highlight the features of their online service marketplace. They make a point that they can bring service providers to customers’ doorsteps in a clap (or a tap technically).

PR Strategy

Doing something that gets the people talking and spreading word of mouth defines a strong PR strategy of a brand. The marketing strategy of UrbanClap includes PR stunts that they perform to attract customers.

Once a customer had a sour experience by looking for an AC repair service from Urban Clap. The customer poetically wrote a criticism tweet.


The tweet went viral, but UrbanClap gave a perfect reply to this tweet, and that too with poetry. After a back and forth of some poetries, and finally, the customer posted poetry, thanking UrbanClap for dealing with the situation and repairing the AC. But who gets the brownie points for its Poetic PRs strategy, UrbanClap, of course.

Cleaning the city when municipal workers went on strike is another commendable job that UrbanClap did in its PR strategy.

One of its brilliant PR strategies was when they sent free goodies to random people anonymously. It included some catchy lines and was sent to three people. Receiving the free goodies, the people inquired with their friends, family, and colleagues and spread the word. Just after three days, UrbanClap sent them an email saying, “Hi, Remember us ‘New start-up in Mumbai,’ we’re UrbanClap.”
Word of mouth and PR on point!

Regional campaign

Urban Clap runs regional campaigns to pitch regional audiences. As n India-based company, it is essential to promote a brand to customers coming from different regions.

The brand creates ad films in regional language to give a personal feel in their ads. Gudi Padwa, a festival celebrated in Maharashtra, and the same festival is celebrated as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. UrbanClap posted a couple of ad films on its social media channels and other digital platforms wishing Happy Ugadi and Happy Gudi Pdwa to their regional customers.

Also, the brand created an ad on 15th April to celebrate Poila Boishak, which is the first day of Bengali Calder. Their ad sends good wishes and their brand message aptly in their regional campaigns.

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Brand Partnerships and sponsorships make a brand stronger and increase its value. UrbanClap’s female user base is large in number as compared to male users. So, the brand made a strategic partnership and partnered with The Man Company to launch its premium grooming services for men. With this partnership, they aimed to pitch male customers.

The brand is also the sponsor of IPL 2020, the most popular sports event in India, and has a large audience base. The brand choices in sponsorships and partnerships are suitable for the kind of audiences it wants to reach.


The marketing strategy of UrbanClap suggests one thing, to show the best of its features in every marketing effort. A marketing campaign must make the customer wonder about the features of a brand and how it can help them in their lives.

Marketing your brand to the right audience and with the right message and highlighting the right features are three points that every brand’s marketing should make.
So next time you create a marketing strategy, make it worth getting claps just like UrbanClap.

In the current pandemic situation, when we fear to go outside, one thing that we all need is a delivery service. Food and other amenities are getting delivered at our doorsteps.

But what if you forgot an important document at home?

Who is going to deliver it?

Dunzo comes to the rescue in such a situation.

It is a delivery and transportation service platform that has come up with a twist in delivery services. It targets its unique customers who tend to forget things (Just kidding). With an online application, you can just get anything at your doorstep.
Forgot your spectacles, books, laptop, or whatsoever? A delivery agent will deliver anything you want without you having to rush and get it.

Founded in 2014, Dunzo is a hit in the market as more and more people are getting aware of it. The credit of this increased brand awareness goes to the marketing strategy of dunzo.

So, let us take a study of how the marketing strategy of Dunzo is delivering success to their business.

Dunzo’s ride of success

Founded in 2014 by Kabeer Biswas, Dunzo began its journey as a WhatsApp service where it would charge $6 per order. After its app launch, Dunzo started offering its delivery and transportation service through the app.

Dunzo is commercializing on the opportunity of the rise of internet usage in India. Dunzo is attracting customers with its speedy delivery and the diversity of items it delivers. The firm has raised $140 million till now, and it is aiming to tap investors for another $150 million in 2021. The company is also expanding its services few more cities in 2021. Dunzo plans to build a presence in 20 urban areas by the year 2023. Moreover, they plan to offer a speedy delivery in just 15 minutes and deliver a range of 2000 items.

During the Pandemic, Dunzo reached a milestone as its annual sales doubled due to a rise in demand for delivery services. The delivery startup is also expecting to become a $1 Billion revenue business in the coming two years.

All the expansion and doubling of revenues are resulting from their strong marketing strategy and the value they are offering. Let us move further and look at their marketing strategy that will soon make them a $1 billion revenue business.

Marketing Strategy of Dunzo

The marketing strategy of Dunzo should be called “creativity at its best.” Here are the creative marketing strategies that Dunzo utilizes to promote its brand.

Bollywood References

One thing that Millenials and Gen-Z generation love is Bollywood. Dunzo commercializes on this love for Bollywood and creates its marketing strategy.

The brand uses various dialogue phrases and references to attract its filmy audience. This way, they add a fun element to their marketing strategy. Also, one thing that you can understand with this strategy is how the brand relates itself with something that the targets are already aware of.

So, that’s how it becomes easier for customers to connect with the marketing messages. In one of its campaigns, Dunzo is advising its customers not to take the risk during a pandemic and wear a mask with the reference of the famous and most loved Bollywood movie character ‘Baburao’ from the hit movie ‘Hera Pheri.’ The brand in the advert is saying “Bilkul Riks nahi lene ka ,” in Baburao style.

Moment Marketing

Moment marketing is a strategy where any brand designs its marketing messages or ads by taking advantage of the current events or happenings.

Dunzo does it well with moment marketing. The brand picks up the right topic, which the customers know well about, and design a marketing message.

The brand is responsive and makes advertising and marketing collaterals based on recent events. Moreover, Dunzo not only takes events around the nation but around the globe to create its marketing campaigns.

Dunzo, in response to the second wave of the coronavirus, reminded people to put on their masks by giving the example of their “Be like Mask Melon” advert.
In this be like Mask Melon post, Dunzo spread the message in a comic style and gave us reasons why we should wear our masks. It was their Moment marketing with Mask Melon.

Comic Series

A brand should not just chant its brand name in the marketing campaigns to attract the audience, but it should offer some value that catches customer’s attention. Moreover, the marketers should engage the audience with consumable content. Dunzo knows well how to engage its target audience.

The delivery brand has come up with a unique way to entertain and engage the audience with a comic series called “Dunya ki Duniya.” The comic series revolves around the character Dunya and the issues she deals with in her everyday life.

That is a fun way to drag the audience’s attention to your brand.

Meme Marketing

Where there is a meme, there is a way to sell a brand. Memes are what the Millenials love. As the brand utilizes social media platforms to promote itself, meme marketing is a strategy it chooses to entertain the target audience.

Danzo quickly adapts the trending topics and creates memes out of them. The brand also did not miss on the recent Bernie Sanders meme to engage its social media community. Not just the meme is great, but they play around with the captions as well, making them more fun as their caption states, “We’re here to fulfill all your Bernie-ing desires.”

Dunzo understands its Indian customer base and creates memes based on their behavior and traits. For instance, in this meme, Dunzo has clearly stated the differences in US and Indian types of customers in a witty manner.

Hyper Local Communications

Hyperlocal communication means involving local staff and designing marketing communication playful and personal for local audiences. It means pitching niche customers in their by connecting them in their local style. It makes connections with customers at a deeper level.

Dunzo pitches its customers by hyperlocal communication. As the brand also deals in delivering local or hyperlocal supplies, it communicates the same way with the customer.

This strategy requires them to do thorough research on the customers living in different cities, the local languages, their purchasing style, and habits. For example, in this advert for a local supermarket, Dunzo used the local language to communicate with customers.

Twitter campaigns

Marketing should not be a one-way communication but is two-way communication between your brand and the customers. Dunzo keeps this two-way communication flowing using the social media platform Twitter. Also, it is the place where the customers can tweet Dunzo for whatever queries or issues they have and get a response from Dunzo.


In a lockdown, Duzo received more questions and queries related to deliveries. Dunzo is making the most of Twitter to make a stronger connection with customers.

Hashtag campaigns

Dunzo plays right with social media hashtags and creates some brilliant campaigns with them. In one of its recent posts, the brand used the famous #DontRushChallenge and made a brilliant post from it. The brand in this post is asking customers to stay home as their deliveries are choreographed to perfection.

Dunzo made the audience reminisce the 90s ads with the #90sRedum campaign, where it gave tribute to some of the iconic commercials by recreating them with brad integration with a twist of the taglines in Dunzo style. Moreover, the recent campaign that Dunzo is running is the #PartnerWithSign by creating the famous ‘Dude with Sign’ meme.

Hashtags are known for creating brand awareness and giving the brand a wider reach, which is why Dunzo is a well-known brand.


Collaborations work wonders for any brand to increase its brand value and credibility. Dunzo does not miss any opportunity to market its product. Moreover, Dunzo makes partnerships with various brands for different purposes.

Dunzo partnered with LazyPaym, which online payment app as their payment partner, and also LazyPay offers a cashback if payment to Dunzo made on the app. Also, the brand collaborated with Britania to deliver food essential to customers at their doorsteps.

Another partnership of Dunzo is with online food and grocery store Bigbasket. The customers can use Dunzo and order online from the Big Basket. Dunzo collaborating with Bigbasket as a delivery partner and make their products available to customers.

Not just the big brands, the brand also collaborates with local grocery stores and brands to target their niche customers.


There is one key takeaway from the marketing strategy of Dunzo that every brand out there should take note of, Be creative.

Whatever the brand is doing in its marketing campaigns, it is unique, attractive, and born out of some fresh ideas.

If you want to attract the audience and turn them into customers, your marketing strategy is to have that X factor. It is, of course, the reason why we are analyzing Dunzo’s marketing strategies.

So be creative and create a marketing strategy for pitching your target customers.


Music is something that everyone loves, and jamming over music is the favorite hobby for most people. They say, “Music can lift any mood,” as there is music for every mood. But to play them, you need a music streaming platform where you can find millions of songs. Spotify is the world’s best music streaming platform, with millions of songs that suit your every mood. But how did it become the best? Let’s check out the marketing strategy of Spotify to get this answer.

Spotify is ruling the music industry with over 345 million users and 155 million subscribers. Among the music streaming apps like Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Youtube Music, and other music streaming platforms, Spotify has the highest market share of 32-34%.
So, how does Spotify create such a huge user base?

Spotify’s journey has not been so smooth, and despite facing backlash from Taylor Swift, who is a global icon in the music industry, and involved in a data leak controversy, the platform is leading.

Well, let us sink into the sound marketing strategy of Spotify to know its success secret.

How its Musical Journey Began?

The musical journey of Spotify was born out of passion. Daniel Ek, who is the founder and CEO of Spotify was always passionate about music. But, his journey didn’t go well as he failed to create a career in music. Daniel Ek, with Martin Lorentzon (Co-Founder of Spotify), founded Spotify.

Daniel Ek, with Martin Lorentzon (Co-Founder of Spotify)

The idea for launching Spotify

The idea to launch Spotify was to deal with music piracy. Before music streaming platforms were not popular, people used to download pirated music files which was a problem for the music industry. So, Daniel and Martin converted this problem into an opportunity because they realized that music streaming has a huge potential and founded Spotify in 2006. The core of Spotify’s business lies in audio and music streaming.

Spotify is made by the two words ‘Spot’ and ‘Identify.‘ Daniel and Martin just came up with random names for their streaming platform, and Spotify was misheard word by Daniel and ended up becoming its final name.

Spotify was founded in 2006, but it got its launch in 2008. Since then, it is serving music lovers with podcasts, music videos, and songs.
Today Spotify is the top music streaming app worldwide, which came out of passion, problem-solving, and finally, love for music.

The Marketing strategy of Spotify

Spotify’s marketing strategy is not a static one, but it is evolving. Spotify is not just following the latest trend but also creating new trends to promote itself. So let us breakdown the marketing strategy of Spotify.

Social media Marketing

Spotify’s social media handles are a great place to visit if you are a music lover. The music streaming platform posts about various artists, new album updates of the music industry.
Spotify has various social media handles based on different geographical locations. The brand focuses on consistent branding over all of its pages.

The platform also runs various hashtag campaigns and social media trends to create awareness for its brand.

Also, the brand collaborates with social media influencers and runs sponsored ads where influencers promote the brand in their style.

2018Goals-Spotify marketing hashtag campaign

At the end of 2017, the brand started a global hashtag campaign called #2018Goals. In this campaign, the brand used its data to show that 2018 is an optimistic year for them. Using #Goals was intend back in 2017, and the music company capitalized on that idea to gain popularity.

Data-Driven Marketing Campaign

Spotify masters its art of selling by using its streaming platform data. The company uses its music records and creates marketing content. So, it means Spotify, using Spotify, to sell Spotify.
An example of its data-driven campaign is the campaign that Spotify ran in 2016 that united the music platform with its users.

2016 was a weird year as Trump became the president of the USA, there were celebrity deaths, Leonardo de Caprio won Oscar and so much more was going on. So the music company capitalized on it and created a campaign name “Thanks 2016, It’s been weird.” The company used its data and playlists and created some quirks that made the audience laugh. The music platform gained much popularity after the campaign.


Meme Marketing

Spotify understands how to create a relationship with the Gen-Z and Millenials, which are its target users. And what could be better than Memes to target the Millenials and Gen-Z? 

The meme marketing strategy is widely popular that marketers use to make the audience laugh and sell their brand at the same time. Spotify also uses this strategy to connect with its target audience.

spotify-meme marketing strategy

When most brands use social media platforms, Spotify chooses conventional media mixes it with unconventional marketing communication. Billboards are a kind of unconventional media of marketing, and Spotify creates billboards that include memes. A Billboard meme that can catch all the eye. Bravo!

So Meme marketing is how the music company pitches its target customers.

Affordable Premium Pricing

Spotify also has a subscription-based model where the users can download songs and stream music without any ads. It is the Spotify premium which is a paid version. The pricing of its subscription base model is quite affordable for the users. That’s how it manages to get its 155 million subscriber base.

Spotify Subscription model

Also, a great thing about its subscription model is that it offers a one-day subscription to users at just ₹7, where they can stream music ad-free and download up to 30 songs.

The streaming platform has various plans like prepaid premium plans, family premium plans, student premium plans, and premium duo plans. Even their premium pricing is affordable for users, and that’s what the users love about Spotify.

Personalized Marketing

When a brand offers a personalized experience to its customers, then it sure is a hit. That’s the secret of Spotify’s success. Spotify offers a personalized experience when the user installs the app and uses it for the first time. The users can opt for preferences of what kind of music and what artist they like.

One of the marketing strategies of Spotify is based on User-based content and personalized advertising. Spotify Wrapped a feature that is running since 2017 and is a massive hit. Also, Spotify runs hashtag campaigns like #2020Wrapped and #2019Wrapped every year to promote this feature.

Spotify Wrapped feature reports what the user has been listening to on Spotify the whole year. It displays the user’s preferences, favorite artists, the number of songs listened to in a year, and the time user spent on the app. So that’s how the streaming platform connects with users at personal level.

Brand Endorsements

A brand that connects with Millenials and Gen-Z needs an ambassador who is capable of doing the same. So in India, the music streaming company found the perfect brand ambassador for Spotify. The famous actor Anil Kapoor is promoting the brand, and the actor’s ability to connect with youngsters is the reason Spotify wanted him to endorse the brand.

Also, Spotify’s latest campaign on Women’s day, #FlexYourPowerToListen is run by the sensational singer Neha Kakkar. So, the brand knows who is the right choice to promote their brand that it reaches out to millions of people.

Enhance User Experience

When a brand is offering a service on a digital platform, then it has to focus on enhancing the user experience. Spotify hits right at the mark with its user-friendly in-app features. Most music apps include too many options, but Spotify has a minimal design that makes the user’s experience better. Even its free version looks like a premium version.

Just like the Spotify app, the Spotify website ensures the same enhanced user experience with clean, minimalistic design and easy navigation. The website design targets its niche audience, which is the Millenials with the energetic color scheme.

The best thing about the app design is there are no ad pop-ups in the app, and even the ads they play in audios are interactive and do not annoy the users. So, Spotify knows how to keep it simple yet impactful.

Event Marketing

The marketing strategy of Spotifyalso includes event marketing that it employs to pitch large audiences. Spotify is the exclusive audio service provider for Riot Games “League of Legends” esports. It is their multi-year pact and the first global paid sponsorship deal of Spotify.


League of legends is a massive event and sponsoring that event. Spotify will augment the League of Legends official hub for music on Spotify which includes 5 million monthly listeners where they can add music, podcasts, and playlists inspired by the gaming community.

Tic Tac X Spotify Music Edition

Have you always dreamed of seeing Ariana Grande live in New York? How about Ed Sheeran in London? Tic Tac will take you to a global music experience of your choice, valued up to $10,000.* Just buy two packs of specially marked Tic Tac Music Edition packs and enter at for your chance to win. Terms and Conditions apply. . . . *Ts&Cs apply. AU & NZ residents 18+. Starts 1/2/19. Ends 1/4/19. Prizes: 7500 x 1-month Spotify Premium codes valued at AUD$11.99 (7,140 in AU, with 119 to be won instantly each day and 360 in NZ, with 6 to be won each day via draw); 60 x 12-month Spotify Premium code valued at AUD$143.88 (AU/NZ combined, via daily draw); 1 x music experience for 2 valued at up to $10.400 (AU/NZ combined, via major draw). Draws: 500 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141 at 11am (NZ only) and 12pm (combined) each business day 2/2/19 – 2/4/19 and 1pm on 2/4/19 (major draw). Winners of combined daily draws and major draw published on on 5/4/19. Promoter: Ferrero Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 29 001 249 261) of Level 18, 168 Walker Street, North Sydney NSW 2060. NSW Permit LTPS/18/27515 ACT Permit TP18/01637 SA Licence T18/1507.

Posted by Tic Tac on Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Another event partnership of Spotify is with Tic Tac. The name of the event series is Hear For It. Tic Tac used Spotify’s streaming platform to connect and engage with the audiences who possessed the same personality as their brand; Fun and refreshing.

Key Takeaways

So it’s a wrap with Spotify Marketing Strategy. There is so much that the brands can learn from Spotify. A brand goes through a lot of efforts to be at the top, especially in marketing. Marketing can take any brand from the bottom to the top.

Here are some of the key takeaways :

  • Create a brand personality that suits the target audience’s personality.
  • Offer optimal value and experience to the customers.
  • Include customers in the marketing strategy.
  • Design authentic marketing campaigns.
  • Focus on enhancing the customer experience.

So, build your brand’s marketing strategy to compose its sound of success.

While surfing online, we come across so many different kinds of display ads. But how does the marketer display the right ad to its target customer? Well, to know that, you need to know all about Programmatic Advertising.

What Is Programmatic Advertising?

There are millions of websites and if you want to advertise your brand online then you have to choose the right online platform. Watching a home appliances ad on a dating website would be weird, right?

So that’s when programmatic advertising comes into play and be the savior of both the marketer and the ad publisher. It helps the marketer to show on the right online platform where it might get conversions and the ad publisher gets the right ads to display on its online portal.

All About Programmatic Advertising - Definition
Definition in simple words

The Display Trading Council simply defines programmatic advertising as the use of automation in buying and selling media.

Now let us see where does the programmatic advertising takes place.

Programmatic Advertising Platforms

A programmatic advertising platform is where advertisers and marketers can automate the steps to create an online ad campaign. It is a part of the whole system of programmatic advertising and is responsible for its steps in the advertising process.

You must’ve heard of stock exchanges where stocks are bought and sold. Similarly, an ad exchange is a place where online display ads are bought and sold via programmatic ad platforms. 

There are two parties involved in it-

  • One is the advertiser who is on the demand side looking for ad placement.
  • Second is the publisher, who is on the supply side who wants to put their ad inventory on the ad exchange.

Following are the two types of Programmatic ad platforms.

Demand-Side Platform (DSP)

Demand-side platforms assist the advertisers to automatically purchase the ideal ad placement. The DSP is connected with an ad exchange. The advertisers can register with the DSP and get their ideal ad placement. The DSPs send an auction signal to ad exchange whenever a visitors enter a website, and then the DSP displays the ads that might be relevant for the visitor if it wins the auction.

Supply-Side Platforms 

The supply-side platforms assist the publishers who are want to connect their ad inventories to ad exchanges. The publishers register with SSP, and then they connect with the ad exchange. The SSP signals everyone on the ad exchange that what ad content is available for purchase. The ad inventory gets auctioned to the highest bidder (advertiser). 

That’s how the supplier, i.e., the publisher sells its ad placement to the advertiser via SSP.

How does it work?

Let us understand the working of Programmatic advertising platform with the following example.

An Advertiser wants to sell more of its cosmetic brand. Now the advertiser will hire a programmatic advertising platform to identify online consumers.

  • Demographies- 20-45age group Females
  • Geography- Mostly Urban or semi-urban areas
  • Behavior- consume content like makeup tutorials, skincare videos, personal care.
  • Devices- Smartphones

Now, the platform analyzes and uses real-time data to find the most appropriate online platform for the campaign and buy the digital ad inventory throughout any ad media buying practice.
Moreover, the ads will display based on customers’ behaviors and likings.
Now the advertiser can specifically target its potential customer with its cosmetic brand ad. Thanks to programmatic advertising.

Types of Programmatic Advertising

Real-Time Bidding

Real-time bidding is the most popular type of programmatic media buying because of its extensive usage. Its other names are open marketplace or the open auction.

As the name suggests in RTB, the ad slots are open to all advertisers and sold at an open auction type of bidding. The advertiser who raises the highest bid gets the ad spot. The buying process takes place in real-time, and the advertisers can select ad slots that are made available.

Private Marketplace

The private marketplace in almost the same manner as real-time bidding, but the only difference is it’s not open for all the advertisers. Moreover, the private marketplace is available for some specific advertisers on an invite-only basis.

In a private auction, the publishers usually create a premium ad inventory and reserve it for preferred advertisers.

Preferred deals

In preferred deals, advertisers can choose the ad inventory at some fixed price. The ad inventory is made available to advertisers even before it goes on in the private marketplace or open auctions. It is a refined approach because both the parties, i.e., advertiser and publisher, agree on the price and other related terms.

Moreover, the advertiser gets a preview of the ad inventory, and without any conditions, he can choose to make any purchase. Also, the advertisers can use the demand-side platform (DSP) to determine their target audience and whether to purchase the ad spot or not.

Programmatic Guaranteed

The programmatic guaranteed is the type of media buying that is similar to the traditional approach of media buying. In this, the advertiser and publisher negotiate the media buying terms on a one-on-one basis.

The programmatic guaranteed does not follow a bidding system as the other media buying have come across. Moreover, here the publisher sells the inventory directly to the advertiser after negotiation. The advertiser can choose ad inventories, audience targetting, and prices.

Why do you need Programmatic Advertising?

So many marketers might have a question that why they need to do programmatic advertising. Well, check out the following compelling reasons why you need it.

  • You can access a greater pool of publishers to get your brand ad published.
  • You can streamline your ad buying process and that too without appointing any middlemen.
  • As the process is automated, there are less or almost nil chances of human error.
  • Show relevant ads by targetting customers on demographic factors.
  • Measure your campaign ROI in a better way and justify every penny you spend on it.

The secret to the success

Now many of you would wonder that what makes programmatic advertising successful. The machine learning algorithm analyzes the ad campaign and the viewer behavior to make real-time campaign optimizations so that targeted audiences convert into customers. Different kinds of data increase the probability of the ad campaign’s success.

The precise and detailed segmentation so that the ad reaches the potential buyers makes programmatic ads successful.

Who can utilize Programmatic Advertising?

The answer to who can utilize the programmatic advertising would be any brand that wants to go out in the online platform and want to be seen by their targets.

One issue with online advertising is that it takes too long to reach out to the target audience. Also and if your ad does not reach your potential customer, then your online marketing efforts are failing.

So any brand can utilize programmatic advertising to get in the eyes of marketers and boost their conversion rate online.

Let us look at some of the companies that boosted their conversions with Programmatic Advertising.


AirAsia is the aware winning low-cost airline. The airline wanted to reach its audience and increase its conversion. So it used Facebook as its marketing channel and used video ads to display its ads on customer profiles on Facebook. It retargeted the website visitors on Facebook. Also, the airlines displayed frequent flyers showcasing its reasonable rates.

And the result of its programmatic ads was that 20%of viewers saw the full video ads, and hence it is an award-winning airline stated initially.

Missing People

‘Missing people’ is a Nonprofit organization in the USA. The NGO used programmatic advertising for a social campaign. It was to run its Child Rescue Alert Campaign. But the NGO had a short budget for marketing.
But programmatic ads helped the NGO. With its location-based ads that automatically appear in the Facebook news feed when any child goes missing in that area. It is a more targeted and location-based search that runs for a week on people’s Facebook feed. The results were great as 20% of children that they pleaded for were found alive. That’s how beneficial programmatic ads can be.

Benefits of Programmatic Advertising

Wider Reach

According to statistics, there are over 3.5 billion internet users in the world. That makes the internet a place to reach out to millions of people with your ads. With programmatic ads, you can reach your potential customers as it narrows down your specific audience.

Better targeting

Increase targetting capabilities is the most prominent reason that one chooses programmatic marketing. Advertisers can show their ads to ideal customers. This increases the chance of conversions. It also offers flexibility in ad campaigns to retarget the ad campaigns and make changes.

Get real-time measurement

One major drawback of traditional marketing is that the marketers cannot measure its advertising impact on the audience in realtime.

Programmatic marketing fulfills the dream of every marketer to get real-time analysis of their marketing campaigns. It measures the targeting performance, ad creativity, and how well it is performing overall as soon as the ad gets launched.

Better Transparency

The major benefit that the advertisers get is transparency in their ad campaigns. They get all the information that they need. The advertisers know what ad inventory they are buying, the target audience, how the ad is performing, and what they are spending on the ad campaign. They can get all such information and get the result in real-time as well.

Conclusion: Now you know all about Programmatic Advertising

So here we wrap up all programmatic advertising. Now you understand all about programmatic advertising and all its benefits. You can set up your ad campaign and watch how it can benefit your brand.
Internet is a wide platform to advertise your brand. So the bottom line is, create a programmatic ad target your potential customers and convert them into your customers

There are billions of people out there in the online field, and you need to find who your customer and make them see what you have to offer them.


When a brand does exceptionally well, then it for sure calls for a discussion over its marketing strategy.

In this article, we are going to discuss the marketing strategy of Mamaearth. It offers personal and baby care products.

Started in 2016, the brand managed to get over 1 million customer base. Also, Mamaearth is one of the few companies that crossed the 100 crore mark in just four years. This tremendous growth of the brand in such a short period is commendable. Moreover, Mamaearth was declared as “one of the best brands” in India in the ET brand festival 2019 when the brand was just three years old. Hats off to this huge success of such a young company.

Now the question arises that how is the brand doing this great and getting such humongous success?

A strong marketing strategy is an answer to this question. So let us dive deeper into the Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth.

Birth of Mamaearth

Founders of Mamaearth Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh- Mamaearth marketing strategy

The brand started with the sense of responsibility and care of parents towards their to be born child. These proud parents and founders of the brand are Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh. They came up with the idea of Mamaearth when they were preparing to welcome their first baby. But they had a concern, just like most of the parents have i.e., for their child’s health.

So, they researched toxin-free baby products but were shocked to see that most products contain some or the other harmful substances. In their commitment to being wonderful parents to their child, they started looking for better alternatives.

The couple started ordering from the US, even though it was costlier because most products in the Indian market could compromise their child’s health. But their concern grew for their family and friends. The couple started researching and set up an R&D.

The couple started working in the R&D to obtain certification on their products. Eventually, Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh came up with a toxin-free brand Mamaearth for babies and their mothers under the parent company Honasa Consumer Pvt Ltd.

Logo and tagline of Mamaearth

Now they are selling the brand across 40 towns and more than 2000 stores in India. The brand is also available at various eCommerce platforms like Flipkart, Nykaa, Amazon, etc. 

It was all about the birth of the Mamaearth. Let us now move on to the Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth.

The Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth

The Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth is developing like its growth in the Indian market. The brand is continuously evolving its marketing strategy by expanding its customer base and marketing channels. These are some of the strategies that worked wonders for Mamaearth.

Expanding Customer Base

In the beginning, the brand focused on babies and mothers as their target audience but eventually, it started expanding its customer base. Initially, the brand was selling products under the baby care umbrella and pregnancy products.

The brand has now ventured into the skin and hair care segment. It sells a bathing range, skincare serums and creams, face wash, lotions, hair oils, and many other products. The best part is that all these products are chemical-free.
In the men’s product range, Mamaearth offers face washes, aftershave lotions, beard and hair oils, and shampoos.

Focus on Digital Platforms

Mamaearth’s marketing campaigns run on digital platforms. The use of the internet is increasing and most customers leverage these digital platforms for any information. So the brand marketing strategy takes up these digital platforms to increase their brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

Also, the brand is available on various digital platforms like Mamaearth’s official website, Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, etc. So, the brand is creating a strong presence on digital platforms. Approx 90% of the sale of Mamaearth comes from online platforms.

Brand Message

The brand's message is "Goodness inside" - Mamaearth marketing strategy

The brand’s purpose is and the message “Goodness Inside.” It means that the brand does not compromise the health of the customers. It sells products that are toxin and harmful chemicals-free. The brand offers its products at a slightly high price but, at this price, it offers the best quality product.

Mamaearth brings out the best of nature by offering products made up of all-natural ingredients. Moreover, the products of Mamaearth are cruelty-free. The brand even displays all its product ingredients on the package. So that’s how the brand lives up to its purpose of ‘Goodness Inside’.


The marketing strategy of Mamaearth includes strong word of mouth. The brand pitches the mom bloggers to spread awareness for the brand.
When a brand suggestion comes from a customer, then it seems more authentic and trustworthy. The brand believes in mum-power, so it focused on using a word of mouth strategy where the mums can spread the word about the brand and how it’s the best quality for their babies.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the best way to connect with target customers. In the marketing strategy of Mamaearth, social media platforms play a major role. The brand has an active presence on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The prominent strategy that Mamaearth uses is Influencer Marketing and also uses hashtags on such social media platforms.

Influencer Marketing

Infuencer's Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth

On social media platforms, Mamaearth collaborates with influencers and pitch the niche audience of these influencers. Influencers have loyal followers who look up to what they suggest. Mamaearth works with 500 mom bloggers to spread word of mouth on digital platforms.

It is a well-known fact that when an influencer recommends something, then it is followed by their community members because their work is to influence the people. These influencers post about the products of Mamaearth and their goodness and promote the brand.

Brand Endorsements

Shilpa Shetty became an investor and brand ambassdor. Marketing Strategy of Mamaearth

Mamaearth’s pace of growth increased rapidly after the famous actress Shilpa Shetty became an investor and ambassador of the brand. She is a part of the process of creating new products and marketing campaigns. The actress took her social media to endorse the brand. Shilpa Shetty’s digital presence for the brand gave the brand a wide reach. Partnering with such celebrities helps in increasing the brand value.

The brand also sponsors the famous reality TV show Big Boss. Big Boss has a lot of popularity among Indian audiences and huge viewership. It gets higher coverage when it appears in such a hit reality TV show.

Even the most famous contestant and winner of the show actively promote the product on their social media handles.

TV Commercials

Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

Hair fall & looking for its DIY remedies are now issues of the past. Gift yourself the Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil. A magical blend of sulphur-rich onions and 10 essential oils & herbs keep your hair healthy, strong and your mind relaxed with every champi. #mamaearth #GoodnessInside #Onions #OnionOil #OnionHairCare

Posted by Mamaearth on Sunday, 15 November 2020

Mamaearth initially didn’t believe in advertising on television but Mamaearth recently stepped in the TV commercials. The brand has recently launched its first television commercial for its onion hair oil. In the ad, the brand is showcasing the benefits of onion hair oil. It also highlights how the lead actor hears about the brand from a fellow worker. It hints about the word of mouth strategy of the brand.

What makes Mamaearth stand out from competitors?

Mamaearth gives tough competition to brands like Johnson & Johnson, Mom&me, Himalaya, and Piegon. What makes the brand stand out from competitors is the kind of products it introduces.
The product range of Mamaearth includes traditional recipes to connect with customers. It is a traditional approach to squeeze out onion juice and apply it in hair as it makes hair healthy and beautiful. But Mamaearth spares the customers from the hassle of the process and launched onion hair oil. It is more convenient at the same time that it offers the same benefits as the traditional process would have given.
Another traditional recipe is ubtan that is applied on the face for treating skin problems and beautiful skin. So the brand launched its ubtan face wash face mask and facewash range.
So that’s how Mamaearth offers the goodness of traditional recipes in their product to pitch to the customers.

Wrapping up

The marketing strategy of Mamaearth focuses on five main points:

  1. Leverage digital platforms to pitch a large audience.
  2. Create a strong brand message.
  3. Offer high-value products.
  4. Understand customer needs.
  5. Maintain customer relationships

So, these points can be your key takeaways from Mamaearth’s marketing strategy. So build your brand’s success story.

2020 gave a realization to many companies to adopt a digital marketing strategy. The need for an online marketing strategy was felt like never before. Many companies have come out in the online fields and competing with one another.

But just having a digital marketing strategy won’t work out for companies. There is a need for evolving the digital marketing strategy. The use of the internet, social media platforms and e-business platforms is rising so businesses should gear up their digital marketing strategy. In this article, we will cover the top 7 digital marketing trends to follow in 2021 in order to succeed in the competitive digital arena.


One thing the customers dislike the most is the generic advertising appeals by companies. Every customer is different, and they have different preferences and likings, so they should get a personalized treatment.

Among all the digital marketing trends the personalization takes extra points for its customer focus. Many companies are using a personalized approach in their marketing campaigns. The OTT platform Netflix doing a great job when it comes to personalization. Netflix shares customized notifications like “Top picks for you” that attracts customers. The personalization approach makes the customer feel that the brands value them.

Netflix- Personalization- Digital Marketing Trend

User Generated Content

It is a fact that not even the most powerful marketing campaign can sell a product than a satisfied customer speaking good about it. The actual customers happy with the product or service can do the task more efficiently. So this has emerged a new trend in digital marketing, which is user-generated content. It is getting hype these days. User-generated content includes testimonials, images, videos, ratings, and reviews given by consumers for any product or service.

Today marketers should include such content and allow customers to post on business’s online platforms. Many eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc., let their customers post product reviews, ratings, images, and videos.

The benefit of this content is that it attracts more customers and makes business products look more authentic. The customers usually trust other customers more than the brands speaking for themselves.


Chatbots is an Artificial Intelligence technology that lets the users chat with the interface. It is just like an online chat or messaging system where the users can text anytime during the day to chatbots. The best part about this trend is that it offers 24 hours service. Well, offering such kind of service always gains extra star ratings for any brand.

Customers prefer using chatbots as they receive instant responses to any of their queries. Ecommerce Platforms like Flipkart and Myntra have chatbots that deal with customer queries. HDFC Bank website has a chatbot named Eva that gets queries from customers.

Chatbots- Emerging marketing trends in 2021

Chatbots give a more humanized feel to the customers as if their queries are handled by some person. Also, it is one of the most trending digital marketing strategies.

Rise in video marketing

Nothing engages customers more like a video. Marketers are focussing more on generating video content for their brands. The best part about video marketing is that it can be put anywhere.

There are so many platforms where one can post a video. Blogs, social media, and websites all places can include a video that can be a better way of creating engagement. The #LikeAGirl campaign by Always was a widely popular video marketing campaign.

Video content is also evolving in the form of live videos, IGTV on Instagram, 360-degree video on Facebook, stories, insta reels, and much more. Videos are dominating the online world.

Influencer marketing

Nowadays, influencers are gaining much popularity over social media. They are followed by a large population. The influencers are some famous personalities that have a niche audience.
Influencer marketing is a practice where the influencers recommend any product or service to their audience. It is like a word of mouth publicity. Also, it works wonders for a brand when an influencer creates awareness for it.

When influencers take their social media platforms to create awareness for the brand and spread awareness by stating its benefits, it is called influencer marketing. There are many beauty influencers, technical influencers, and fashion influencers that people follow and look up to the content they post.

Mama Earth is a brand that is recommended by many influencers these days and gained a lot of popularity by its influencer marketing strategy.

There is a trust factor in this marketing because the audience finds the recommendation more authentic when it comes from an influencer.

Visual and voice searches

Gone are the days when users type their search queries in search engine tabs to look for something online. It is time for a more convenient and better search. Visual and voice search is becoming a trend to enhance the experience of searchers.

In visual searches, the user has to upload a picture, and then he can get similar results. This makes the results more specific. Many eCommerce websites have a visual search feature. The customer can upload a picture of the product he’s looking for and get likely results. Sometimes words don’t express much than pictures. CamFind allows users to snap a picture, upload it, and search for similar results.

CamFind Visual Search- Marketing Trend of 2021

Also, another digital marketing trend is voice search. It is a trend that has seen an uprise in 2020. Most people prefer voice searches to look for anything online. Many brands like Nestle, PayPal, and Amazon have adopted voice search in their digital marketing strategy.

Featured Snippets

The SEO strategy is a crucial part of digital marketing. It is for reaching the top position in search engine result pages. But now the trend is to be in the zero position. The zero position on SERPs is the featured snippets.

The featured snippet is a small box that appears over the number 1 search result. It is a no-click search, but it includes the more relevant information to the search query. In featured snippets, the title of the page is not present. It only includes a small know more link.

Featured Snippet- Digital Marketing Trend

However, featured snippets can generate a high click-through rate and also boost organic traffic on a website. The featured snippet is a trending strategy that can lead a site to a top position.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) means rendering digital images in real-world objects. It lets the users impose digital content like sound, text, and images in real-life scenes. Pokemon Go is the best example to define Augmented reality. When discussing digital marketing trends, one cannot miss AR.

Many companies are working on including this technology to offer an immersive customer experience. Lenskart allows the users to try on the glasses in real-time it is augmented reality in action. Another company is Ikea which lets the users to taking pictures from their smartphones and placing the furniture in desired places.

Lenskart Augmented Reality - example of new emerging trends.


Among all the digital marketing trends, neuromarketing is certainly the most impactful and effective one that will benefit marketers at the utmost level. Neuromarketing is born out of the technological advancements taking place every day.

With this strategy, the marketers can analyze the content which the customers find more engaging by measuring their brain activity and nervous system. It’s like getting in the heads of customers (not literally) to understand what kind of content they like and what reactions it would elicit from them.

The marketers can design their ads, website, social media posts, and campaigns to get specific reactions that will lead them to purchase the products. Now that’s what we call an emerging trends.


So these were some of the most popular digital marketing trends that you can follow in 2021. As a marketer, you need to be futuristic and keep coming up with innovative strategies. When you are marketing online, then it is a must to follow what’s trending.

The trends that we have discussed can certainly make your digital marketing strategy more effective and powerful.

So tell us are you going to keep up with the trends?


Today, marketers design marketing campaigns not only to sell their brand but also to surprise the customers. The surprise element in their marketing strategies ultimately promotes the brand. Guerrilla Marketing is the strategy that can promote as well as offer exceptional experiences to customers.

Before diving deeper into the topic of discussion, look at this ad by McDonald’s.

McDonald's Guerrilla Marketing example

McDonald’s transformed the pedestrian crossway into their famous Macfries. The brand placed their product where no eye can miss the marketing. It is a brand promotion in the most creative form. Also, it is the most classic example to explain this strategy.

Now let us understand the exact meaning of Guerrilla Marketing.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

It is a novel marketing strategy where marketers include a surprise factor in their marketing campaigns. Marketers make unconventional interactions with the audience for their marketing.

Marketers use unusual marketing tactics to get maximum reach and that too in an inexpensive way. Moreover, the idea of guerrilla marketing is to elicit emotion by promoting the brand to the customer at a personal level.

The marketers initiate Guerrilla marketing at places where it can get the attention of a wider population. The examples are public places like streets, shopping malls, public parks, events, etc.

The core of this marketing strategy is creativity, imagination, and innovation. These three elements result in an exceptional marketing campaign called guerrilla marketing.

Vijay Sales - Guerrilla marketing

This advertisement by Vijay Sales explains Guerrilla marketing the best.

That is how you create a creative advertisement on a small budget.

Features of Guerrilla Marketing


Guerrilla marketing is a strategy that creates something unique. In this strategy, marketers create something distinctive that no brand has done before. It makes every guerrilla marketing campaign different. If a marketer creates something similar to another brand, then it will not work.

Authenticity is indeed the essence of Guerrilla marketing.


This feature is undoubtedly a benefit for most marketers. Guerrilla marketing strategy is an inexpensive strategy. It does not involve various resources like in traditional marketing strategies. Also, this marketing strategy is minimalistic and involves less cost and resources to create a spectacular campaign.


This marketing strategy is the most targeted approach because it initiates at specific areas where the prospects can experience it.  It targets its audience at the right time and the right place.

Mixed Communication

In this marketing strategy, marketers use different media to communicate with the audience. But, the role of marketers is to implement the campaign, and the rest of the communication is done by the audience. In this, the marketing message spreads through word of mouth, publicity, social media, etc.

Types of Guerrilla marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is a strategy used by marketers to create or start conversations about their brand. The marketers start these conversations by creating speculations about their brand or product. The marketer designs marketing campaigns in a manner that generates a strong emotion from the audience. As well as that these strong emotions create an urge in the customer to talk about the brand.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient marketing means to create brand awareness without displaying the brand but engaging the audience by creating an environment related to the brand. One famous example of this strategy is the snake bus by Copenhagen Zoo. The zoological garden Copenhagen Zoo created a bus marketing campaign. The bus looks like a big snake is holding it. Well obviously, no eye can miss this bus moving on a road.

Copenhagen Zoo Guerrilla Marketing

Brand awareness on point!

Ambush Marketing

Ambush marketing is a strategy where marketers advertise their brand without any sponsorship or exhibition. They involve their brand in the event and showcase it without paying to do so.

Basically, ambush marketing means marketing campaigns for any brand at an event where the brand is not affiliated with the event.

In the 2006 World cup, Nike came up with a successful Ambush Marketing Campaign. They created a social networking website for the world’s soccer fans as a part of its “Joga Bonito” marketing campaign.


Astroturfing means to create a buzz about the brand by paying someone to do so. The marketers pay, influencers or content creators to speak good about their brand. It is somewhat similar to influencer marketing. But the difference in astroturfing is that the audience does not know if the person praising the brand is paid to do so.

In simple words, this marketing involves paid reviews and endorsements.

Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing is a strategy where the marketers expose their brand to the audience without them being aware of it. This strategy involves the placement of brands in a way that the audience does not realize that the marketer is promoting a brand. Moreover, stealth marketing is mostly done in movies, music videos, and social media posts.

Coca-cola is without a doubt does best in its marketing campaigns. Coca-cola masters guerrilla marketing and also utilize every type of it. In this example of stealth marketing strategy, the brand is used in many scenes of The Stranger Things series.

Wild Postings

Wild postings are stickers, graffiti, and posters on walls or streets in high traffic areas. Companies can do wild postings with or without permission. Furthermore, these are visible at heavy traffic areas or crowded places where it is visible to a large number of audiences.

Anando Milk ad on Mumbai's buildings- Guerrilla Marketing

In India, the most famous Wild posting is the Anando Milk ad on Mumbai’s buildings. It presents a child moving the building due to his power that comes from the dairy product. This is creativity at its best without a doubt.

Some Brilliant Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Coca Cola

Coca Cola does exceptionally well when it comes to guerrilla marketing. In one of their campaigns, the company used vending machines to unite the people of India and Pakistan. The name of the vending machine is the “Happiness Machine.”  Moreover, these vending machines were installed in India and Pakistan at specific places. People could see each other from the machine’s screen. In addition to this, people could touch the screen interface to trace peace gestures and smiley faces.


This is the latest example of stealth marketing. It is the latest hit song by the weekend. In the “Blinding Lights” music video, the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is visible in many glimpses. Also, no eye can miss the sight of a Mercedes in this spectacular music video and talk about it.

example of stealth marketing


Nike does not leave a chance to do Ambush Marketing. The brand created an unforgettable Ambush marketing in the 1996 Olympics.

The brand lined the streets of Atlanta with Olympic themed advertisements. Also, they created a memorable moment when Michael Johnson raced in his gold medals and gold Nike shoes.

Ambush Marketing

Weight Watchers

This brilliant example is by Weight Watchers. It showcases how the model in a flyer gets slimmer with every tear. This is indeed the best way to use a flyer to showcase its brand feature.

Weight Watchers flyers


Snapdeal gave competition to Flipkart in the wittiest way with its Guerrilla marketing strategy. In their response to Flipkart’s #AcchaKiya campaign, Snapdeal came up with #YahanSeKhreedo right under the Flipkart’s banner ad.

Snapdeal #YahanSeKhreedo campaign


Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet during SuperBowl 2013 is an example of viral marketing. Due to its wittiness, this tweet became popular and went viral.

guerrilla marketing by Oreo


Marketers should try their hand in Guerrilla marketing if they want to create an impact on the audience. Traditional marketing tactics work only at a certain level. A customer is likely to be exposed to advertisements a thousand times a day. But the customer will hardly remember a few.

If marketers opt for guerrilla marketing, they can deliver a memorable brand encounter to customers. That’s the essence of Guerrilla marketing.

Tell which brand strategy enticed you the most?

Also, tell us when you experienced this marketing strategy.

The role of any marketer is to design a message that catches the attention of your conscious mind. But when a marketer gets hold of your subconscious mind, then they are performing subliminal marketing.

Coco-Cola bottle-

Can you identify this bottle without even reading its brand name or seeing its logo? Why?

Yes, the bottle shape is unique, and we have made a perception that the shape is of a Coca-cola bottle.

Our subconscious mind can quickly relate the image with the brand.

Another surprising fact behind the bottle’s shape is that it looks like the shape of a women’s curvy body. You can’t unsee it once you see it that way.

If you had this image of the bottle in mind, then it means marketers played right with your psychology.

Now let us understand the Subliminal Marketing strategy with some of its classic examples.

What is Subliminal Marketing?

Before getting into the meaning of Subliminal Marketing, let’s first understand what are subliminal messages.
Subliminal is something that is below the threshold of our consciousness. It is a message that slips past below your normal limits of perception. One can’t perceive it from a conscious mind but gets the message in the unconscious mind. Subliminal means a hidden message.

For example, look at this scene of the movie Monsters Inc. When you see carefully, you will find a drawing of a sex act in the closing scene.

Hidden Message in Monster Inc. Movie

You might be seeing it for the first time or might’ve spotted it before. It is a subliminal message. Now you understand how in a fraction of seconds, the movie conveyed a subliminal message.

Subliminal marketing means designing messages that customers don’t detect consciously. The marketers create images and sound that is small but powerful associations between the brand and the indicated meaning.

So, basically, Subliminal Marketing means designing, advertising and promoting by embedding some hidden images in the form of some image, sound, or glimpse to convey a different message.

Subliminal Marketing Examples

Let us look at some astounding examples of Subliminal Marketing.


inscription on the ring, and among the letters, coca-cola is visible. Classic example of subliminal marketing

We know how companies place their products in movies and series for marketing purposes. But placing a product that creates a perception that one cannot even tell if it was marketing or not is what coca-cola did here in this example. In the movie “The Lord of the Rings,” a character holds a ring. There is an inscription on the ring, and among the letters, Coca-Cola is visible. It is the Perfect execution of Subliminal Marketing and product placement.

SFX Magazine

SFX Magzine using subliminal marketing

‘SEX’ is a word that catches the attention of every viewer in a second. Marketers often use the ‘sex sells’ strategy to grab the audience’s attention towards any product. The sci-fi magazine SFX focuses on this Subliminal Marketing to increase the readers’ base. On their cover page, they place the models in a way that hides the half letter ‘F’ in SFX. So, it appears to as SEX. Clever, isn’t it?

Spartan Golf Club

Spartan Hidden message in logo

A logo is the face of the brand. If a logo defines the brand, then it succeeds in Subliminal Marketing efforts. Spartan Golf Club logo masters the art of creating two illusions in an image. At one glance, it looks like a Spartan warrior. But, when you see carefully, there’s a silhouette of a golf player. It perfectly describes the brand.


Tostitos Subliminal logo

Not all Subliminal Marketing hides the message. Some brands place them in their logo to convey some message to the audience. In the Tostitos logo, the two ‘T’s’ looks like two people sharing a Tostitos. The logo gives a message to consume Tostitos and share it with others.


Amazon Subliminal Message

Many people perceive Amazon’s logo differently. Some say that it’s a smile, and some say it’s just an arrow. But the arrow points from A to Z. The hidden message in this brand logo is that you find everything on Amazon.


Subliminal advertising by Durex.

This advert of Durex is something that only its target audience can discern. The image presents two hands opening the red curtain with the caption “wishes you a great evening.” The illusion forms like that of a vagina. Condoms advert with no explicit content!



For this example, you got to have a keen eye. Look carefully at the image. The visual was to promote the KFC snacker sandwich in the year 2008. If you see carefully, you will find a dollar bill hidden in the lettuce. It is a subliminal message that augments the price of the sandwich.

Magnum Light

Hidden Message in Magnum Ice Cream Ad

Well, do we need to talk about the hidden message of this image? You must’ve understood by just looking at it. In this advertising by magnum, we can see two icecreams. It appears like a women’s bare body at first. This ad created a different perception in your mind and the audience perceives the same.


hidden message in poster of Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean

In this poster of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean,” there is a hidden image and message. The skull and bones give an image of Disney’s logo. The two bones visualize Mickey Mouse’s ears. The Subliminal Marketing here is that the poster gives the message that the movie is a family-friendly movie.

Max Shoes

Max Shoes hidden message in visual ad

Max Shoes did a great job of creating a Subliminal Marketing strategy. They did simple yet amazing work to advertise shoes. In the picture, we see a shoe in a hand that appears like a face with a mouth wide open. The tagline “you are what you wear” gives it a human touch.

Wrapping up

Subliminal Marketing is build around the understanding of human psychology. We are not going in to the debate of whether it works or not.

Hiding subliminal messages in advertising does not always have an effect on sales. Marketers adopt this strategy to affect the actions and behaviours of customers.

With Subliminal Marketing, Coca-Cola has become an unforgettable brand, and SFX increases its readers; hence it had worked for many brands in the past. It’s influence would be more visible if done correctly.

Tell us in the comments which example you found most astounding

Also, share any Subliminal Marketing examples witnessed by you.