Music is indeed the best thing in the world. You will hardly find someone who doesn’t like music. Listening to music is the most common hobby and the best way of relaxing. Thanks to the musicians that create beautiful melodies for us. But how do these melodies reach listeners’ ears? Well, the way a product or service reaches its customers, music reaches its target listeners with a music marketing strategy.

You might be hearing this for the first time, but yes, music marketing is a concept that exists! You must have heard of promotions for films or series, but music is also something that requires promotions.

The music industry is evolving, and due to digitalization, people can access music anytime, anywhere. But the competition in the music industry is rising as there are many players in the music field, and what makes your music reach the ideal listeners is a strong promotional strategy.

In this article have made a list of marketing strategy for your melodies.

9 Music Marketing Strategies to promote your music

Tell your musical stories through a website

Yes, you read that right. Build a website for promoting your music/ album/ songs. Even though there are many other promising platforms for promoting music, but why do you need a website?

You need a website because it is the first and most important step in building your marketing strategy in the digital era. A music website can tell the story about your music to listeners.

You can create a website based on your music theme or genre. Also, you can post all the information about the existing albums, new releases, upcoming albums, music events or concerts, and so much more. In addition to this, you should follow proper branding guidelines in your website design to create an identity for your music.

The pop singer Lady Gaga’s album ‘Born This Wayis the perfect example of what a music website should look like.

Create buzz for your music

Buzz marketing is the best way to promote your music in the modern day. In the digital era, buzz spreads like wildfire, and that’s the reason it gives immense popularity to a brand. It gets the people talking about your music, and eventually, they listen to the songs or music.

Many popular singers create a buzz so that people listen to their songs. Posting on social media, dropping hints of upcoming alum, link-ups, controversies, the song, music, artist, or the video album, and many other ways can generate buzz for a song.

If the song is worth the buzz, it can become popular worldwide, crossing language barriers. Oppan Gangnam Style by PSY is an example of a song that became widely popular. The reason it got immense popularity was the amusing dance moves of Psy and the music, of course. The video this song was the first-ever to hit 1 billion views on youtube

Use social media optimally

You should not only exist on social media platforms but use all its features optimally to promote your music. Today social media can give popularity to a song that no other channel can give. You can promote your page by creating a page dedicated to the music album. Also, you post a glimpse of your music on stories, IGTV, and share cover photos.

The most trending way of promoting a song today is by creating Instagram reels or Youtube short videos. The recently released song ‘Lut Gaye’ featuring Emraan Hashmi achieved a milestone by becoming the first Indian song to have 2 Million+ reels on Instagram. Reeling is a fun way of promoting a song. You can promote your music on various short video platforms like Youtube Shorts, Tick Tock, Moj app, etc.

Release album/song on music streaming apps

Where would you find all the music loves? On a music streaming platform, of course. So you should shift your music marketing strategy from other channels to music streaming platforms. Today there are so many digital platforms that are solely dedicated to music and have millions of users.

Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Gaana, Wink, Amazon Music, Tidal are some popular music streaming platforms where you can upload your songs and make a million listeners. A music streaming platform is an ideal place to promote your music because here you find all the target audience (listeners).

Promote with Music podcasts

Podcasting is an emerging trend in marketing. You can start your podcast channel or get featured in podcasts. Either way, you will get listeners. The number of users of podcasting platforms is exceeding, and as more and more users are joining such platforms, it is making podcasting a great music marketing strategy.
You can record episodes and upload them on podcasting platforms. You can create different episodes on different genres or music themes.

Collaborate with Music Bloggers and influencers

If you are in a specif field, then it is likely that there are some communities created for that field. In the music industry, various communities on social media and other platforms are created where the singers or musicians can meet and share their mutual skills and interests.

You can collaborate with music bloggers and get featured in their music blogs. Music blogs usually have a large audience base, and getting featured can give you a wider reach. In addition to this, there are various pages and groups on social media platforms that share the creation of music artists. You can join such groups to share your musical creations.

Also, influencers have niche audiences and have a great potential of marketing music with their content. You can ask such influencers to promote your music and collaborate with them to create content for audiences. Being part of the music community is crucial to promote your music.

Host a music fest or event

The kind of events most audiences love to attend are music concerts or events. Many singers or bands perform in events and concerts to promote the release of their new album. Such events get a huge audience because the best thing for a music lover is to hear an artist performing live, not from a device.

Music festivals are also a great way of promoting your music. Each year many music festivals are held all over the world to celebrate music. Being a part of such music festivals can help you reach your target audiences.

Many popular bands perform at music festivals, and you can be a part of performers. Sunburn, Summerfest, Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Essence are some popular music festivals. You can book your band for music festivals and engage with live audiences.

Record and share music tutorials

Tutorials are a way of teaching the audiences something by creating videos. The makeup and cosmetic brands use makeup tutorials to give lessons on makeup skills. Similarly, musicians can create music tutorials for the audiences to teach the skills of singing, playing guitar, creating music, lyrics tec.

Many people aspire to create a career in the music industry, and you can offer a platform to learn the nitty-gritty of the music industry. Also, music tutorials can help you build audiences and attract more people to your little world of melodies.

Go live on digital platforms

To make the listeners connect to your music, you need to connect with your listeners. Connecting with your listeners in real-time is one of the best ways to get ideas to create new melodies for them and what they like the most.

You can go live from anywhere and anytime and connect with thousands of people. There are so many platforms to go live, like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Tick Tock, and connect with live audiences. You can schedule live music sessions and perform on-demand for live listeners.

Create videos for Youtube

Youtube is the greatest platform for music marketing. The platform has over 2 billion users which makes it an ideal place to market your music. Most artists release their music videos on Youtube to gain a large number of viewers. Also, many albums and artists have gained millions of views on Youtube and created a milestone in their musical journey. Create a youtube channel and share your compositions on the video platform.

You can also create different playlists of your songs and with compelling videos, you can attract large audiences. Most artists release their music videos on Youtube to gain a large number of viewers.


You need music marketing strategy because it is the most amazing thing in the world. You have put in words, notes, tunes and created music that soothes and thrills the listeners. So much art needs marketing to reach those listeners.

The strategies we have discussed so far are the best way of promoting your music. So let your tunes create aloud success with music marketing strategy.


Did someone say pizza? Well, yes, this article is about pizza. If you are craving for a pizza already, then think of the top 3 brands from where you would prefer to order pizza. We are pretty sure that most of you guys would include Dominos in your list.

Dominos is the leading pizza franchise in the US that delivers pizza with a smile on customers’ faces in less than 30 minutes. It is not only their pizzas’ authentic taste that makes it sell worldwide but also the marketing strategy of Dominos.

Dominos is the most loved fast-food chain globally. The fast-food chain sells over 3 million pizzas a day. It is operating in 17,800 stores in 90 countries worldwide comprising, 6,391 stores in the U.S., 1,346 stores in India, and the rest of the countries. In addition to this, half of the sale of Dominos comes from outside the U.S. All these global facts are shouting success of Dominos.

So what is there in the marketing strategy of Dominos that makes it the favorite of customers?

Let us move further and find out, but first, let us read a brief history of Dominos!

Domino’s Journey

Two brothers named James and Tom Monaghan began the journey of Dominos. Initially, they bought a small Michigan Pizzeria that was named Dominick’s. After running it for several years, James decided to sell his share and part his way to buy a second-hand car and left Tom to manage the business. In 1965, Tom, after departing with his brother, purchased two more pizzerias and revitalized the brand changing its name to Domino’s Pizza.

The logo of Dominos originally had three dots that depicted three stores that they ran in 1965. The plan was to add a dot in the logo every time there was a new store added to their pizzeria chain. But as the business expanded enormously, the idea faded cause obviously, the logo would have thousands of dots by now.

In 1983, Domino’s was ready to serve pizza to global customers and opened its first global branch in Winnipeg. And today, it’s serving pizza lovers in 90 countries worldwide to pizza. That’s how Domino’s made us love pizza.

Dominos Marketing Strategy


A Domino’s advertisement can instantly make you crave for a pizza. When it comes to advertising, Domino’s create such pleasing advertisements that even looking at the ads can make pizza lovers drool. That’s one reason for their high sales. Domino’s runs ads both online and offline, to reach its target customers of the age group 18-44 years.

Online/Digital Ads

Dominos runs Facebook ads and google to target audiences based on a specific age group and location. If there is a Domino’s outlet in a city, Domino’s runs its sponsored Facebook ads for targetting the people living there. Also, Dominos run their google ads on searches, websites, online games to attract customers on their online platform and order from them. In addition to this, Domino’s runs sponsored ads on Youtube on different videos and posts video advertisements on their youtube channel.

Offline Ads

Domino’s advertisements are created by keeping in mind the viewers and their mindset. As people in India watch television with their family together, Domino’s often brings a touch of togetherness, emotions, and happiness in their ads. There are relations, emotions, and sentiments in every ad. That’s how Dominos connect well with the audience.

Domino’s also runs advertisements on billboards so that a customer surely visits a Dominos store after watching a billboard ad.

Email and SMS Marketing

Emails and SMSs are not only used for notifying the customer about any order but, they can also be used for marketing. Email and SMS marketing is a great way of remarketing and attract customers.

Email Marketing Strategy used by Dominos

Remarketing is a concept which does not receive much attention. Is once a customer forever a customer? Well no. The customer can switch to another brand anytime they like or with a lack of communication. That’s when SMS and Email marketing comes to the rescue and builds a stronger communication between the brand and customers. Dominos keeps the customer updated on any new recipe, offers, or discount with SMS and Emails.

SMS Marketing Strategy used by Dominos

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the most trending marketing strategy that most brands are using nowadays. If you got an influencer promoting your brand, then you’re going a long way. How can Dominos miss something that’s trending?

Influencer marketing is also a part of the marketing strategy of dominos. Dominos collabs with various popular Indian influencers to make their audience crave domino’s pizza. Ankush Bahuguna, Dolly Singh, Saloni Gaur (Salonayyy) are famous influencers that promote Dominos while having bites of their delicious pizza. Also, the brand keeps up with micro-influencers and reposts their posts having Dominoes.

Buzz Marketing

Creating buzz means getting the people talking about a brand. Dominos creates buzz with its impactful and creative buzz marketing strategy. In addition to this, the brand uses unconventional tactics to connect with the audience or just does something out of the box to generate word of mouth.
When the brand introduced 10 new pizza flavors comprising 5 vegetarians and 5 nonvegetarians, it created a lot of buzz on social media.

One of its best marketing strategies was when the Steady Pizza guerilla marketing when its domino’s delivery guys delivered pizza in a transparent box so that people can see how it is kept stead inside the box. As most people complain that the food gets ruined when delivered, Domino’s clearly stated that’s not in their case cause their pizza is visibly steady.

Social media hashtag campaigns

Using hashtags in social media posts is good, but running your own social media hashtag campaign is great. Dominos runs various hashtag campaigns to get a wider reach and eventually increase their sale. Moreover, it is a different marketing strategy of Dominos, which makes their brand connect with the audience through hashtags.

In December 2020, Dominos ran #2020KeDostofTheYear to celebrate the people who made 2020 better.


The brand also ran the #AllNewEverydayValue hashtag for their new offer contest.
In one of its hashtag campaigns titled #PaveForPizza, Dominos went out on roads to pave potholes in each of 50 states. The brand was praised for this campaign and also attracted customers’ attention.

Event Marketing

What can be the way of increasing brand presence and pitching a large audience?

Event marketing is the strategy that increases a brand’s presence. Domino’s associates itself with the finest events with sponsorships to reach out to a large audience at a time.


Domino’s has partnerened with Liga de Videojuegos Profesional, known as LVP as its official pizza sponsor. The brand with this partnership got recognition during the broadcast of LVP’s various competitions like League of Legends, Clash Royale, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Domino’s has also been one of the sponsors of the team Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL). It is the most famous cricket tournament in India, and being a sponsor of a team in it is a great deal.

dominos-and-Euroleague-Basketball-partnership- event marketing

Dominos has also partnered with Euroleague Basketball to increase its brand presence.

Meme Marketing

It’s good to laugh over a meme while having a pizza. Its even better when the memer is Dominos pizza. Yes, Domino’s is also making its audience laugh while offering the most delicious pizzas.

Meme marketing is not as easy as it sounds because the brand has to make sense with their meem so the audience can laugh and share the meme. The essence of a meme is that it is supposed to be shared with friends, and the more they share, the more audience the brand targets.

Moreover, Dominos shares memes on its social media platforms to connect with the Millenials and GenZ generation, which loves likes and even talk memes nowadays.


A brand alone is strong, but when it joins with another brand, it becomes stronger. Partnerships are a great way of making a brand stronger and marketing as well.

Domino’s partnered with ITC to sell essential items to the people during the lockdown in 2020. The brand created a ‘Domino’s Essentials’ section on its app and delivered the essential items like wheat flour, pulses and spices amid lockdown.

The brand is a partner of PepsiCo and sells beverages like Pepsi, Mountain Dew, 7Up, Lipton Ice Tea across all of its restaurants in India.


Running a global brand is not easy. Different regions have different customers, and pitching those customers requires a robust marketing strategy. Domino’s has mastered the art of selling by leaving nothing and trying out all the strategies to reach their customers and get them inside their pizza stores.

The reason Dominos has a wide range of marketing tactics is that its audience is also wide. One strategy work for some audience, and one works for another. Meme marketing would work better on Gen Z generation customers than television commercials because this generation spends more time on social media.

Attract customers with the right kind of strategy which you think will work best.

Marketing a product is a challenging task, and when the product is taboo, it becomes even more challenging. But that’s not the case with the condom brand Durex because it has mastered the art of marketing condoms.

In India, any conversation related to sex is considered taboo, so it becomes a major challenge to market a condom brand in such areas. But, in India, there is a huge potential for condom brands. India is the second most populated country in the world, which explains the need for a condom brand to advertise and create awareness. Most of the time, people cringe while watching a condom advertisement, but Durex knows the right way to advertise and promote itself.

Founded in 1915 by La Jackson, Durex has revolutionized the marketing of condoms. In 1970, Durex became Worlld’s first condom brand to advertise in various countries. Moreover, the word Durex is the abbreviation for Durability, Reliability, and Excellence. As the brand name suggests, it is durable and reliable for customers, and it gains excellence from its marketing tactics.

Durex has never missed a chance to amaze audiences with its breakthrough advertisements and marketing campaigns.
Let us understand how the marketing strategy of Durex plays smartly engage audiences with their brand.

The Durable Marketing Strategy of Durex

The marketing strategy of Durex comprises of some of unconventional marketing communication tactics and campaigns. The following strategies justifies the excellence of the brand.

Humor Content

Creating humor content is altogether a different marketing strategy of Durex. In each of their advertisement, they try to incorporate wittiness and make an impression on the customers. Moreover, in most of the social media posts of Durex, there is something comical, and they make sure to use the wink emoji cause the jokes they make are sexually suggestive.

The “party ho rhi h” meme is getting viral in India, and Durex did not miss the chance to use it for marketing their brand.

The brand used a condom advert with the caption, “Party nhi ho rhi hai. kyuki yeh hmari protection ho rhi hai.”
Perfectly depicting their product feature in comic style, that’s how Durex markets.
Almost every ad Durex creates is some or the other way humorous. The humor they create is apt and does cross the line of being funny and vulgar. Durex learned from its past mistakes of not going too overboard with humor.

One of its SuperBowl ads faced heat from the audience as it depicted dark humor, which viewers did not entertain. The reason behind it was they were making a point, “use a condom, you whore, or you could give birth to the next mass murderer.” It didn’t work well and was banned for obvious reasons.

Bold campaigns

Being bold is what it takes to promote a condom brand at such a great level. But, Durex goes far and beyond when it comes to marketing.

Durex is not only promoting their condom brand protection feature but also how it offers pleasure.

Being the world’s leading sexual well-being brand, Durex advertises its products by breaking the stigmas and talking about underrepresented subjects.

The brand has created some advertisements around anal sex, which is a topic that no one talks about and breaks the stigmas around it. It also created an advertisement using the most hated word, ‘Moist,’ in their adverts.

In addition to this, Durex is creating advertisements to normalize using lubricants during sex. Also, it is destigmatizing female sexual discomfort with its lubricant range advertisements.
All of this states that the marketing strategy of Durex is the synonym for Bold.

Moment marketing

People believe in ‘living in the moment,’ and Durex believes in ‘marketing in the moment.’
We are stating the remarkable moment marketing of Durex. The condom brand uses the current events going around worldwide and creates promotional campaigns or adverts from the.
As we all know, the coronavirus outbreak has hit the world, and vaccination is going on worldwide, and Durex used this in their advertisement.

Recently the government stated that the vaccination process for all 18 or above age groups to start from May 1. Durex made an advertisement for that on its social media platforms and what it says is “Being 18 + never felt so good.” The injection in the image subliminally depicts a condom, and the brand perfectly adds up their brand message of ‘stay protected’ in the caption.

Two messages, one advertisement, that’s how you crat an ad.

Another ad Durex released on Halloween is a perfect depiction of moment marketing. The brand has smartly placed a condom in the advert without making it obvious. You would’ve never seen condom shaped moon before.

Influencer Marketing

Marketing for a condom brand works well when it is presented or endorsed by some influential personalities. Durex uses an influencer marketing strategy to promote its brand.

Durex collaborates with various content creators, fashion influencers, and celebrities for promotions on its social media platforms.

Its latest launch, DurexInvisible, is being promoted by various digital creators and T.V personalities under the #DurexInvisible.

Actors and television personalities like Radhika Apte, Kalki Koechlin, Varun Sood, Vikrant Massey, and Bani J are actively promoting Durex Invisible range on social media platforms. Also, digital creators like Dolly Singh, Nick (Beyounick), and Leeza Mangadas are using their style to promote the campaign Durex #ForgetCondoms campaign.

Buzz marketing

If a brand manages to start conversations about their brand, it means their buzz marketing campaign is a success. Durex has generated enough buzz by taking the opportunity of Earth Hour to commercialize its brand.

Earth hour is an event launched by the NGO WWF, which takes place every year. In this event, on the last Saturday of March, all the lights are turned off for 1 hour from 8:30 to 9:30 pm local time. Durex smartly converted this into a campaign called “Love Hour.”
Durex released various adverts o celebrate Earth hour in a different way, which is obviously known to the brand users.

Durex buzz marketing strategy

When in 2012 there were predictions that the world might end on December 21, the brand again did something marvelous. Durex started promotions by asking the customers to make the end special by using Durex. Well, that’s smart and witty!

Content marketing

Creating content is an art. The marketing strategy of Durex states that you don’t need to yell “SEX” to sell a condom brand. The right content marketing strategy can sell a brand by attracting customers to the brand.. The content strategy of something that makes Durex the leading condom brand.

Coming, coming, coming!!! Until then fasten your trouser belts! #RexWithRanveer

Posted by Durex on Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Look at this subtle ad by Durex where it says, “Great things are often revealed gradually”, with a peeling banana image and the customers know exactly what it is depicting.

Another great aspect of the content strategy of Durex is minimalism. The brand mostly uses a simple blue background, with minimal visuals and text and yet it coveys its brand communication. That’s what is content marketing all about, effective engaging, and compelling.

Controversial Marketing

Durex has also created many controversies with its marketing strategies that went overboard. In one of its ads released in China was over-explicit and it created debates online.

In the banned advertisement, the brand used erotic words to describe the use of the Durex vibrator. Even though it faced a lot of heat, the brand managed to get greater publicity.

Another banned advertisement by Durex was too seductive for the Indian audiences. It was ultimately banned. But, such ads are searched by the audiences as they are curious about such matters. The result was again greater publicity for the brand. Controversies create curiosity and sell a brand ultimately.

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is a marketing strategy where the brand uses surprise elements or unconventional interactions to promote a brand. It is a tactic that works like wonders.

Check out this ad for a Durex condom with ribs and knows. In this ad, the brand has done a clever job, and its marketing team deserves an applaud for drawing the condom shape at the right spot to advertise its codon features.

durex guerrilla marketing strategy
durex guerrilla marketing strategy

Another smart guerilla ad by Durex is where it has written “hold on” on a stair railing with the brand logo. Right place, right time, and the right message.



Excellent is the right word to state the marketing strategy o Durex. No other sexual wellness brand is designing such creative ad campaigns when it comes to marketing.

Durex understands that its target customers are people aged between 18 to 24, and the best way to target them is creativity. That’s what makes Durex the leading condom brand. The brand is selling condoms with the best ads and marketing campaigns. So, attract your target customers with breakthrough marketing campaigns and be a market leader like Durex.


As the title suggests in this article, we are going to discuss the marketing strategy of Airbnb. But why?
If a hospitality brand is among the world’s leading brands, and without even owning a single hotel, then it sure calls for a study on its marketing strategy.

Airbnb provides a platform that connects people who have vacant homes and apartments with the people who want to rent them. Airbnb is transforming the hospitality industry by making it easier for people to find rooms and accommodation when traveling for work or visiting tourist places for vacation.

As its tagline says “Airbnb for Everyone,” Airbnb is an inclusive hospitality brand. It not only offers rooms and home rentals but also offers local recommendations.

Airbnb has over 150 million worldwide users, with over 20 million overnight guests and 5.6 million global listings. Well, that’s huge!

When most businesses were facing a downfall in 2020, Airbnb ended the year with a record-breaking $100 billion IPO. They achieved this even when their bookings rates declined 85% in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Moreover, according to reports, there are 2.9 million hosts worldwide in 2021, with over 14,000 new hosts joining each month.
All we have discussed till now is its success. Let us dig deeper into the journey of Airbnb and its marketing strategy.

How did Airbnb journey its hosting

The idea of Airbnb hit its founder Brian Chesky and JoeGebbia, in 2008. After realizing that they could make money by renting out an air mattress in their living room to the people visiting San Francisco for a conference. 

airbnb founders

The co-founder, Joe Gebbia’s apartment, was the first Airbnb listing. Then after finding out that this is a profitable business, their idea evolved and took the shape of a website where they could let others do the same, be a host and rent out their rooms and apartments to earn extra bucks and where travelers could find a cheap option to stay.

They started with a website called and took the idea on a bigger scale by operating as an online marketplace for people looking for accommodations. Soon they included Natan Blecharczyk in the business and shortened the name AirBedandBreakfast to Airbnb. 

The Marketing Strategy of Airbnb

Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who have a strong knowledge of a specific field and create content in that area and share it with the audience. They possess a strong following on social media by their niche audience.

Airbnb uses this strategy to influence the audience to increase their user base. Many times the influencers mention Airbnb whenever they use their service on social media. Airbnb endorses their stays in return for their social media mentions.

The brand’s first influencer marketing practice was back in 2015 when the famous American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey posted a photo of herself at an Airbnb-listed beachfront.

The best influencer marketing of Airbnb was at the time of National Dog Week in the USA. Airbnb collaborated with the adorable doggy influencer ‘Marnie the Dog’ to boost their awareness of pet-friendly listings.

Who says your pets can’t live like locals? Marnie The Dog enjoyed some much needed R&R at her Beverly Hills Airbnb, and that’s just one of our 600,000 pet friendly homes. #AirbnbPets

Posted by Airbnb on Wednesday, 19 October 2016

This short video advert showcases how the Doggy influencer gets a VIP treatment at Airbnb listed Beverly Hills Mansion. The video is addictive and has a charm that makes everyone play it on repeat.

Airbnb chooses the right influencer to appeal to its target audience. Influencers are one reason for the success of the marketing strategy of Airbnb.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing plays a pivotal role in the success of Airbnb. The brand engages its audience and attracts more people to its platform with its wanderlust posts. With minimum efforts, they create a lot of engagement.

The best part about Airbnb’s social media strategy is that they post user-generated content. By posting UGC, they have to put less effort into creating posts.

The photos on its Facebook and Instagram page are clicks of the hosts of various listed hotels and apartments from Airbnb listings. It makes their social media pages authentic and gives a relatable feel to the audience.

Moreover, the brand posts in 3 to 4 days on Facebook, and on Instagram, it keeps up posting almost daily

The “Airbnb Help” account on the Twitter platform answers the queries from users regarding their stay.Airbnb manages its social media community well by responding within hours into the comments section of its posts.

So that’s one reason it attracts a strong user base because they are know how to be social.

Video Marketing

Airbnb utilizes the Youtube platform quite well to promote its services. The brand creates video marketing campaigns and posts them on their Youtube channel.

In its video marketing campaigns, the brand collaborates with some popular celebrities like Jaden Smith, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Alice Cooper, and many more.

In 2017, Airbnb released a video titled “We Accept,” which was a great response to the accusations made on the Airbnb host of racial discrimination.

The brand handled the situation quite well by powerful video by spreading the message that they accept everyone from all cultural backgrounds and discriminate against none.

That’s how the brand retains its users and makes them believe the tagline “Airbnb for Everyone.”

PR Stunts

PR Stunts or publicity stunts capture a lot of attention from the audience. It helps a brand to get an instant boost in terms of customers and brand exposure. The marketing strategy of Airbnb includes PR stunts.

Airbnb utilizes this strategy to grab the attention of its target customers. One of its PR stunts is an unforgettable one that was one of the most impactful PR stunts.

Marketing strategy of Airbnb-PR-Stunt-of-AirBnB

The campaign is titled “Night at the Floating House in London.” It was an experimental stunt where an Airbnb house was floating in the Thames in May 2015. It was a celebratory stunt in response to the Deregulation Act that confirmed Londoners could let their house out for rent for 90 days. It was the legalization o Airbnb, which had been a grey area.

In response to this stunt, over 73,500 people visited the Airbnb site including, 28,000 were new visitors.
A perfect example of a successful publicity stunt.

Content Marketing

Content is a way the brand can tell its story most engagingly. Airbnb engages the audience with their content, and then eventually, it increases their user base.

On the Airbnb website, there is a lot of quality content that makes the users glued to the website once they visit it. The website consists of Stories, Neighborhoods, Guidebooks to offer a memorable experience on their site.

The Stories section includes the user’s travel stories how Airbnb impacted their travel.

The Neighborhoods is for those travelers who care about the location they’re going to stay, and it is a strategy of Airbnb to create a seamless journey for them.

Content marketing strategy by Airbnb

The Guidebooks is just like a travel guide for users when they visit a new city and what is there in the city for the users.

Airbnb also runs a blogging website that includes content ranging from travel tips, tips for hosts and guides, and much more.

So The Content marketing strategy of Airbnb is strong, where it offers consumable content that attracts audiences to their service.

Referral Marketing

In the hospitality industry, referrals play a pivotal role. A user brainstorms a lot before choosing a service. But when someone refers by their experience, then it becomes credible.
Airbnb’s success is because of its referral marketing as it believes that its users tell the story better than they do, so they utilize this strategy.
It is more likely that a person will choose a service, when it comes as a reference from a friend. So, Airbnb runs referral programs since 2011 to build its user base. It is not the basic refer a friend kind of program, but the brand designs a referral program with a great look and feel that makes the users try them out.

Email Marketing

Airbnb utilizes the Email marketing strategy to target the customers who log in to the website and check out the city they wish to visit and then do not proceed to check-out. The brand targets them with an email sequence to change their mind so that they get back at search and book their next stay.

They create tailor-made email heading, which the user searched for so that it captures their attention. Then the email includes recommendations along with the ratings of the listed hotels or apartments of the city the user searched for. So, that’s how they create a personalized email to target the user so that they complete their booking.


The marketing strategy of Airbnb is the reason for its success worldwide. The brand’s focus is on offering a great experience to its user. Moreover, the brand tries to understand what the customer wants and plans its marketing strategy accordingly. The ultimate reason for the success of the marketing strategy of Airbnb is that it is customer-centric.

The marketing strategy of Airbnb revolves around one sole purpose, and that is their customer and how to give the best of their service.
So if you are planning your marketing strategy, then make sure that it is customer-centric.


Are you running a small cafe, a sweet shop, a retail outlet, a clothing store, or any other small business, then this blog is for you.
Small business owners have limited funds and resources to market their products. But, there are vast options for you out there that you can utilize to promote your business. If you are running a small business, and looking for ways to promote your business, then this blog is for you. We will discuss different types of marketing strategies for your small business.

11 Types of Marketing Strategies for Small Business

Build A Website

Among all these types of marketing strategies for small businesses, a website should do right away. Not having a website in 2021 is like not having any business. A website is something that most customers look for nowadays before buying from any business. A customer is most likely to check your business website before stepping into it.

If your business has a website, then your customers feel that your business is a credible one. Moreover, you can put all the information related to your business on your website, showcase your products with rich content and promote your business. If you have a website, then focus on SEO.

Write Blog

No matter what kind of business you run, there’s a subject that you can publish a blog. Most of the small businesses publish blogs related to their business on their websites, but why?

Because blog offers something knowledgeable to readers and attracts them to their business. You can write about your business, how it helps people, what services or products you into, what milestones you hit, announcements, and so much more in your blogs.

People usually google for some information online, and if they find something related to your subject, then it’s your chance to convert that reader into a customer. But, optimize your blog for SEO to make sure your target readers find it.

Google My Business

This one strategy tops our list as it is the most powerful strategy. It is an effective strategy for local businesses to target their local customers.

Google My Business is an absolutely free tool that can help your small business to manage your google listings. Whenever a customer looks for a business similar to yours, then this Goggle listing will appear in SERPs.

Google My Business -Types of Marketing Strategies for Small Business

If your business ranks for GMB listing, then you have a chance to pull highly qualified leads for your business.
The best part about this strategy is that any business can add a place to Google maps, and that too free of cost. With Google listings, your prospects can find your business easily.

Content Marketing

What could be a better way to promote your business by offering consumable content to your prospects and, in return attracting, them to your business. Well, among various types of marketing strategies for small business, this one is indeed effective.

Content marketing is all about creating and sharing relevant, valuable, attractive, and regular content to a specific audience so that they convert into customers. Content marketing is not simple because the only way to attract the target audience is to make quality content, that they like. Also, the topics you choose must be relevant to your business.

For example, if your business is a bakery shop, then your content must be related to the bakery. Would the audience connect with your business if you create makeup tutorials? Well no.
You can create content like videos, podcasts, offer online courses, blogs, and various other kinds of content.
Content marketing gives slow yet long-lasting results.

Google Adwords

Can you run an effective marketing campaign without even spending a penny?
No, of course. Google Adwords is a strategy that demands some investment, but in return, it delivers optimal results. Google Ads is an online advertising platform where you can bid to display brief ads of your business or products to web users.

Using Google Ads, you can place your ads on Google Search result when a search relevant to your business is made or on non-search websites, videos, or mobile apps.

Using GoogleAdwords, you can justify every penny you spend on as it will deliver better returns by delivering relevant search results to users so that they can get back to your business.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is yet another affordable and effective marketing strategy for your small business. If the customers share their email addresses, then they could be your future loyal customers. One loyal customer generates word of mouth and draws more and more customers. A brilliant strategy isn’t it!

You can update your customer about discounts or offers on your business products or update them about any new products. This way, you can maintain a relationship with your customers. Also, you can share weekly newsletters or update about any event happening in your business.

A customer can know more about your business when you regularly keep them updated via email marketing. Also, you can use catchy phrases in your email subjects, attractive CTAs in your email to make it look more attractive.

Facebook Advertising

Do you know that over 2 Million small businesses promote their products on Facebook?
Then what are you waiting for?

Facebook advertising is an effective and pocket-friendly way to promote your business. With Facebook ads, you can target a specific target audience and make your ads visible to them.

Facebook Advertising - One of the Type of Marketing Strategy for Small Business

You can also target customers based on psychographic, geographic, and demographic to target customers. Moreover, creating Facebook ads is quite easy, as it requires a headline, an image, a description, and finally, a link.

Facebook ads can bring new customers to your business and create better brand awareness.

Get Social

Who can sell better, A marketer or a Friend you trust?
Well, there is no way we are asking to make thousands of friends, but with social media, you can engage with your customers just like a friend.

There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Pinterest much more. You can just create your profile, post about your business products and services, create engaging and fun content, stay in connect with your customer and update them about your new offerings.

Social media presence is a must for businesses these days as social media marketing is getting much popularity.
Your small business can build a clan of loyal customers through social media.

Offer Coupon Deals

Customers love discounts, and it can be a great way of promoting your small business. In coupon deals, you can use a coupon deal site where you can offer your products at a discount, and promote your small business.

Groupon website

Groupon is one such website where you can target massive audiences by offering limited period discounts.

At the coupon deal sites, you can let the customers try your product for the first time, and then if they like the products, you can sell them at your actual undiscounted price. So, first, you sell at less price and then at MRP. It is like a customer retention strategy.

Apply for Awards

Getting all the paparazzi after winning an award is every business’s dream. But, even being there in the nominations can give you enough popularity to and marketing your business. Another great way of marketing your small business is by attaching it with some business awards.

Various business awards take place for different businesses, and you can take part in them. It can give you immense publicity and spread awareness about your brand. Moreover, if you win such awards, then it can be an ultimate boost to your small business.

Also, award shows are a great place for networking with other businesses.
You can participate in titles like Best Production Team, best blog post, Best innovative product, and so much more.

Be YoUnique!

Among all the types of marketing strategies for small businesses, this one is different because it’s to be unique.

Yes, your business should not parrot the same thing your competitors are doing. Your small business should have its USP that attracts the customer to your business. Be creative and think out of the box to pitch your niche customers.

There are 400 million small and medium businesses in the world, do what sets you apart and create a unique identity among them.

Wrap Up

So it’s a wrap with the types of marketing strategies for small business. You have so many options to choose from, and most of these strategies are affordable that will suit your business. These marketing strategies are inexpensive and impactful if used smartly.

One thing that you should take note of is that there are ample marketing strategies, and you should choose one to connect with your customers. Connecting with customers will bring success to your small business.

So, do not miss out on any of these strategies and get the attention of all your prospects.

Hear us Out!

If you want to spread awareness for your brand using digital platforms, then we have some amazing reasons to include podcasting in your digital marketing strategy.

Most digital marketers do not even consider podcasting and put their efforts into social media platforms and blogging. But, now it’s time to hop onto podcasting. As most of you will have questions that why you need to podcast in the first place, well we have got this question covered in this article.

Checkout these Statistics:

According to a survey in 2020 over 155 million people used to listen to a podcast every week. There are 43 million podcast episodes as of January 2021, and podcast listeners consume an average of 7 shows per week.
Spotify is the world’s most popular podcasts app, followed by Apple Podcasts app.

Some other apps that are specifically famous for podcasts are along with their total downloads on Play Store:
Google Podcasts has over 50 million downloads, Podcast Player with over 10 million downloads, and Player FM with 5 Million downloads

So it is loud and clear that podcasting is on the rise.
But if not convinced yet, we have 9 reasons to include podcasting in digital marketing strategy.

9 reasons to include podcasts in digital marketing

Get Audible to make your brand visible

Creating brand awareness is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy. With podcasting, you can get your goal achieved by spreading information about your brand. First, you go audible, and then you make your brand visible.

A customer never forgets what he hears, and with your podcasting, there are chances that the listener remembers your brand name and tries it out.

Creating a podcast or featuring in a podcast can increase your website traffic as well. So there are so many brownie points you get for podcasting.

There are low or no entry barriers

In podcasting, there are no or mostly low entry barriers. The software for podcasting is not costly, and you can just do it anywhere. You can podcast about anything and create your studio anywhere. People podcast about music, beauty, personal experiences, motivational stories, or anything.

You can podcast anywhere, and that’s the essence of it. There are no barriers to enter podcasting; you can just start it anytime and anywhere. The only thing you need is an audio recording device and your voice, of course.

Audible and Accessible

Most people these days tend to multi-task, and it leaves no time for them to indulge in video content. But when it’s podcasting, it can take place in even the busiest of lifestyle. People can listen to a podcast while driving, cleaning, cooking, or doing some office work. They just have to listen and grasp all the information.

So you are not taking out any extra time and effort of the audience to promote your brand. Moreover, as most marketers focus on visual content, they ignore a large section of the audiences, who are good or great listeners. You can get access to those audiences with podcasting, and that’s one of the reasons why you should include podcasting in your digital marketing strategy.

You can target your niche

Podcasts are usually about some specific topics. These topics are related to different subjects or industries. If you want to advertise your brand, you can choose a topic related to your brand and start podcasting.

For example, if you want to advertise a cosmetic brand, then you can create a podcast on beauty or skincare tips.

You can target your niche audience by advertising our product on a relatable topic. The listeners get enthralled with your advertisements if it is relevant to the podcast they are listening to.

And that would result in generating higher sales leads.

Vocal makes your audience loyal

You can not only create customers but loyal customers with podcasts. Even your customer can be the brand ambassadors for your brand.

Remember that while podcasting, you are providing free, valuable, and consumable content to the audience, and this makes them satisfied at the utmost level. If an individual is already satisfied with your podcasts, then they are likely to become loyal customers of your brand. So that works well in your favor.

Initially, we discussed how listeners consume up to 7 shows per week, and that means they are habitual of podcasts they like. So it’s a great chance of turning these listeners into loyal customers.

High Engagement and Conversions

If you really want to engage your audience with not only the podcast content but also in your advertising, then podcasting is a must-have in your digital marketing.

Most of the listeners do not even mind ad breaks in podcasts, rather they get influenced by them. According to a survey, 63% of podcast listeners purchased something that the podcast host promoted during the show.

Even most podcast listeners check brand websites and consider purchasing the product. So you can engage and sell at the same time with podcasting.

It’s Mobile Friendly

Podcasts are a kind of audio blog that you can listen to anytime and anywhere. When you advertise on television, then there is a certain watch time of audiences where you need to show your ad. But in podcasting, they can listen to your podcasts when they are working, driving, travelling, walking, working out, and while doing anything. Podcasting is mobile, and the users can hear them anywhere and at any time.

Another plus point is that podcasts are mobile-friendly. As there is a rise in mobile phone users in the world, it makes smartphones a great platform to advertise any brand. It makes podcasts a better way of reaching out to customers.

Spend less efforts and money

It is the most compelling one amongst the reasons to include podcasts in digital marketing. You need an audio recording device, a topic, and just get started with podcasting. Podcasts require less effort and less money.

You can come up with any topic, its name, length of episodes, and start podcasting. So you can choose any concept that is relevant to your brand and entertain and attract the audience to your brand.

Podcasting is Flourishing

Initially, we discussed how podcasting is flourishing these days, and the people are getting inclined towards it.

According to stats, around 24% of the US population listen to multiple podcasts daily, which is 68 million people. So this can tell how podcast listeners are rising.

Podcasts are a convenient way of consuming entertainment and information for users. The users have to plug in headphones and get started.

So make them hear out what your brand has to say.


All these reasons are shouting and saying a yes to podcasting in your digital marketing strategy. The markers should not miss such a great opportunity to promote their brand on digital platforms.

A marketer should do what the customers like, and podcasts are the new favourite of the customers, so it’s their chance to entertain and sell.

What could be better than a strategy that is pocket-friendly, and simple for marketers, and entertaining and consumable content for the audience?

It’s a win-win for both.

Start promoting with podcasting!


Nykaa is an Indian beauty brand that sells makeup, skin care and wellness products. The word Nykaa is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Nayaka’ that means “the one in the spotlight” and the brand is indeed in the spotlight since when it started. As the title suggests, this article is about the marketing strategy of Nykaa that stunned the nation

The brand sells over 1,30,000 products across 1500 brands that include various luxury beauty brands along with their in-house brand Nykaa Beauty.

At present, the brand has over 5 million active monthly users. Moreover, Nykaa is leading the beauty industry with such a huge customer base.

But what’s the reason behind the success story of Nykaa?
Well, the credit for this success goes to the omnichannel marketing strategy of Nykaa.

So let us read about the marketing strategy of Nykaa and understand how the brand stunned the nation with its immense success in the beauty industry.

How Nykaa’s Journey Began

The Indian e-commerce brand Nykaa was founded in 2012 by investment banker turned entrepreneur Falguni Nayar. The idea of starting an e-commerce store struck after Nayar realized that there are no stores in India that sell a variety of beauty products in stores even when there is a high demand for them. Nayar also researched that countries like Japan, Europe, and France have such stores in abundance.

Founder of Nykaa Marketing Strategies of Nykaa

She saw that there was a huge opportunity to invest in the online space. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, and many some other eCommerce players were leading in the market. But Nykaa was the only one to start as an eCommerce beauty and personal care store.

So, in 2012 Falguni Nayar, with her husband, Sanjay Nayar invested $2 million in the company and launched the beauty brand Nykaa.

Initially, Nykaa was called ‘Indian Sephora’ which is a multinational personal care and beauty retailer. The brand gained much popularity just after its launch. So that’s how Nayar created Nykaa and started its journey by setting up an eCommerce platform.

Nykaa is revolutionizing the beauty industry with a wide range of products and making available the world’s class luxury brands in India.

Soon to be a billionaire company

During COVID-19, most businesses were wrecked. But, all the beauty shoppers had an option, and that was Nykaa. Nykaa keeps on delivering products with discounts and offers and. Nykaa generated revenue of $247 million in march 2020, and it expects to report a 40% rise in its revenue for the year ending March 2021 thanks to its marketing efforts during the pandemic.
Another milestone that Nykaa is prepping itself for is an IPO this year, which’s expected to value around $3 billion.

Furthermore, after Nykaa’s funding round, which is expected to end in March, it is suspected that its Founder Falguni Nayar makes it into billionaire ranks. It will make her India’s second-richest self-made woman.

All these achievements are the results of the hardcore marketing efforts of Nykaa that increased its brand awareness.

So, that’s how Nykaa has become a one-stop platform of cosmetics for customers just like French multinational retailer Sephora.

The Stunning Marketing strategy of Nykaa

Nykaa is shining and flourishing in the beauty industry with its strong marketing strategy.
The backbone of the marketing strategy of Nykaa is digital marketing. The core strategy that Nykaa adopts to pitch its customers is a Digital marketing strategy. The brand is not just focussing its marketing efforts in tier 1 cities but is also pitching the customers of tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 cities.

Let us dive deeper into the marketing strategy of Nykaa and understand how it attracts its target customers.

Social media Marketing

In its marketing strategy, social media platforms play a great role. . On social media. Nykaa’s four social media accounts consist of its in-house brand My Nykaa, Nykaa beauty for promoting its e-commerce platform, Nykaa fashion for its e-commerce apparel store, and Nykaa beauty book that offers various beauty and makeup tips to the audience. Moreover, each of its accounts serves a different purpose.

Nykaa Social Media Marketing Strategy

The brand is serving across various social media platforms to promote its brand. Nykaa targets its customers on social media platforms by influencer marketing. On its social media handles the brand also posts the content created by influencers where they try out Nykaa’s products.

Youtube Marketing

Nykaa has a full-fledged youtube marketing strategy. On its Nykaa youtube channel, the brand does not focus on selling its product but offering consumable content to its target, which involves beauty, personal care tips, makeup hacks, and much more.

Nykaa Youtube Marketing Strategy

The youtube playlist of Nykaa has a variety of content like Beauty horoscope, bridal makeup tips, celebrity beauty secrets, and the list goes on and on.

Also, the brand runs youtube ads to target its customers. The youtube marketing of Nykaa is full of quality content that keeps the audience engaged.

Content Marketing

Nykaa’s content marketing is one of its most powerful strategies that makes most of its customers. Nykaa offers a variety of consumable content to the audience hence converting them into its customer. Nykaa has its own blog, “Nykaa beauty book,” where it publishes blogs on beauty, makeup, and personal care.

Nykaa Beauty Book Blog Content marketing Startegy

Also, the brand creates video content like makeup tutorials, DIYs, and much more. The brand has a team of young professionals who understand the preferences and likings of its target customers and create content to target them.

Event Marketing

It is evident that event marketing is a great way to pitch the right customer at the right time and right place. Nykaa is sponsoring the widely popular event Femina Miss India for the last 3 years. Nykaa has increased its brand value by sponsoring one of the largest beauty events in India.


Not just this event, but Nykaa also sponsored various college fests and events like the Red Brick Summit, 2019 IIM Ahmedabad, and Mood Indigo, a Mumbai college fest.

Stepping in Brick and Mortar

Nykaa started its journey as an eCommerce store, but gradually it stepped into brick and mortar to provide an omnichannel presence for its customers.


As most of the customers cannot try the products when buying online, so the brand spread across the country by forming Nykaa brick-and-mortar stores. Nykaa has over 68 physical stores across India, and that’s how it’s maintaining its offline presence.

5 million brand ambassadors

Don’t be shocked, these 5 million brand ambassadors are active users of the brand. It is the word of mouth that the brand generates, and that’s how the brand has got such a huge customer base.

Nykaa’s CMO, Hitesh Malhotra, stated in one of his interviews that the customer of Nykaa is the brand ambassador who actively promotes the brand with word of mouth.
The customers have a great role in the success of the brand.

From makeup to wardrobe

Initially, Nykaa’s focus was on beauty and personal care products but in 2018 the brand created a place in customer’s wardrobes as well by launching Nykaa Fashion. It is known to be its next biggest frontier. Nykaa Fashion is the eCommerce platform that offers apparel from hundreds of brands online.

The launch of Nykaa Fashion can tell that the brand is unstoppable and will keep on expanding its customer base.

Brand Endorsements and collaborations

After creating a public image and building its brand stronger, Nykaa stepped into brand endorsements and collaborations to promote its brand. In 2018, Jhanvi Kapoor was announced as the brand ambassador and face of Nykaa.

The young actress actively promotes the brand on her social media pages and gain by creating video content and tutorials by trying out different products of Nykaa.

Another big name in the fashion industry is the fashion designer Masaba Gupta. The designer has collaborated with Nykaa and offers a special range, “Nykaa by Masaba,” where the packaging of Nykaa products is designed and printed by Masaba.


Seasonal Discounts and offers

The eCommerce platform provides various offers and discounts to its users. The Pink Friday sale is the biggest sale on Nykaa, where it offers huge discounts on various brands to attract more customers and increase its sales and user base. Also, the Black Friday sale offers many discounts on various products.

Nykaa special sale

The brand also offers a Spin the wheel contest where the customers have a chance to win some offers on selected brands.

Nykaa Special offers and discounts

The brand also offers free gifts on special purchases to make the customers even happier with their purchases. It is a great way the brand builds customer retention.


That was about the stunning marketing strategy of Nykaa. The brand, with its omnichannel marketing, has left the customers with glittery eyes. 

A key takeaway of Nykaa’s marketing strategy is to deliver something new to the customers. Nykaa was a fresh idea in Indian markets, and today it holds an influential position. 

Another thing that other marketers can learn from Nyka’s marketing strategy is to deliver value in every way possible. Nykaa offers value in its products, customer service, social media content, youtube videos, and blogs. Moreover, everything that the brand does in its marketing strategy is to satisfy the customers at the utmost level even before they try out the product. 

The marketing strategy of a brand should not focus on persuading customers but delivering a great experience even before the customer purchase it. 

So, take the spotlight on your brand with a stunning marketing strategy.


A great marketing strategy is the superpower of any brand. Focusing on marketing efforts eventually leads to increase awareness, sales, and profit for any brand.

Like the brand tagline says, “Red Bull gives you wings,” the marketing strategy of Red Bull gives it the wings to fly high.

Red Bull follows an aggressive marketing strategy. The brand sells energy drinks, and despite having a niche market, the brand has global recognition. Red Bull has the highest market share of any energy drink in the world today.

The brand sold 7.5 billion cans in 2019 and 7.9 billion cans in 2020. The brand prioritizes the marketing efforts more than its selling efforts, but still, it manages to boost its sales at this tremendous rate. The credit of this tremendous growth of the brand goes to its marketing efforts.

The brand creates hilarious advertisements, and it also utilizes some unconventional marketing practices to promote its products.

So let us understand what makes Red bull a marketing expert.


The idea of the Redbull energy drink was brought up by an Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz. He was inspired by an energy tonic named ‘Krating Daeng,’ which was introduced by Chaleo Yoovidhya.

Dietrich Mateschitz modified its ingredients to suit the tastes of westerners, and after testing it for 3 years, Red Bull launched in Austria.

Initially, not many people trusted and believed the brand as there were no market energy drinks. But Red Bull proved all the doubters wrong. Red Bull in 1995 entered the UK market, and today it is a global brand.

Marketing Strategy of Red Bull

Firstly, let us understand the target audience of Red Bull.

The target audience of Red Bull age between 16- 30 years old males and females. Earlier the brand was more popular among males but now things have changed.

Red Bull targets high-income level customers. Furthermore, the brand targets the type of people who are energetic and determined.

Now let us discuss with what marketing strategies Red Bull targets its customers.

Guerilla Marketing

Red Bulls grabs the attention of the audience with its Guerilla marketing strategy. It is an unconventional marketing strategy where the marketers use a surprise element in their ads to create unconventional interactions with the audience.

Guerilla marketing strategy adopted as a major marketing strategy of red bull

Red Bull does exceptionally well in this marketing strategy. Designing a car in red and blue color and placing a big Red Bull can over the car’s bonnet. No eye can possibly miss this car moving on the road.

Also, in one of its Guerilla marketing strategies, the brand placed its cans in high pedestrian traffic areas to create an impression that the brand is popular.

The best part about this tactic is that it’s free of cost and also impactful.

Word of Mouth

Every marketing tactic of Red Bull has one motive, and that is generating word of mouth. Be it their TV commercials, their publicity stunts, or their social media adverts. The brand focuses on creating such campaigns that get the people talking about the brand. Red Bull generates word of mouth with its viral marketing and publicity stunts.

  • Publicity Stunts

The whole idea of any publicity stunt is to let the people talking and creating word of mouth for any brand. The marketers plan publicity stunts to attract public attention.

RedBull’s marketing strategy involves this strategy to attracts the audience. The publicity stunts by Red Bull are some of the most adventurous and courageous stunts.

In one of its publicity stunts, A skydiver moves between gliders in mid-air. The name of the stunt is The Akte Blanix, where an Austrian skydiver climbs out of the cockpit of a glider and performs many other acts while flying in the air.

  • Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a strategy that marketers adopt to make their customers share the brand information.

The most extraordinary viral marketing by Red Bull is Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from the 128,100-foot height from the edge of the space. Unreal, isn’t it? This stunt costs a whopping US$30 million. It is the most extreme marketing stunt ever.

Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a strategy to promote any brand among a large and specific kind of audience. Red Bull uses an event marketing strategy to promote its products at various events.

The benefit of sponsoring and hosting events for marketing is that Red Bulls can promote its product to a large audience. Moreover, the target audience of Red Bull is present at the event.
Red Bull sponsors the widely popular music festival Coachella which lasts for 2 weeks.

F1 racing car- red bull event marketing stratgey

The brand sponsors sports and sports and athletic events like the Red Box Soap Box Racing and F1 motor racing.

Not only event sponsoring, but Red Bull also organizes various events to promote the brand.
Red Bull organizes the annual Bird Man competition in various cities across the UK. In this popular event, the participants spend months creating human mad flying machines and break distance records with these machines.

Content Marketing

Red bull indulges in content marketing strategy by covering the interest of their audience. It offers what the target customer likes, which is music, sports, and adventures.

The social media handles of Red Bull do not involve any posts where the brand is persuading the audience to buy Red Bull, but it includes content that the audience likes. The focus of the brand is to offer top-notch content, not aggressive promotion.

Red Bull does not push its product to the customer, but it creates content to engage the customer

Gives You Wiiings.

Getting the hang of the year of the bull?

Posted by Red Bull on Friday, 12 February 2021

The whole idea behind their content marketing is to offer consumable content like videos, blog posts, and landing pages.

Wrap Up

So, it’s a wrap with the marketing strategy of Red Bull. The five key takeaways from the marketing strategy of Red Bull are:

  • Sell a lifestyle, not a Product.
  • Focus on marketing, not just selling.
  • Instead of expanding, be a leader in your niche.
  • Know your target customer and design your marketing for them.
  • Create core and consumable content for customers.

So design your own marketing strategy and be a leader in your niche market.

It takes several years for a brand to reach its growth stage and accomplish its targets. But with a strong marketing strategy, a brand can outdo its target and achieve record-breaking success.
Well, you know from the title, we are talking about Boat.Nirvana, which is India based consumer electronics brand.

The consumer electronics startup was founded in 2015 by Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta. In just 5 years, Boat became a market leader in consumer electronics in India. Today when a customer looks for earphones or headsets, Boat is the brand they don’t miss. Also, customers are so fond of the brand that in just the fourth year of the brand, it created a community of 800,000 customers, which is ever increasing.

Boat has crossed 500 crore revenue FY2020. The surprising part about the brand’s revenue growth is that it was the expected revenue FY21-22 that Boat crossed in 2020.
Their outstanding performance of Boat deserves many applauds. But also we should learn how the company did exceptionally well.
It is because of Boat’s strong marketing strategy. In this article, we will discuss the marketing strategy of Boat that made it float towards success.

The Marketing Strategy of Boat

The marketing strategy of Boat sounds like music to many ears. Before the brand revolutionalized itself, earphones and headphones were only complementary items that came with mobile phones.
Boat is experiencing a huge demand for its products in recent years. Let us understand what strategies Boat adopts for its tremendous growth.

Selling electronic products like accessories

Before 2014 earphones and headphones were sold in the market as electronic products. The design elements didn’t really matter while purchasing such a product. But slowly, design elements started getting attention from customers. But what Boat is doing goes far beyond design. It sells its headphones like a fashion accessory.

Boat is not only selling its product like a fashion accessory but also partnering with people from the fashion industry. boAt collaborated with celebrity Designer Masaba Gupta to launch a limited-edition collection of spunky headphones at the Lakmé Fashion Week 2020. Together, they have launched a line of products to cater to the millennial audience, bringing back the disco style of the 70s. 

Masaba collab with Boat- Marketing Strategy Boat

And that’s how Boat’s design strategy works. Boat is not just an electronic item but a fashionable electronic item. It has become an accessory for its customers that look better while they carry them.Boat Bluetooth headphone that goes over the neck is one of its widely popular earphone design. Who would have thought that earphones could even be worn as an accessory?

Also, its design elements add convenience for the customers.

Premium Quality at an affordable price

Customers love it when they get a quality product at an affordable price. As most of the premium quality earphones and headphones do not come at an affordable price, but not in Boat’s case. One of the marketing strategies of Boat is to offer durable audio products at an affordable price.

That is even Boat’s strategy to compete with its rivals like JBL, Sony, etc. Also, due to the affordable prices offered by Boat enforced its competitor JBL to cut its prices.

One of the reasons for Boat’s huge success is its product’s durability. Also, the quality that Boat offers in its audio products is expected from some premium brands only. So its durability and decent pricing incline customers towards the brand.

Celebrity Endorsements

It takes several years for a brand to get endorsements from popular celebrities and personalities. But when a brand is doing great, then it is just a matter of a few years. Boat has a long list of brand ambassadors.

From cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan, Hardik Pandeya, and KL Rahul and to actors like Jacqueline Fernandez, Kiara Advani, Kartik Aryan, and many more promote the brand.
When a brand is related to music, then it ought to have ambassadors from the music industry. The two biggest names in the music industry are Neha Kakkar and Diljeet Dosanjh, who are also Boat’s brand ambassadors.

When the G.O.A.T. joins hands with boAt, there ain’t 1+ but 100+ reasons to cheer! Catch Diljit Dosanjh unravel the next GREAT thing in audio lifestyle! Stay tuned for what’s on it’s way 🔥 . . . #GoatIsHere #StayTuned #ComingSoon #BoatBigLaunch

Posted by BOAT on Friday, 4 September 2020

Boat is a new brand in the market as many other electronics brands have successfully established themselves in the market.

But, a brand promoted by some famous personality makes the brand look authentic and gains customer trust. And that’s how Boat’s attracts a huge customer base.


One should learn from Boat how o innovate a product type in different ways. The marketing strategy of Boat also involves continuous innovation in its product range. Boat keeps introducing new products in the market and keeps getting attention from its customers.

Boat offers various kinds of earphones and headsets, bet it wireless, Bluetooth, Airdopes, and whatnot. Its product range includes all the innovative varieties.

Customer connect

Boat knows how to connect with its customers. Offering good products at an affordable price is not enough when it comes to selling a brand. Boat also creates a relationship with its customers. Boat has given a name to its loyal customer’s community as boAT Heads.

Customers are the soul of any marketing strategy, and the marketing strategy of boat values its customers the most. It also takes constructive criticisms from its boAT heads community to create its new products and change existing ones. Boat build its customer loyalty, and that’s how it has increased its customer base from 0.8 million in2018 to 2 million by 2020.

Event Marketing

Boat also adopts an event marketing strategy where it is promoting its brand at various events. Event marketing is a great way of promoting a brand to a large audience, and Boat doesn’t miss out on the most famous events to showcase its brand.

1. boat x IPL

Boat collab with IPL six teams

boAt announced their official partnership with six IPL teams this season – Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Capitals, and Mumbai Indians. boAt also launched limited-edition earphones, headphones, and speakers inspired by the insignia and design theme of the teams, to truly bring the stadium home for fans.

2. boat x Sunburn

Boat sponsors Sunburn Music festival

When the product is about music, then how can the brand miss music event. Sunburn is Asia’s largest music festival, and Boat sponsors this event.

3. boat x LFW

Boat is a part of another spectacular event, which is the Lakme fashion week. In the fashion event, the brand is being promoted as a fashion accessory. The models walk the ramp wearing the Boat’s products.

 Boat collab with Lakme fashion week.

That’s how the brand is pinching a large customer base with its event marketing.

What’s Next in the marketing strategy of Boat?

Boat is moving forward strongly and planning to become a leader in true wireless earbuds market. It is also planning to focus more on its customers changing demands and offer them new products. Technology is the biggest driver for any change and Boat plans to make that change through its audio devices.

Key Takeaways

Boat’s marketing strategy states how even a young company can create a leading brand. In a short span, Boat managed to get tremendous success. So what can we learn from their success, and what are the key takeaways.

Firstly, providing not just a product but value. Boat offers its products in a way that doesn’t seem they’re selling an item, but like they are something valuable that makes the customers satisfied optimally.

Secondly, value your customers. Boat values its customer and connects with them to create better products for them.

Third, keep innovating. Innovation is a process that never ends, and Boat is continuously evolving and changing its products.

So that’s what your marketing strategy should be like.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word Advertising?

A TV commercial, a newspaper ad, or a social media post. Well, these are certainly the things that you will think of when you hear advertising. But how the ad is presented to you, do you ever wonder about that.

Every ad, no matter what media it opts for, follows some technique. These techniques impact the customer in a certain way. It might make you laugh, excited, or just curious to know more about the brand. The ads are meant for stirring up some response from customers.

Today marketers use various advertising techniques to create an impactful advertisement. These advertising techniques make their brand sell. But now the question is, what are these techniques and how do these techniques work?

In this article, we will discuss some famous advertising techniques that marketers use to promote their brand. So let’s begin!

11 Famous Advertising Techniques that Every Marketer Likes


The marketers use repetition techniques to make their brand unforgettable. How can a customer forget a brand that he sees anywhere and everywhere? This strategy makes a brand omnipresent. The marketers use every platform to display their brand like T.v ads, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.
The mobile company Vivo follows repetition techniques to spread awareness for their brand. It continuously advertises on T.V billboards, and it also sponsors various events.

Emotional Appeal

Emotional appeal s the most effective advertising technique. In these techniques, the marketer elicits emotions by their effective storytelling through ads. These ads are created in a way that the customers connect with the concept. Moreover, to use an emotional appeal, the marketers have to do thorough research on customer behavior.

For example, The Duracell advertisement hits our emotions.

The Bandwagon

The bandwagon techniques of advertising put customers under pressure to use a certain brand. In such ads, the marketers try to convince the customers in a way that they cannot resist but buy the product. In addition to this, the brands use strong persuasive language that urges the customer to choose their brand. It is basically a technique that creates fear of missing out feeling in customers.

bandwagon advertising techniques

For example, this Heinz ad for its limited-edition pack says, ” For serious tomato ketchup lovers only.” The statement persuades the customers to try the limited edition.

Body Language

Every ad includes some characters that represent the brand. These characters have some personality that suits the brand’s features. Similarly, these people use body language to enhance the brand feature. The body language visualizes the elements of the brand in the advertisement. It can be professionalism, confidence, trust, strength, etc.

Raymond body language example

For example, In Raymond’s clothing brand advertisements, the characters have a body language that can tell that it is a brand for professionals.


Celebrity endorsements are a widely popular and effective advertising technique. In such ads, celebrities or famous personalities endorse the product by stating its qualities and features. Sometimes these celebs even claim that they use the products.

Endorsement Advertising

For example, In this visual ad, the famous singer Beyonce is endorsing Pepsi

Statistics and Figures

When marketers advertise their products, they have to come up with some facts and figures. These facts and figures ensure the customer that they are looking for the right product. When marketers show statistics or data to support their brand features and quality, then it generates trust in customers to use the brand.

Statistics and Figures Advertising Techniques used by Dettol

For example, the famous Dettol and how it kills 99.9% of germs sells the product.


This advertising technique works best for marketers. The marketers here give some bribe to the customers to make them buy their products. The bribe is in form of some rebate, offers, or discounts. Customers buy the product even if they don’t need it if they get bribe of course.


The best way to connect the audience with any brand is through storytelling. Many brands tell a story with their ads so that the audience can connect with their brand. The ads can create an imaginary story or get inspiration from real lives. Moreover, the best part about the storytelling is that it entertains the customers the most. These are the advertisements that viewers can watch again and again and never get over them.

For example, the Disney ad tells the tale of the duckling. It is a short and sweet tale that connects not just the kids but adults as well. It is one of the best ads created by Disney


In fantasy advertising technique, the marketers create something that can only be something a customer dream of. It brings out fantasies into reality through their visual ads. People love fantasy movies and characters, likewise, customers are more responsive to ads that include some fantasy stories or characters.

The fantasy technique used by Mercedes

For example, in this ad by Mercedes Benz, we can see an ice monster. The fantasy creature represents that how the car works well even during the harsh winter season.

Social Proof

The social proof technique is to promote the brand by some real customers, influencers, testimonials, or popular personalities. These ads showcase how the brand is popular among people and how it benefiting customers. The customers attract more towards a brand when it is used by or recommended by others.

Honor 7X mobile phone is an example of social proof advertising Technique

For example, the bestseller tag on a product persuades the customer to buy it. This advert by Honor 7X mobile phone is an example of social proof. It says that it is a global bestseller and this title is enough to create an impact on the customers.


Symbolism advertising techniques work by using some metaphors in visual ads that represent the brand. Most often, well-known brands use this technique. The reason is that the customers already know what the brands are all about. So, the customers can instantly understand the metaphors.

Heinz advert showing symbolism technique of advertising

For example, in the Heinz advert, we can see how a pile of tomato cuttings creates a bottle shape. It is indeed a brilliant way to showcase how the tomato ketchup is made from real tomatoes.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the famous advertising techniques that marketers use to sell their brand. Now we know that how marketers create an impact through their ads.

There is such a wide range of techniques that create best ads and sell the brand.

Never stop experimenting with various approaches, and make sure to do your best to keep potential customers interested in the products that you’re promoting.

Did you use any of these techniques in your ad creation process? Let us know in the comments section below!