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Everything that starts has an end, but it seems that Amazon prime video subscriber base does not comply with the statement. The online streaming platform has over 200 million, and it just kept on increasing. Amazon Prime marketing strategy is the reason behind this unstoppable growth rate.

Launched in 2006 as Amazon Unbox, this streaming platform has gone through numerous makeovers and technological changes. Today Prime is available in over 20 countries, and the world knows it as Amazon Prime Video.

As of 2020, Amazon ranked third among the biggest impact on digital video after Netflix and Disney. Also, Amazon prime video holds the second position in the growing video on demand industry in the united states. In January 2020, Amazon revealed that Prime has over 150 million subscribers worldwide and today Amazon has reached 200 million subscribers.
So, let’s discuss how does Amazon prime marketing strategy makes a 200 million subscriber base.

Amazon Prime Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing

The heart of amazon’s prime marketing strategy is the content they offer. The movies and series that amazon releases on its streaming platform are the reason for its 200 million subscribers. Amazon understands how to keep the customers engaged with the kind of content it launches.

Prime video releases their original movies and series under the title “Amazon originals” and buys rights for various hit movies and series.
According to Amazon’s latest annual report, the company spent over 11 billion U.S dollars on T.V shows, movies, and other content.

According to Amazon’s latest annual report, the media and e-commerce giant spent 11 billion U.S. dollars on TV shows, movies, and music content. It marks an increase of over 40 percent compared to the previous year.

Now let’s talk about the quality of the content by Amazon. Amazon originals has gained 47 Emmy nominations and in different categories for movies and series like Fleabag, Hanna, Homecoming, Good Omen, and there are so many more on the list.

Now after discussing quality, let’s talk about the quantity of its content. Amazon Amazon has over 75 Million videos worldwide. So, amazon focuses on both quantity and quality of content.

Television commercials

To attract the viewers to its streaming platform, Amazon uses the OG style promotions, which is running television commercials. Amazon runs T.V ads to attract audiences on their streaming platforms. It also promotes its latest releases on television.

This tactic helps Amazon to capture unique audiences. The target of prime video is mainly the 18-34 age group. But, by running television ads, amazon also gets a subscriber base of 34 or older age group. Television is the best way to promote their streaming platform. It is a fact that people fond of movies and series (target users of Amazon) watch T.V regularly. It gives amazon a chance to promote their streaming platform, so these entertainment lovers visit their streaming platform for more content.

When you watch a promo of a new movie, you wait for its release and get tickets to watch it in the theatre. Similarly, you watch an ad for an amazon originals movie/series, you get Prime Video’s subscription and watch it.

Social media marketing

Amazon prime has several social media handles for different geographically dispersed audiences. It makes use of social media to create buzz for its platform or any famous releases. In addition to this, amazon prime runs paid sponsored ads on Facebook and Instagram for the promotion of their streaming platform. These kinds of ads are targeted and have a high conversion rate.

Amazon is promoting its new releases Cinderella (featuring Camila Cabello) and The Tomorrow War on its social media platforms and Sherni on its social media platform using hashtags, reels, stories, and posts. But, Amazon does not rely on basic posts and uses meme marketing and moment marketing as a part of its social media marketing strategy.

Meme Marketing

One example that can prove that meme marketing give great results is the Mirzapur series by Prime. Mirzapur Season one was the subject of almost every meme. The second season of Mirzapur was the most-watched of all time on Amazon, and meme marketing had a major role in this success.

Moment Marketing

Amazon is well aware of recent events and occasions and commercializes them. On its social media platform, they post perfectly for the moment. On world music day, amazon posted a video with social media’s sensational musician Yashraj Mukhate and The Family Man’s child actor. In addition to this, Amazon used its content and created many posts dedicated to Pride Month. That’s how Amazon commercializes through ongoing events.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy through which affiliate marketers promote a brand and earn a commission for every customer they add to the company.

Amazon’s affiliate program is well known and helps many affiliates to earn by promoting amazon’s products. The affiliate gives reviews on social media platforms, blog posts, or links on the website. In return, the affiliates get a commission from Amazon.

For example, Amazon affiliates earn when visitors click links to Amazon on their website and subscribe to prime video. Amazon has a different payout based on the yearly and monthly plans.

Collaborations & Partnerships

Amazon Prime makes various collaborations and partnerships for promoting its platform and content. Partnerships are a great way to capture a whole new customer base. Amazon collaborated with Airtel and gave the airtel users a free yearly subscription to Prime Video. Airtel has a different customer base, and Amazon Prime, with this partnership, pitched airtel’s customers. In addition to this, Amazon did the same collaboration with Reliance Jio and gave away a free Prime Video subscription to Jio users.


Amazon prime video also collaborated with Magic Bricks for the promotion of their movie Gulabo Sitabo. Also, Amazon prime collaborated with Vivo, Zomato, Bondtite, and Double Bull cement brand for the promotion of Mirzapur season 2. Zomato used Mirzapur’s themed email templates to promote the series.
Amazon Prime’s partnerships give them access to a different and wider customer base.

Drip Marketing

Amazon uses a systematic email marketing strategy and makes sure that to get the best result out of it. Amazon uses drip email marketing wherein they sent automated emails at specific times or user actions. Suppose you sign up on Amazon using your email, and from that point, you become a target for their drip marketing strategy.

Amazon will send you a movie or series of recommendations. Also, the emails they send are personalized and based on your activity. The email subject lines include your name, and the email content is based on your watch history or activity on the platform.

In addition to this, Amazon creates email content like a pro.

Bandish Bandits is one of the most famous series from Amazon Prime India. Prime video sent out the recommendation that you just cannot resist but watch the series. Through the email, Prime highlighted the ratings, characters’ introductions, and a sneak peek at the story. Half of the interest they build from their email content. That’s how they play the game of streams.


One key takeaway from Amazon Prime marketing strategy is:

To sell a great product, you need a great marketing strategy.

Many marketers do not try hard enough to market the product thinking that the product is good enough to sell itself. But, they need to understand that a product has no value until it reaches its target customers. How would the customer know about your product if they don’t try it?

So, give your customers a reason to choose your brand and create a marketing strategy to make your brand shine.

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