7 Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2021

7 Digital Marketing Trends predictions to follow in 2021

2020 gave a realization to many companies to adopt a digital marketing strategy. The need for an online marketing strategy was felt like never before. Many companies have come out in the online fields and competing with one another.

But just having a digital marketing strategy won’t work out for companies. There is a need for evolving the digital marketing strategy. The use of the internet, social media platforms and e-business platforms is rising so businesses should gear up their digital marketing strategy. In this article, we will cover the top 7 digital marketing trends to follow in 2021 in order to succeed in the competitive digital arena.


One thing the customers dislike the most is the generic advertising appeals by companies. Every customer is different, and they have different preferences and likings, so they should get a personalized treatment.

Among all the digital marketing trends the personalization takes extra points for its customer focus. Many companies are using a personalized approach in their marketing campaigns. The OTT platform Netflix doing a great job when it comes to personalization. Netflix shares customized notifications like “Top picks for you” that attracts customers. The personalization approach makes the customer feel that the brands value them.

Netflix- Personalization- Digital Marketing Trend

User Generated Content

It is a fact that not even the most powerful marketing campaign can sell a product than a satisfied customer speaking good about it. The actual customers happy with the product or service can do the task more efficiently. So this has emerged a new trend in digital marketing, which is user-generated content. It is getting hype these days. User-generated content includes testimonials, images, videos, ratings, and reviews given by consumers for any product or service.

Today marketers should include such content and allow customers to post on business’s online platforms. Many eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc., let their customers post product reviews, ratings, images, and videos.

The benefit of this content is that it attracts more customers and makes business products look more authentic. The customers usually trust other customers more than the brands speaking for themselves.


Chatbots is an Artificial Intelligence technology that lets the users chat with the interface. It is just like an online chat or messaging system where the users can text anytime during the day to chatbots. The best part about this trend is that it offers 24 hours service. Well, offering such kind of service always gains extra star ratings for any brand.

Customers prefer using chatbots as they receive instant responses to any of their queries. Ecommerce Platforms like Flipkart and Myntra have chatbots that deal with customer queries. HDFC Bank website has a chatbot named Eva that gets queries from customers.

Chatbots- Emerging marketing trends in 2021

Chatbots give a more humanized feel to the customers as if their queries are handled by some person. Also, it is one of the most trending digital marketing strategies.

Rise in video marketing

Nothing engages customers more like a video. Marketers are focussing more on generating video content for their brands. The best part about video marketing is that it can be put anywhere.

There are so many platforms where one can post a video. Blogs, social media, and websites all places can include a video that can be a better way of creating engagement. The #LikeAGirl campaign by Always was a widely popular video marketing campaign.

Video content is also evolving in the form of live videos, IGTV on Instagram, 360-degree video on Facebook, stories, insta reels, and much more. Videos are dominating the online world.

Influencer marketing

Nowadays, influencers are gaining much popularity over social media. They are followed by a large population. The influencers are some famous personalities that have a niche audience.
Influencer marketing is a practice where the influencers recommend any product or service to their audience. It is like a word of mouth publicity. Also, it works wonders for a brand when an influencer creates awareness for it.

When influencers take their social media platforms to create awareness for the brand and spread awareness by stating its benefits, it is called influencer marketing. There are many beauty influencers, technical influencers, and fashion influencers that people follow and look up to the content they post.

Mama Earth is a brand that is recommended by many influencers these days and gained a lot of popularity by its influencer marketing strategy.

There is a trust factor in this marketing because the audience finds the recommendation more authentic when it comes from an influencer.

Visual and voice searches

Gone are the days when users type their search queries in search engine tabs to look for something online. It is time for a more convenient and better search. Visual and voice search is becoming a trend to enhance the experience of searchers.

In visual searches, the user has to upload a picture, and then he can get similar results. This makes the results more specific. Many eCommerce websites have a visual search feature. The customer can upload a picture of the product he’s looking for and get likely results. Sometimes words don’t express much than pictures. CamFind allows users to snap a picture, upload it, and search for similar results.

CamFind Visual Search- Marketing Trend of 2021

Also, another digital marketing trend is voice search. It is a trend that has seen an uprise in 2020. Most people prefer voice searches to look for anything online. Many brands like Nestle, PayPal, and Amazon have adopted voice search in their digital marketing strategy.

Featured Snippets

The SEO strategy is a crucial part of digital marketing. It is for reaching the top position in search engine result pages. But now the trend is to be in the zero position. The zero position on SERPs is the featured snippets.

The featured snippet is a small box that appears over the number 1 search result. It is a no-click search, but it includes the more relevant information to the search query. In featured snippets, the title of the page is not present. It only includes a small know more link.

Featured Snippet- Digital Marketing Trend

However, featured snippets can generate a high click-through rate and also boost organic traffic on a website. The featured snippet is a trending strategy that can lead a site to a top position.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality (AR) means rendering digital images in real-world objects. It lets the users impose digital content like sound, text, and images in real-life scenes. Pokemon Go is the best example to define Augmented reality. When discussing digital marketing trends, one cannot miss AR.

Many companies are working on including this technology to offer an immersive customer experience. Lenskart allows the users to try on the glasses in real-time it is augmented reality in action. Another company is Ikea which lets the users to taking pictures from their smartphones and placing the furniture in desired places.

Lenskart Augmented Reality - example of new emerging trends.


Among all the digital marketing trends, neuromarketing is certainly the most impactful and effective one that will benefit marketers at the utmost level. Neuromarketing is born out of the technological advancements taking place every day.

With this strategy, the marketers can analyze the content which the customers find more engaging by measuring their brain activity and nervous system. It’s like getting in the heads of customers (not literally) to understand what kind of content they like and what reactions it would elicit from them.

The marketers can design their ads, website, social media posts, and campaigns to get specific reactions that will lead them to purchase the products. Now that’s what we call an emerging trends.


So these were some of the most popular digital marketing trends that you can follow in 2021. As a marketer, you need to be futuristic and keep coming up with innovative strategies. When you are marketing online, then it is a must to follow what’s trending.

The trends that we have discussed can certainly make your digital marketing strategy more effective and powerful.

So tell us are you going to keep up with the trends?

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