11 Advertising Techniques Preferred by Marketers

11 Advertising Techniques Preferred by Marketers.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word Advertising?

A TV commercial, a newspaper ad, or a social media post. Well, these are certainly the things that you will think of when you hear advertising. But how the ad is presented to you, do you ever wonder about that.

Every ad, no matter what media it opts for, follows some technique. These techniques impact the customer in a certain way. It might make you laugh, excited, or just curious to know more about the brand. The ads are meant for stirring up some response from customers.

Today marketers use various advertising techniques to create an impactful advertisement. These advertising techniques make their brand sell. But now the question is, what are these techniques and how do these techniques work?

In this article, we will discuss some famous advertising techniques that marketers use to promote their brand. So let’s begin!

11 Famous Advertising Techniques that Every Marketer Likes


The marketers use repetition techniques to make their brand unforgettable. How can a customer forget a brand that he sees anywhere and everywhere? This strategy makes a brand omnipresent. The marketers use every platform to display their brand like T.v ads, newspapers, magazines, billboards, etc.
The mobile company Vivo follows repetition techniques to spread awareness for their brand. It continuously advertises on T.V billboards, and it also sponsors various events.

Emotional Appeal

Emotional appeal s the most effective advertising technique. In these techniques, the marketer elicits emotions by their effective storytelling through ads. These ads are created in a way that the customers connect with the concept. Moreover, to use an emotional appeal, the marketers have to do thorough research on customer behavior.

For example, The Duracell advertisement hits our emotions.

The Bandwagon

The bandwagon techniques of advertising put customers under pressure to use a certain brand. In such ads, the marketers try to convince the customers in a way that they cannot resist but buy the product. In addition to this, the brands use strong persuasive language that urges the customer to choose their brand. It is basically a technique that creates fear of missing out feeling in customers.

bandwagon advertising techniques

For example, this Heinz ad for its limited-edition pack says, ” For serious tomato ketchup lovers only.” The statement persuades the customers to try the limited edition.

Body Language

Every ad includes some characters that represent the brand. These characters have some personality that suits the brand’s features. Similarly, these people use body language to enhance the brand feature. The body language visualizes the elements of the brand in the advertisement. It can be professionalism, confidence, trust, strength, etc.

Raymond body language example

For example, In Raymond’s clothing brand advertisements, the characters have a body language that can tell that it is a brand for professionals.


Celebrity endorsements are a widely popular and effective advertising technique. In such ads, celebrities or famous personalities endorse the product by stating its qualities and features. Sometimes these celebs even claim that they use the products.

Endorsement Advertising

For example, In this visual ad, the famous singer Beyonce is endorsing Pepsi

Statistics and Figures

When marketers advertise their products, they have to come up with some facts and figures. These facts and figures ensure the customer that they are looking for the right product. When marketers show statistics or data to support their brand features and quality, then it generates trust in customers to use the brand.

Statistics and Figures Advertising Techniques used by Dettol

For example, the famous Dettol and how it kills 99.9% of germs sells the product.


This advertising technique works best for marketers. The marketers here give some bribe to the customers to make them buy their products. The bribe is in form of some rebate, offers, or discounts. Customers buy the product even if they don’t need it if they get bribe of course.


The best way to connect the audience with any brand is through storytelling. Many brands tell a story with their ads so that the audience can connect with their brand. The ads can create an imaginary story or get inspiration from real lives. Moreover, the best part about the storytelling is that it entertains the customers the most. These are the advertisements that viewers can watch again and again and never get over them.

For example, the Disney ad tells the tale of the duckling. It is a short and sweet tale that connects not just the kids but adults as well. It is one of the best ads created by Disney


In fantasy advertising technique, the marketers create something that can only be something a customer dream of. It brings out fantasies into reality through their visual ads. People love fantasy movies and characters, likewise, customers are more responsive to ads that include some fantasy stories or characters.

The fantasy technique used by Mercedes

For example, in this ad by Mercedes Benz, we can see an ice monster. The fantasy creature represents that how the car works well even during the harsh winter season.

Social Proof

The social proof technique is to promote the brand by some real customers, influencers, testimonials, or popular personalities. These ads showcase how the brand is popular among people and how it benefiting customers. The customers attract more towards a brand when it is used by or recommended by others.

Honor 7X mobile phone is an example of social proof advertising Technique

For example, the bestseller tag on a product persuades the customer to buy it. This advert by Honor 7X mobile phone is an example of social proof. It says that it is a global bestseller and this title is enough to create an impact on the customers.


Symbolism advertising techniques work by using some metaphors in visual ads that represent the brand. Most often, well-known brands use this technique. The reason is that the customers already know what the brands are all about. So, the customers can instantly understand the metaphors.

Heinz advert showing symbolism technique of advertising

For example, in the Heinz advert, we can see how a pile of tomato cuttings creates a bottle shape. It is indeed a brilliant way to showcase how the tomato ketchup is made from real tomatoes.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the famous advertising techniques that marketers use to sell their brand. Now we know that how marketers create an impact through their ads.

There is such a wide range of techniques that create best ads and sell the brand.

Never stop experimenting with various approaches, and make sure to do your best to keep potential customers interested in the products that you’re promoting.

Did you use any of these techniques in your ad creation process? Let us know in the comments section below!

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